Amar maner mainjusay

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Amar maner mainjusay
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Music and lyrics
by Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar
Song number 2430
Date 1985 February 27
Place Madhumalainca, Kolkata
Theme Contemplation
Lyrics Bengali
Music Dadra
⚠ Note
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Amar maner mainjusay is the 2430th song of Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar's Prabhat Samgiita.[1][2]


Roman script[nb 1] Bengali script Translation

Ámár maner maiṋjuśáy
Ke go ele e sandhyáy
Dúr nabhoniile tava chat́áy
Spandan áne niihárikáy

Tomár dyutite bhuvan káṋpáy
Tomár priitite jiivan jágáy
Jaŕ chut́e áse cetaner páshe
Duye mile tava gán gáy

Tomár prańave dhvani jáge
Sure tále laye náná ráge
Surabhi paráge smita anuráge
Vishva amrte bhásiyá jáy

আমার মনের মঞ্জুষায়
কে গো এলে তুমি এ সন্ধ্যায়
দূর নভোনীলে তব ছটায়
স্পন্দন আনে নীহারিকায়

তোমার দ্যুতিতে ভুবন কাঁপায়
তোমার প্রীতিতে জীবন জাগায়
জড় ছুটে' আসে চেতনের পাশে
দু'য়ে মিলে' তব গান গায়

তোমার প্রণবে ধ্বনি জাগে
সুরে তালে লয়ে নানা রাগে
সুরভি পরাগে স্মিত অনুরাগে
বিশ্ব অমৃতে ভাসিয়া যায়

Into the tiny box of my psyche,
Hello You, oh Who came this evening?
From the remote blue sky with Your beauty,
Inside nebulae it brings throbbing.

The world is set trembling by Your majesty;
On Your love existence is wakened from sleep.
Inanimate come racing to the side of animate;
Both the two in unison, Your song they sing.

In Your mystic word the sound of music rises
With a tempo, tune, and beat in modes assorted.
On sweet-scented pollen, on smiling devotion,
With a cosmic nectar it goes floating.


  1. ^ For details on the notation, see Roman Bengali transliteration.


  1. ^ Sarkar, Prabhat Ranjan (2022) Prabhat Samgiita Songs 2401-2500 Translated by Acarya Abhidevananda Avadhuta (2nd ed.) Tel Aviv: AmRevolution, Inc. ASIN B0BRJS1W7C ISBN 9798215576731 
  2. ^ Sarkar, Prabhat Ranjan (1999) Acarya Vijayananda Avadhuta, ed. Prabhat Samgiita Volume 5 (in Bengali) (2nd ed.) Kolkata: Ananda Marga Publications ISBN 81-7252-161-8 

Musical notations


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