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Welcome to the Sarkarverse Tasks page. On this page, you will find a brief outline of tasks that editors are planning.

Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar

Main article: Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar


  • Split the main biographical article into multiple sub-articles.
  • Articles on important events.

Works of Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar

  • Prabhat Samgiita article needs a great deal of expansion.
  • Crystal Clear app clock-orange.svg In progress Separate articles need to be created for each of the 5,018 songs.

Ananda Marga

Main article: Ananda Marga
  • YesY Done Article on Ananda Marga needs to be rewritten.
  • Articles on notable monastic and householder disciples need to be created. Dolci Donata
  • Articles on major aspects of philosophy need to be created. (Currently perhaps only PROUT and Neohumanism have adequate articles, but many other aspects and sub-aspects of philosophy need to be covered.)
  • Articles on each element of the 16-fold yoga discipline of Ananda Marga must be created, often with sub-articles.

Ananda Marga Pracaraka Samgha

  • Articles on major branches of AMPS need to be created.
  • Articles on major foundations (departments and sections) of AMPS need to be created.
  • Articles on affiliated trades of AMPS need to be created.

Maps portals

Maps portal might be a large task. It includes the following works— Started...

  • Revising/rechecking Sarkarverse maps (uploading will not be required)
  • Creating portals/projects/equivalent Started...
  • Creating infoboxes

Sarkarverse infrastructure

  • yellow tickY Partly Done Special infoboxes are needed for several areas, for example, Prabhat Samgiita songs, Neohumanism topics, and PROUT topics.
  • YesY Done Map images need to be professionally redone for better appearance and greater readability.
  • Project space essays and guidelines

Basically these articles need to be created/expanded—

Other than the essays mentioned in the template(s)

Quick tasks