Kena base acho kaj ki serecho

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Kena base acho kaj ki serecho
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Music and lyrics
by Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar
Song number 2182
Date 1984 December 4
Place Madhumalainca, Kolkata
Theme Contemplation
Lyrics Bengali
Music Kaharva
⚠ Note
None of the information in this article or in the links therefrom should be deemed to provide the right to reuse either the melody or the lyrics of any Prabhat Samgiita song without prior permission from the copyright holder.
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Kena base acho kaj ki serecho is the 2182nd song of Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar's Prabhat Samgiita.[1]


Roman script[nb 1] Bengali script Translation

Kena base ácho káj ki serecho
Hisáb nikásh tár debe ki ámáy
Jáhá kinecho jáhá bececho
Kinite becite jáhá báki áche táy

Súrjoday theke súrjánta geche
Shvás prashvás kriyá bahu bár hayeche
Kii káj karechile balo ámáy
Sandhyá ghanáy

Prabháte khelecho pustak paŕecho
Tárpar arthopárjan karecho
Ekhan base base tárá guńe calecho
Ebár balo man kii karite cáy

কেন বসে’ আছ কাজ কি সেরেছ
হিসাব-নিকাশ তার দেবে কি আমায়
যাহা কিনেছ যাহা বেচেছ
কিনিতে বেচিতে যাহা বাকি আছে তায়

সূর্যোদয় থেকে সূর্যান্ত গেছে
শ্বাস-প্রশ্বাস ক্রিয়া বহু বার হয়েছে
কী কাজ করেছিলে বলো আমায়
সন্ধ্যা ঘনায়

প্রভাতে খেলেছ পুস্তক পড়েছ
তারপর অর্থোপার্জন করেছ
এখন বসে’ বসে’ তারা গুণে’ চলেছ
এবার বলো মন কী করিতে চায়

The lord is asking:why are you just sitting?
what work have you finished?
will you give me all those accounts?
what have you sold and purchased
and what is left over?
since morning, now the sunset is over.
since long time you have been on this earth
and you got so many chances
and so many inhalations and exhalations.
and now the night is going to fall.
now give me the account of your actions.
in the dawn of your life you passed time
in just playing then in reading various books;
and later you were engaged in earning your money.
Like this your whole life passed
without caring about parama'rtha.
and now in your old age you are wasting your time
counting the stars.
now you tell, what is in your mind?


  1. ^ For details on the notation, see Roman Bengali transliteration.


  1. ^ Sarkar, Prabhat Ranjan (1999) Acarya Vijayananda Avadhuta, ed. Prabhat Samgiita Volume 5 (in Bengali) (2nd ed.) Kolkata: Ananda Marga Publications ISBN 81-7252-161-8 

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