Ei sajala samiire susmitadhare

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Ei sajala samiire susmitadhare
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Music and lyrics
by Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar
Song number 2607
Date 1985 April 19
Place Madhumalainca, Kolkata
Theme Contemplation
Lyrics Bengali
Music Dadra
⚠ Note
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Ei sajala samiire susmitadhare is the 2607th song of Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar's Prabhat Samgiita.[1][2]


Roman script[nb 1] Bengali script Translation

Ei sajala samiire susmitádhare
Tumi esechile mor ghare
Ásite balini basite balini
Ánanda chilo áṋkhidháre

Ásan pátiyá nije basechile
Kushal samácár jenechile
Priitir stabak rekhe giyechile
Kusume surabhita kare

Sajala samiir ábár eseche
Tava gán káne shuniye caleche
Palake pulake abádh áloke
Bhásáyeche suraságare

এই সজল সমীরে সুস্মিতাধরে
তুমি এসেছিলে মোর ঘরে
আসিতে বলিনি বসিতে বলিনি
আনন্দ ছিল আঁখিধারে

আসন পাতিয়া নিজে বসেছিলে
কুশল সমাচার জেনেছিলে
প্রীতির স্তবক রেখে গিয়েছিলে
কুসুমে সুরভিত করে'

সজল সমীর আবার এসেছে
তব গান কানে শুনিয়ে চলেছে
পলকে পুলকে অবাধ আলোকে
ভাসায়েছে সুরসাগরে

On this same humid wind, with lips gently smiling,
You'd arrived at my dwelling.
I did not beg to come, did not tell to sit;
But happiness was in my tears.

Spreading it Yourself You had taken seat;
You had known the news of well-being.
Love's bouquet You had kept preserving,
With its blooms scented sweetly.

Again has come a soggy breeze;
Your song has gone on, heard by ear.
With unobstructed luster, instantly thrilling,
It has set afloat on ocean of melody.


  1. ^ For details on the notation, see Roman Bengali transliteration.


  1. ^ Sarkar, Prabhat Ranjan (2023) Prabhat Samgiita Songs 2601-2700 Translated by Acarya Abhidevananda Avadhuta (2nd ed.) Tel Aviv: AmRevolution, Inc. ASIN B0CBN6WX8T ISBN 9798223353959 
  2. ^ Sarkar, Prabhat Ranjan (2001) Acarya Vijayananda Avadhuta, ed. Prabhat Samgiita Volume 6 (in Bengali) (2nd ed.) Kolkata: Ananda Marga Publications ISBN 81-7252-210-X 

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