The Passion of Lord Anandamurtiji

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The Passion Of Lord Anandamurtiji
The Passion of Lord Anandamurtiji front cover.jpg
Author Acarya Abhidevananda Avadhuta
Language English
Subject Memories of Gurudeva
Published December 1990
Pages 51
Location in Sarkarverse
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The Passion Of Lord Anandamurtiji is a biographical book on Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar written by Abhidevananda Avadhuta.[1]


In the preface to the book, the author describes the book as "a remembrance of his guru".

Having recently witnessed – and experienced – the transition from corporeal to non-corporeal of Lord Anandamurtiji, I have been feeling the literary urge once more, this time in order to compose a paean unto Him. Though based on fact, this book is written from memory and consequently there may be occasional errors in respect to certain fine details, especially where the incidents related are derived from secondhand information. However, this book is not intended as a definitive history of Anandamurtiji’s life; rather it is an attempt to delve into some of the more salient mysteries of His life. The substance of this book is largely subjective and interpretive. That which is written here is by no means complete. Neither does it present the entirety of His Passion nor does it offer a complete analysis of the awe-inspiring events of His entire life or even of those particular events recorded here. The fact is that Baba is totally ineffable. In His own words, Anandamurtiji was a mystery, is a mystery, and will always be a mystery.[1]

Structure of the book

The book has been divided into various chapters, each one describing a somewhat different aspect of Abhidevananda's guru, Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji.[1]

  1. Preface
  2. Overview
    1. Beginning of the End
    2. End of the Beginning
  3. Perspectives
    1. In His Room
    2. Silent Footsteps
    3. Taking Leave in Advance
    4. Working and Dying
    5. Proper Finishing
  4. Sacrifice
    1. His Left Foot
    2. His Glasses
    3. Concealed Scars
    4. The Betrayal
    5. Poison in the Form of Medicine
    6. His Heart
  5. From consciousness to consciousness
    1. Not This Body
    2. Clouds Cannot Hide the Sun for Long
  6. Salutations.
    1. The Oath
    2. Extraordinary in the Ordinary
  7. Beginning and End


The book was first published in December of 1990. For a number of reasons, the book was deemed controversial and was quickly pulled out of circulation. However, by 1998, the book was circulated widely. More recently, in 2011, the very same book (without any alteration) was republished on Amazon.[1]

Critiques and controversy

The first publication of The Passion of Lord Anandamurtiji was greeted with objections from organizational authorities. However, those objections proved to be reserved only to some persons temporarily in authority. Once the book reached a wider readership, the reviews were by and large favorable.


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