Concealed Hand of Adam Smith

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Concealed Hand of Adam Smith
Editor Christine Dacanay
Language English
Subject A Usenet debate involving David D. Friedman and Acarya Abhidevananda Avadhuta (among others)
Genre Economics and Law
Published 2011
Location in Sarkarverse
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Concealed Hand of Adam Smith is a record of a Usenet debate between David D. Friedman and Acarya Abhidevananda Avadhuta (among others).[1]


In her preface to the book, Christine Dacanay writes:

The content of this short book is compiled from an informal and unplanned debate that took place on five Usenet newsgroups (uk.philosophy.humanism, soc.history.medieval, alt.psychology, alt.psychology.jung, and alt.politics.europe). The debate was reflected on the World Wide Web through Google Groups and other Web services reporting Usenet discussion. The discussion reproduced in this book occurred on December 6-7 under the thread, Concealed Hand of Adam Smith.[1]

The book was first published later in December of that same year, 2011.


Other than a brief preface, the book consists of six sections: a short thesis by Abhidevananda followed by five streams of discussion:

  • Thesis: Economics or Religious Dogma
  • Stream 1: Small States and Large Animals
  • Stream 2: Capitalism versus PROUT
  • Stream 3: Impact of Dogma
  • Stream 4: Capitalism versus PROUT (Redux)
  • Stream 5: Smith, Marx, and Weber

Each of the five streams presents that topic's debate as it transpired chronologically over the period of two days, 2011 December 6-7.

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