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Sarkarverse Bulletin


Issue: 10 Date: 2017 February 27

  • All Prabhat Samgiita MP3 files now on Sarkarverse only: The MP3 files that were formerly stored on are now residing on Sarkarverse. On Sarkarverse, access may be had to all of those MP3 files as well as the old translations of the songs. In addition, we currently have individual articles on over 760 Prabhat Samgiita songs, of which more than 660 have the new translations by Abhidevananda. (Those translations are now published only after the concerning 100-song volume has been released.) All of this has made Sarkarverse a leading authority in respect to Baba's music.
  • Sarkarverse now has a powerful presence on the Web: Over the last year, the impact of Sarkarverse has grown tremendously. Searches on Google about any matter related to Ananda Marga often come up with a Sarkarverse article appearing high on the first page of hits. For example, see the result when you search on Google for prout, prabhat samgiita, ananda marga pracaraka samgha, or caryacarya.
  • 1155 original articles: We now have 1155 original articles on Sarkarverse. We could and should have many more articles. The more material we publish, the more powerful will be our Internet presence, the more effective will be our Internet Dharma Pracar. So please consider getting involved. If you ever thought to edit Wikipedia articles about Baba or Ananda Marga, come to Sarkarverse and publish here. Your work will be more rewarding.
  • Traffic on Sarkarverse is increasing: Currently India and Russia make up approximately 50% of the Sarkarverse traffic, with India having about twice as much traffic as Russia.
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