PROUT Primer

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PROUT Primer
Author Acarya Abhidevananda Avadhuta
Original title PROUT Manifesto
Language English
Subject An introduction to the essential principles of PROUT
Genre Social theory
Published 1978
Location in Sarkarverse
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PROUT Primer is Abhidevananda's introductory analysis of Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar's Progressive Utilization Theory (for short, PROUT).[1]


In his preface to PROUT Primer, Abhidevananda writes:

This book attempts to present the essential principles of PROUT in a concise and easily understood form. The PROUT Primer does not seek to offer a rigorous intellectual proof of PROUT, nor does it strive for a comparative analysis in any regard. Most of the ideas presented are almost inexcusably brief in their exposition. Much has been hinted at, and much more has been left unsaid. For all of this, an apology might well be offered, but rather let me say simply that other books and greater scholars will surely provide that which I have neglected or chosen not to do.[1]

Apart from a brief preface, the content of PROUT Primer is broken down into four major sections, which serve to examine in order each of the aphorisms in Chapter 5 of Ananda Sutram:[1][2]

  • Article 1. The Nature of Human Society (covers the concept of society and Sarkar's theory of history)
  • Article 2. The Need for Revolution (contrasts revolution and reform)
  • Article 3. The Social Ideal (discusses the ideal society and the need for world government)
  • Article 4. The Five Fundamental Principles sets out Sarkar's legal, economic, humanitarian, political, and ideological social paradigm)


In mid-1978, while waiting in India to greet Sarkar upon his release from prison (after acquittal), Abhidevananda occupied himself with the writing of PROUT Primer (at that time, titled PROUT Manifesto). As part of this process, Abhidevananda took the help of Acarya Vijayananda Avadhuta, the then Central Publications Secretary of Ananda Marga Pracaraka Samgha to translate into English for the first time the Samskrta aphorisms that make up Chapter 5 of Ananda Sutram.[1]

The first edition of PROUT Primer was published in Sydney, Australia in 1978. Due to controversy, the book could not be openly distributed for many years. However, the content of the book was always under discussion. The most recent publication of PROUT Primer may be found on Amazon.[1]

Critiques and controversy

PROUT Primer stirred up considerable controversy, mainly due to its translation of the Five Fundamental Principles. Some PROUT activists would not accept any other wording of the Five Fundamental Principles than the five English sentences, apparently tacked on at the end of Sarkar's Idea and Ideology. As such, for many years the book was banned the Central Office of Ananda Marga Pracaraka Samgha. It was during that period that the original title of the book, PROUT Manifesto, was usurped by another, more conservative author. However, the debate continued, and ultimately the book was published again in its entirety (though under a new title, PROUT Primer). After 40 years of controversy, Abhidevananda's translation of the Five Fundamental Principles finally became widely accepted by proutists around the world.


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