Liberation of Intellect: Neo-Humanism

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Liberation of Intellect: Neo-Humanism
Liberation of Intellect- Neo-HUmanism 01 Cover.jpg
The front cover page of the book[note 1]
Author Shrii Shrii Anandamurti
Language English
Subject Philosophy, Yoga, Tantra
Publisher Ananda Marga Publications
Publication date 1991 (IND)
Media type print
Pages 106 pp.
ISBN 81-7252-168-5
Location in Sarkarverse
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Liberation of Intellect: Neo-humanism[note 2] is a book of 106 pages and 11 chapters published for the first time on 1982,[note 3] part of the vast literary heritage of the philosopher and social reformer Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar aka Shrii Shrii Anandamurti (1921–1990).[note 4]

The book is a compilation of discourses on Neohumanism, the holistic philosophical theory elaborated by Sarkar and part of the philosophy of Ananda Marga, the socio-spiritual movement which he founded in 1955 (see also (Sarkar, 1987)[1] and (Ānanda Mitra, 1986)[2]). The volume, has been translated into several languages.[note 5]


Describing neohumanism, Sarkar redefines both "Humanity" and "Humanism", as well as various commonly associated concepts. In this philosophy universalism plays a central role. If humanism tends to only cover the human dimension in a human-centric view, neohumanism, according to Sarkar, is instead the elevation of humanism to universalism.

The book starts with the discourse "Devotional Sentiment and Neohumanism" (February 21, 1982, Kolkata. Chapter 1). Here Sarkar introduces the concepts of "Geosentiment" and "Sociosentiment" that he further develops in other talks contained in the same volume. In the book Sarkar explains the significance of other key-terms such as "Geoeconomic sentiment", "Georeligious sentiment", "Sentiments", "Istinct" "Rationality" ("Geo-Sentiment", 7 March 1982, Kolkata. Chapter 3) also endorsed by the Progressive Utilization Theory. Other concepts like "Internationalism", "Social progress", "Existential value" and "Utility value" are treated on other parts of the volume.

The volume ends with the discourse "Neohumanism Is the Ultimate Shelter" (March 29, 1982, Kolkata. Chapter 11) in wich Sarkar describes the tipology of people "who create distortions among humanity, by not allowing humanity to move towards Neohumanism" and the three stages on the path of Neohumanism: "spiritual cult", "spiritual essence" and "spirituality as a mission".



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  4. ^ Between 1955 and 1990 the author wrote in English, Bengali and Hindi. He wrote in the name "Shrii Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar" when treating sociology, economics, philology and various other subjects, and in the name ""Shrii Shrii Ánandamúrti"" when focusing on spiritual topics. Many of his books he gave as dictations; others were compiled from his discourses, some of them in small pocket-books.
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