Parama Purusa

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Parama Purusa (Devanagari: परम पुरुष, Bengali: পরম পুরুষ) or Paramapurusa (Devanagari: परमपुरुष, Bengali: পরমপুরুষ) , according to Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar and Ananda Marga philosophy, is the Supreme Being or Supreme Consciousness and human soul's principal and ultimate object of love, faith and devotion. According to Sarkar Parama Purusa is the creator and the sustainer of the universe. He is omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent. He is ever-blissful and the "only and the best friend" a person may have. Sarkar described individual human life and as "temporary", "evanescent" and "unreal". According to him, man's real and only abode is Parama Purusa. In his "Carama Nirdesha" he told... [incomplete].

A huge number of songs of Prabhat Samgiita are dedicated to and written on Parama Purusa. In all these songs Sarkar glorified Parama Purusa showed glorified Parama Phis sheer love and respect for Him. For example, in the very first song of Prabhat Samgiita, Sarkar requested Parama Purusa to lead him "unto the fountain of effulgence", as he could "no longer bear the pain of darkness". While describing the meaning of the song Sarkar iterated "Paramapurus'a (the Supreme Consciousness) is the real friend."