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Making an article
Learn how to create and improve an article.

To experiment, be sure that you are logged in, and then use your personal sandbox.

Search for an existing article

Is it new?
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Sarkarverse currently has 2,485 articles. Before creating an article, make sure there is not already an article on the same topic, perhaps under a slightly different name (see Sarkarverse's article titling policy). If an article on your topic already exists, but you think people might look for it under some different name or spelling, you can create redirects to alternative titles. Adding needed redirects is a good way to help Sarkarverse.

Gather references

One of the first things to do is to gather sources for the information you will be writing about. To be worthy of inclusion in Sarkarverse, topics must be sufficiently notable, and that notability must be verifiable.

Write your article

While writing your article, try to keep the content cogent, that is, clear, concise, and consistent. An encyclopedic structure with appropriate headings makes it easy for readers to navigate to the precise information that they are seeking.

Map your article

The Sarkarverse is vast. Therefore, as an aid to both writers and readers, every article in the Sarkarverse mainspace should be clearly located within the Sarkarverse. Mapping each article with an appropriate SVmap file helps you as an author to keep on topic and helps readers to appreciate the nature of that topic.

Categorize your article

Every article should be in one or more Sarkarverse categories. Often the easiest way to find relevant categories is to think of a similar topic that has an article and visit it to see its categories.

Proofread your article

When you think that your article is ready for publication, proofread it for errors. To see your article fully formatted, lick Show preview. After previewing the article, you can return to the editing area to make any necessary changes.

Publish your article

To publish your article, click Save page.

Go on improving your article

Frequently, an article is not at all complete the moment it is created. In the days and weeks to come, you may think of and implement several edits that improve the article. Often, others will make improvements to your article, and their improvements will inspire you to make further improvements of your own.

Link your article to other articles

Most new articles are orphans from the moment they are created, but you can work to change that. This will involve editing one or more other articles. Try searching Sarkarverse for other pages referring to the subject of your article, then turn those references into links by adding double brackets to either side: "[[" and "]]". If another article has a word or phrase that has the same meaning as your new article, but not expressed in the same words as the title, you can link that word or phrase as follows: "[[title of your new article|word or phrase found in other article]]." Or in certain cases, you could create that word or phrase as a redirect to your new article.