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Fasting is an important health and spiritual practice of Ananda Marga. In the key conduct rules for an Ananda Margii given by Shrii Shrii Anandamurti, fasting is the 8th point out of 16 points.

Basic instruction

When in good health, every Ananda Margii should observe a complete fast on the appropriate fasting days. For householders, the fasting days are the eleventh day (ekádashii) after both the new moon (amávasyá) and the full moon (púrńimá). For renunciates, the fasting days are ekádashii, amávasyá, and púrńimá. In other words, householders fast twice in a lunar month, and renunciates fast four times in a lunar month. The extra time and attention from not eating should be dedicated to contemplation of the Supreme (upavása, living near the Lord).[1]

Health benefits

This practice gives the digestive system a complete rest and protects against the loss of mental equilibrium.[1]

Spiritual benefits

The energy that is not expended in digesting food can and should be dedicated to upavása, often done through additional sádhaná.[1]

Fasting dates

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