Akashe ankhi mele

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Akashe ankhi mele
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Music and lyrics
by Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar
Song number 2886
Date 1985 July 9
Place Madhumalainca, Kolkata
Theme Contemplation
Lyrics Bengali
Music Dadra (fast)
⚠ Note
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Akashe ankhi mele is the 2886th song of Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar's Prabhat Samgiita.[1][2]


Roman script[nb 1] Bengali script Translation

Ákáshe áṋkhi mele
Ke go tumi base ácho
Apalake ceye ácho
Káhár kathá bheve calecho

Khoṋjo járe se je acená
Cirakál tháke ajáná
Jánte je jáy se je háráy
E kathá ki náhi shunecho

Bhálabáse tháke dúre
Gán geye jáy acin sure
Dhará dey man mukure
Bháver ghare jabe ceyecho

আকাশে আঁখি মেলে
কে গো তুমি বসে আছ
অপলকে চেয়ে আছ
কাহার কথা ভেবে চলেছ

খোঁজ যারে সে যে অচেনা
চিরকাল থাকে অজানা
জানতে যে যায় সে যে হারায়
এ কথা কি নাহি শুনেছ

ভালবাসে থাকে দূরে
গান গেয়ে যায় অচিন সুরে
ধরা দেয় মন মুকুরে
ভাবের ঘরে যবে চেয়েছ

Who are you sitting with eyes opened towards the sky?
with unblinking eyes about whom you go on thinking?
the one you are looking for is unidentified
and remains unknown forever.
Those who know him, get lost in him,
have you not heard this matter?
he loves from distance and goes on singing
in unrecognizable melody.
he comes into the folds of mental mirror
when you want him in the abode of thoughts.


  1. ^ For details on the notation, see Roman Bengali transliteration.


  1. ^ Sarkar, Prabhat Ranjan (2023) Prabhat Samgiita Songs 2801-2900 Translated by Acarya Abhidevananda Avadhuta (1st ed.) Tel Aviv: AmRevolution, Inc. ISBN 9798223249382 
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