A Purely Personal Entity

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A Purely Personal Entity
Speaker Shrii Shrii Anandamurti
Date 1979 May 11
Time Evening
Place Fiesch, Switzerland
Language English
Topic Our relationship with Parama Purusa is a purely personal one.
Included in Ananda Vacanamrtam Part 12
Location in Sarkarverse
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A Purely Personal Entity is the ninth discourse given by Shrii Shrii Anandamurti in Fiesch, Switzerland. The discourse was delivered in English on the evening of 1979 May 10. This discourse is the ninth chapter of Ananda Vacanamrtam Part 12.[1]


And this creation, what is it? It is nothing but different portions of His Divine body. And that’s why I said that there is no sinner in this world. All are his loving children. You boys, you girls – forget your past and start your life afresh with this subtlest and noblest idea – that you are inseparable particles of that Supreme Entity, of that Parama Puruśa.

Shrii Shrii Anandamurti

Anandamurti starts the discourse by stating that the meaning of the mudra in the Lalita Marmika dance is "O Supreme Creator, Thou art mine and I am Yours. I am Thine." He explains how among different kinds of devotees, a first grade devotee will always see the Supreme as belonging to himself only. Anandamurti goes on by explaining that, from a philosophical point of view, Parama Purusa is an impersonal entity. In the field of spirituality, He may be both, a personal and an impersonal entity. But for a spiritual aspirant, the Lord is the nearest and dearest friend, a lover, a close relative – a purely personal entity.[1]


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