Lotus Children's Centre

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Lotus Children's Centre is an education centre of Ananda Marga located in Ulaan Baatar, Mongolia. It was founded by Didi Ananda Kalika in 1995.[1]


From 1993, Didi Ananda Kalika started helping kids living in street. She wanted to create a centre to educate these children. In 1995 she started Lotus Children's Centre with the help and support of some of her friends.


The goals of Lotus Children's Centres are—

  1. To provide primary care to all of our children, which includes food, health care, clothing and accommodation
  2. To provide the children with developmental care so that they can break free of the poverty cycle. For example, we aim to give each child a quality education, counseling, self-esteem building exercises and the access to life skills.
  3. To provide the children with support in their "post-Lotus" lives, so that they have a safety net and are able to find employment and tertiary education placements.