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Ananda Marga Universal Relief Team or AMURT is the disaster relief team of Ananda Marga. The team's mission is to improve the quality of life for the poor and disadvantaged people of the world.[1]


AMURT was founded by Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar in 1965. In 1985 they expanded their goals to include long-term development.[2]


AMURT is working on the following principles—

  1. Every human being has the right to meet his or her own fundamental needs such as nourishment, accommodation, medical care, clothing and education. The resources of the earth should be used in a just and appropriate way to meet those needs.
  2. Every human being regardless of race, creed, gender, color or social status is a dignified member of the human family and should be treated with understanding and respect.
  3. It is only by showing respect for women, and ensuring their integration and active participation in the development process, that a harmonious growth of the family, community and society as a whole can be achieved.
  4. Development is a balanced process that maintains an equilibrium between industry and the environment, urban and rural growth, human needs and available resources. Development should lessen the gap between the rich and poor and provide opportunities for all.
  5. Appropriate development begins within the social and cultural framework of each community. It enables underprivileged communities to gain a greater degree of independence to determine their own future.

Relief work

AMURT has been doing relief projects around the world ever since its inception.

Development projects

AMURT has development projects in Africa, Haiti, and many other countries.


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