From Animality to Divinity

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From Animality to Divinity
Speaker Shrii Shrii Anandamurti
Date 1978 September 7
Place Patna, India
Topic Acquiring the state of Godhood
Included in Ananda Vacanamrtam Part 1
Location in Sarkarverse
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From Animality to Divinity is a discourse given by Shrii Shrii Anandamurti on 1978 September 7 in Patna, India. This discourse is the 36th chapter of Ananda Vacanamrtam Part 1.[1]


As a created being, everybody in the universe by birth is a pashu, an animal. But the standard of beings is to be exalted towards divinity, towards godliness. A pashu, that is, an animal, becomes man, man becomes god. This process, the process of exaltation, the process of upliftment, from animality to godliness, is your sádhaná.

Shrii Shrii Anandamurti

Anandamurti starts the discourse by saying that sadhana is a process of movement from the stage of animality toward human excellence. As spiritual thirst awakens in a man, he acquires the necessary qualities of a hero (viira) and thus can struggle against inimical forces on the path of liberation. Anandamurti then explains that when a person becomes fearless while being established in the previous state, he is called a deva and his God is termed Mahádeva. Anandamurti goes on explaining the discrepancy among thoughts, words, and actions of animals in human form. Those accepted as leaders in society think one thing and speak another; however, they do as they speak. But only those whose thoughts, words, and actions are all in proper adjustment have truly reached the stage of human excellence.[1]


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