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Yama (Restraint)
Ahiḿsá (Benignity) Thinking, speaking, and acting without inflicting pain or harm on another
Satya (Benevolence) Thinking and speaking with goodwill
Not taking or keeping what belongs to others
Brahmacarya (Ideation) Constant mental association with the Supreme
Aparigraha (Frugality) Non-indulgence in superfluous amenities
Niyama (Regulation)
Shaoca (Cleanliness) Physical and mental purity, both internal and external
Santośa (Contentment) Maintaining a state of mental ease
Acceptance of sufferings to reach the spiritual goal
Svádhyáya (Contemplation) Clear understanding of any spiritual subject
Iishvara Prańidhána (Dedication) Adopting the Cosmic Controller as the only ideal of life and moving with ever-accelerating speed toward that Desideratum
Intent is primary, but both intent and action should conform if possible.