List of songs of Prabhat Samgiita

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List of songs of Prabhat Samgiita
PrabhatSamgiita trilokesh.png
Music and lyrics by Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar
Date 1982 September 14 – 1990 October 20
Place India
Theme Contemplation, Determination, Enlightenment, Liberation, Longing, Neohumanism, PROUT, Surrender, and so on with various nuances
Lyrics Mostly Bengali (and various dialects of the same), but also English, Samskrta, Hindi, Urdu, Magahi, Maithili, and Angika
Music Dadra, Kaharva, and other tals with tunes that consist of all traditional Indian ragas as well as original and blended melodies from around the world and over the ages
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Prabhat Samgiita is the collection of 5,018 songs composed by Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar. The first song of Prabhat Samgiita was given on 1982 September 14. The last song was given on 1990 October 20 (less than 24 hours before Sarkar's decease).[1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9][10][11][12][13][14][15]


Sarkar's songs cover a multitude of themes. There are devotional songs, mystical songs, and revolutionary songs. There are folk songs, children's songs, women's songs, and ballads. There are wedding songs, birthday songs, and festival songs. Regardless of the theme, in every song there is a strong spiritual undercurrent, expressive of Sarkar's personal philosophy of Neohumanism.[1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9][10][11][12][13]

Most of the song lyrics are in Bengali or a Bengali dialect. Nevertheless, the lyrics of over 40 songs are in other languages (English, Samskrta, Hindi, Urdu, Magahi, Maithili, and Angika).[14][15]

The melodies of Prabhat Samgiita represent most of the major classical and folk styles of India. However, these Indian musical styles are often blended, occasionally for the first time, with musical styles from different parts of the world and different historical eras.[14][15]

As Sarkar rarely gave titles to his songs, the songs are referenced by their first line. In other words, the first line of each song is treated as the song's title. Whenever identification of a song on the basis of the first line alone might be ambiguous, that song is distinguished by adding the second line of the song, generally separated from the first line by a comma.[1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9][10][11][12][13][14][15]

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With a body of more than 5,000 songs, sometimes it might prove difficult to find a specific song. Here are the three easiest methods.

Method 1: Locate by number

By far the easiest way to locate any song is by that song's number. If you happen to know the song's number, you may simply type the number of the song you need in the Sarkarverse search box at the top right of each page. That should provide a link or links to the information available on Sarkarverse for that song. Alternatively, if a dedicated article for the song you want has been published on Sarkarverse, you may simply scroll down this page to the appropriate table and expand it. The song you are looking for should be listed there in numeric order.


  1. The default sort order for all of the tables below is by number. If, by chance, the table you need is not sorted by number, then you may correct that by clicking Number in the table's title bar. This toggles the numeric sort, ascending or descending.
  2. Currently, only the first 1,000 songs plus a few odd songs from 1001-5018 have dedicated articles on Sarkarverse. If the song you need is not contained in the first 1,000 songs, then try using the resources at the Prabhat Samgiita portal, keeping in mind the various instructions below. If you still cannot find a specific song, feel free to ask for assistance at the Sarkarverse Help Desk.

Method 2: Locate by date

Knowing the date when a song was given is almost as good as knowing the number of that song. Just locate the table or tables that include the songs given on that date, and the song you want should be listed there.


  1. The default sort order for all of the tables below is by number. This means that they are also sorted by date. If, by chance, a table you need is not sorted by date, then you may sort it by number or date to get a chronological listing.
  2. There is broad agreement among all the sources about the order of the songs; however, occasionally a discrepancy is found regarding the specific day on which a particular song was given. If you happen to have the date on which a song was given but do not find the song in the list, then look for the song just above or below that date.

Method 3: Browser search

More than likely, for the song you seek, you only know (or think you know) a few words from the first line of the song. Finding such a song can be a bit difficult. As such, it might be easiest to simply google those words in hope of discovering the song number. However, you can also run a browser-based search (Ctrl+f or Cmd+f) on this page. Before doing that, you must first expand all of the tables. For that purpose, use the following switch:



  1. For various reasons, the spelling of the song titles may vary from what is listed below. Here on Sarkarverse, we use Sarkar's system of Roman Bengali transliteration. However, even then there may be some legitimate spelling discrepancies, and also your memory of the first line's words might be mistaken. So, for best results, try to limit your search to only a few words that you are sure of. Instead of searching for Bandhu he niye calo, try searching for just Bandhu he.
  2. The Expand/Collapse All switch toggles the current state of each table between Expanded and Collapsed. By default all of the tables on this page are collapsed. However, if you have expanded one or more but not all tables, clicking that switch will still result in some of the tables being expanded and others collapsed. To quickly restore the page to a state in which all tables are collapsed, it should be sufficient to reload/refresh the page.

Songs 1-1000

1982 September 14 – 1983 November 2


1982 September 14 – 1983 January 14

Number Date First line(s) Theme Lyrics Music
0001 1982-09-14 Bandhu he niye calo (Shiva) Enlightenment Bengali Ajay valley + Italy, Kaharva
0002 1982-09-17 E gan amar alor jharanadhara Determination Bengali Spain + Portugal + Bengal, Kaharva
0003 1982-09-17 Andhara sheshe alora deshe Neohumanism Bengali Malraki valley + Albania, Kaharva
0004 1982-09-19 Sakal maner viina ek sure baje aj Surrender Bengali Belgium, Kaharva
0005 1982-09-20 Elo anek juger sei ajana pathik Liberation Bengali China, Kaharva
0006 1982-09-20 Bandhu amar (Shiva) Enlightenment Bengali Kangsabati + Italy, Kaharva
0007 1982-09-20 Niiravata majhe ke go tumi ele Contemplation Bengali 1500-year-old Buddhist tantra, Dadra
0008 1982-09-21 Ami jete cai tumi niye jao Liberation Bengali Giiti Roy + Suvarnarekha + Scandinavia, Kaharva
0009 1982-09-21 Andharer sei hatasha Enlightenment Bengali Damodhar Valley + Occident, Kaharva
0010 1982-09-22 Mayamukure ke kii bhave kii kare Contemplation Bengali Darvah (Bangladesh) + Middle East + Europe, Kaharva
0011 1982-09-22 Nacer tale egiye cale (Shiva) PROUT Bengali Ganga valley + Europe, Kaharva
0012 1982-09-22 Nayane mamata bhara Contemplation Bengali Ajay valley + Occident, Kaharva
0013 1982-09-23 Ami shudhu hesechi necechi geyechi Enlightenment Bengali Malraki valley + China + Occident, Kaharva
0014 1982-09-23 Aj mane pare harano dinete Contemplation Bengali Various river valleys + China, Kaharva
0015 1982-09-23 Jeona jeona ogo bandhu (Shiva) Longing Bengali Ancient Bengal + Malraki valley + Occident, Kaharva
0016 1982-09-24 Sajala pavane Enlightenment Bengali Aosta valley, Dadra
0017 1982-09-24 Kete geche megh geche udveg Neohumanism Bengali Dadra
0018 1982-09-24 Ke jena asiya kaye geche kane Neohumanism Bengali 2000-year-old Punjab + Kashmir + Occident, Dadra
0019 1982-09-25 Naviina prate ei arun alote Contemplation Bengali Devotional rhythmic melody, Kaharva
0020 1982-09-25 Dur akasher tara ogo Longing Bengali Original melody, Dadra
0021 1982-09-26 Tumi alojhalamal purnimadiip Contemplation Bengali Original melody, Kaharva
0022 1982-09-26 Ogo bandhu balite paro Contemplation Bengali Original melody, Kaharva
0023 1982-09-27 Nutaner alok ogo Enlightenment Bengali Persia + South India + Karnataka, Dadra
0024 1982-09-27 Hathata ele hathata gele Contemplation Bengali Original melody, Dadra
0025 1982-09-28 Duniyavalon takte raho Neohumanism Urdu Original melody, Ghazal, Qawwali, Dadra (fast)
0026 1982-10-04 Bandhu gao gao gao madhugiiti (Shiva) Longing Bengali Dadra
0027 1982-10-04 Dao sara ogo prabhu chande gane Longing Bengali Kaharva
0028 1982-10-04 Bandhu tomay kii balibo (Shiva) Determination Bengali Dadra
0029 1982-10-04 Amay chotta ekti man diyecho Longing Bengali Dadra (fast)
0030 1982-10-05 Tumi marme ese amar ghum bhaungale Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0031 1982-10-05 Kon timirera par hate phute uthecho Neohumanism Bengali Kaharva
0032 1982-10-06 Ucatana mana na mane barana Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0033 1982-10-07 Tomar name tomar gane Liberation Bengali Dadra
0034 1982-10-08 Tomar nayantale sab kichu nece cale Contemplation Bengali Malkaush, Dadra
0035 1982-10-08 Akash vatas sudhanirjas (Krsna) Liberation Bengali Dadra
0036 1982-10-08 Sabar bandhu sabar apan Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0037 1982-10-09 Kon bhule jaoya bhore sahasa samiire Liberation Bengali Dadra
0038 1982-10-19 Se je eseche mor hrdaye guinjariya Enlightenment Bengali Kaharva
0039 1982-10-20 Tumi asiyacho shata janapada vahiya Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0040 1982-10-21 Campaka vane dakhina pavane Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0041 1982-10-21 Andhar periye apani esecho Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0042 1982-10-21 Tomare peyechi Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0043 1982-10-21 Tomra ja khushi tai balo Determination Bengali Dadra
0044 1982-10-22 Ar kono katha ami mani na Neohumanism Bengali Kaharva
0045 1982-10-22 Bakula gandhe madhuranande Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0046 1982-10-23 Era kannay bhaunga rudhirete rauna Neohumanism Bengali Dadra
0047 1982-10-23 Kuinjavanete guinjaranete Surrender Bengali Dadra
0048 1982-10-24 Alo jhare pare jhalake jhalake (SDM) Neohumanism Bengali Dadra
0049 1982-10-24 Dak diye jai jai jai (PU) PROUT Bengali Kaharva
0050 1982-10-24 Raktim kishalay (ASD) Determination Bengali Kaharva
0051 1982-10-25 Madhukar vane spandana ene Liberation Bengali Dadra
0052 1982-10-25 Tumi ujjvala dhruvatara Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0053 1982-10-25 Ogo prabhu tomake ami Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0054 1982-10-26 Ami rjupathe cale cali bhai Neohumanism Bengali Kaharva
0055 1982-10-26 Surasaptake madhuri bhari Neohumanism Bengali Dadra
0056 1982-10-26 Ke go tumi pathapashe danriye eka Surrender Bengali Kaharva
0057 1982-10-27 Chanda amar nrtyera tale tale cale PROUT Bengali Kaharva
0058 1982-10-27 Dujane jakhan miliche takhan (Wedding) Neohumanism Bengali Dadra
0059 1982-10-27 Naniir putul tutul tutul (Baby-naming) Determination Bengali Dadra
0060 1982-10-28 Tomar jinis tomake diyechi (Funeral) Contemplation Bengali Dadra (slow)
0061 1982-10-28 Paran dhariya dii tomari carane Longing Bengali Kaharva
0062 1982-10-28 Nayane esechile svapane Longing Bengali Kaharva
0063 1982-10-29 Diipavalii sajayechi prabhu Longing Bengali Indian + Mideastern (deserts), Dhrupad, Kaharva
0064 1982-10-29 Akashe aj rauner mela Enlightenment Bengali Dadra
0065 1982-10-30 Kache ele bale gele na Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0066 1982-10-30 Rumjhum rumjhum nupura bajaye (Krsna) Longing Bengali Kaharva
0067 1982-10-31 Tari patha pane man chute jay Longing Bengali Kaharva
0068 1982-11-01 I love this tiny green island Determination English Kaharva
0069 1982-11-02 Ke ele na bale ele Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0070 1982-11-02 Jabo na ami jabo na jabo na re Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0071 1982-11-02 Jagatta nay mithye maya Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0072 1982-11-02 Maomachi gunguniye Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0073 1982-11-03 Ogo priya ogo priya, ogo priya amay bhulio na tumi Longing Bengali Kaharva
0074 1982-11-03 Cal cal cal cal gan geye cal Neohumanism Bengali Kaharva (fast)
0075 1982-11-03 Ke ele aji ke ele Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0076 1982-11-04 Svapane khonj peyechinu Longing Bengali Dadra
0077 1982-11-04 Svapane tare cinechi Enlightenment Bengali Dadra + Kaharva
0078 1982-11-05 Svapane se esechilo Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0079 1982-11-05 Svapanera chonya lege Enlightenment Bengali Kaharva
0080 1982-11-06 Svapane esecho anandaghana tumi Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0081 1982-11-06 Svapner ghore din cale jay Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0082 1982-11-06 Tumi esecho prane esecho (Krsna) Longing Bengali Tintal + Kaharva, pure classical
0083 1982-11-07 Cira nutaner ahvane Neohumanism Bengali Dadra
0084 1982-11-07 Sumukhe asiya danraiya chile Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0085 1982-11-07 Dinguli cale jay Liberation Bengali Dadra
0086 1982-11-07 Megher majhe agun jvele Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0087 1982-11-07 Kata janamer pratiiksa pare Enlightenment Bengali Dadra
0088 1982-11-08 Hemante shirshire haoyate (Prewinter) Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0089 1982-11-08 Kichu phul cay hat barate (Prewinter) Longing Bengali Kaharva
0090 1982-11-08 Hemante mor phuler saji bharbe go (Prewinter) Surrender Bengali Dadra
0091 1982-11-08 Shes hemante himel haoyay (Prewinter) PROUT Bengali Dadra
0092 1982-11-09 Hemanta aji prate eseche (Prewinter) Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0093 1982-11-09 Hemanteri dhaner gandhe (Prewinter) Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0094 1982-11-09 Shiiter kanpuni niye ele (Winter) Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0095 1982-11-09 Candanaviithi kuyasay dhaki (Winter) Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0096 1982-11-10 Shishirsikta kharjuraviithi (Winter) Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0097 1982-11-10 Shiite shiuli kena phote na (Winter) Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0098 1982-11-10 Shiit asiyache sathe aniyache (Winter) Neohumanism Bengali Dadra
0099 1982-11-10 Bhavi niko asbe tumi shiiter rate (Winter) Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0100 1982-11-10 Kamalanebur varne gandhe (Winter) Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0101 1982-11-11 Shiiter shesete nava pata ase (Winter's end) Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0102 1982-11-11 Ashoke palashe nava ullase (Spring) Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0103 1982-11-11 Vasanta aj jaglo (Spring, Shiva) Longing Bengali Dadra
0104 1982-11-12 Nrtyera tale tale nrtyera chande (Spring) Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0105 1982-11-12 Vasanta pavane liilayita carane (Spring) Enlightenment Bengali Kaharva
0106 1982-11-13 Phuler saji sathe niye (Spring) Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0107 1982-11-13 Vasanta aj haslo (Spring) Neohumanism Bengali Dadra
0108 1982-11-14 Raodrer kharatape (Summer) Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0109 1982-11-14 Bandhu tomar gopan katha (Summer, Shiva) Longing Bengali Dadra
0110 1982-11-14 Griismavakashe se jadi ase (Summer) Longing Bengali Dadra
0111 1982-11-15 Venukar van kii katha kay (Summer) Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0112 1982-11-15 Iishan konete megh jamiyache (Summer) Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0113 1982-11-15 Vishakhatanay vaeshakh tumi (Summer) Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0114 1982-11-15 Keka kalarava mukharita prate (Summer, Krsna) Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0115 1982-11-16 Varasar rate tumi esechile, rajaniigandha vane (Monsoon) Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0116 1982-11-16 Varasa eseche niipanikuinje (Monsoon) Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0117 1982-11-16 Varasar dine sabakar sane (Monsoon) Neohumanism Bengali Dadra
0118 1982-11-16 Varasa eseche bharasa eseche (Monsoon) Neohumanism Bengali Dadra
0119 1982-11-17 Megh tumi kache eso (Drought) Longing Bengali Kaharva
0120 1982-11-17 Sharadaprate mor ektarate (Autumn) Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0121 1982-11-17 Sharata sakale shishirete dhuye (Autumn) Longing Bengali Dadra
0122 1982-11-18 Pathik tumi ekakii ese (Autumn) Longing Bengali Dadra
0123 1982-11-18 Sharat oi ase oi ase oi ase (Autumn) Contemplation Bengali Mandakranta meter, Dadra (fast)
0124 1982-11-18 Sharat tomar surer mayay (Autumn) Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0125 1982-11-18 Aj akashe tarar mela (Autumn) Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0126 1982-11-19 Ek parikramar halo anta (Year's End) Contemplation Bengali Kaharva + Dadra
0127 1982-11-19 Ek nutaner sur aji bajalo bajalo (New Year's) Neohumanism Bengali Kaharva
0128 1982-11-19 Vatsar nava vatsar tumi (New Year's) Determination Bengali Dadra
0129 1982-11-19 Surer dhara egiye cale (New Year's, Shiva) Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0130 1982-11-20 Sonalii bhor jiivane mor (New Year's) Contemplation Bengali Ektal
0131 1982-11-20 Nava varsa elo aji (New Year's) Determination Bengali Dadra
0132 1982-11-20 Janmatithite nutaner srote (Birthday) Surrender Bengali Dadra
0133 1982-11-20 Tava shubha janmadine (Baba's birthday) Enlightenment Bengali Dadra
0134 1982-11-21 Janama lagane (Baba's birthday) Enlightenment Bengali Dadra
0135 1982-11-22 Janmadine ei shubha ksane (Baba's birthday) Enlightenment Bengali Kaharva
0136 1982-11-22 Ajker ei shishutaru (Tree-planting) Neohumanism Bengali Dadra
0137 1982-11-22 Beshii kichu nahi cai (Housewarming) Neohumanism Bengali Dadra
0138 1982-11-23 Ami jedike takai heri o rupa keval Enlightenment Bengali Kiirtana, Kaharva (fast)
0139 1982-11-24 Tumi esechile niirava nishiithe Surrender Bengali Kiirtana, Dadra
0140 1982-11-25 Acho kabariiveniite kalo dor haye Longing Bengali Pada kiirtana, Dadra
0141 1982-11-25 Se je akashe sagare vane kantare Longing Bengali Pada kiirtana, Dadra
0142 1982-11-26 Akashe sagare Longing Bengali Kiirtana, Dadra
0143 1982-11-27 Aha kii shunilam Liberation Bengali Kiirtana, Ramkeli gharana, Kaharva + fast Dadra
0144 1982-11-27 Eso dhiire dhiire carana phele Longing Bengali Kiirtana, Dadra + Kaharva
0145 1982-11-28 Dur niilakashe dakhina vatase Longing Bengali Kiirtana, Dadra
0146 1982-11-30 Ajuta chande esechile tumi (Krsna) Longing Bengali Kiirtana, Kaharva + Dadra
0147 1982-11-30 Alo jhalamala madhura nishiithe Contemplation Bengali Kiirtana, Dadra + Kaharva + fast Kaharva
0148 1982-12-01 Alor pare alori dheu Enlightenment Bengali Kiirtana, Dadra + fast Kaharva
0149 1982-12-02 Madhura svapane maneri gahane Surrender Bengali Kiirtana, Dadra + fast Kaharva
0150 1982-12-03 Bal dao more bal dao Determination Bengali Kiirtana, Kaharva + Dadra + fast Kaharva
0151 1982-12-12 Esechile tumi prabhu Enlightenment Bengali Kaharva
0152 1982-12-13 Campaka vane madhura svapane Longing Bengali Dadra
0153 1982-12-13 Alor parete alo tar pare aro alo Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0154 1982-12-15 Eso eso (Compulsory) Surrender Bengali Dadra
0155 1982-12-15 Kena aman kariya dakitecho amay Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0156 1982-12-15 Egiye calo egiye calo (Marching song) PROUT Bengali Dadra
0157 1982-12-17 Na ciniyai jahake dekechi (Krsna) Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0158 1982-12-17 Tumi sabar mane acho (Compulsory) Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0159 1982-12-18 Prabhu ami bhalobasi tomay bhalobasi (Compulsory) Contemplation Bengali Dadra (slow)
0160 1982-12-18 Tomake peyechi prabhu smarane manane Enlightenment Bengali Pad kiirtana, Kaharva
0161 1982-12-19 Ganer sure Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0162 1982-12-19 Kichu kaye jao kichu shune jao (Compulsory) Longing Bengali Dadra
0163 1982-12-20 Manke kona chota kajei nabte dobo na (Compulsory) Neohumanism Bengali Dadra (fast)
0164 1982-12-23 Ke nivi ay ay chute ay Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0165 1982-12-23 Paye calar pathera katha Neohumanism Bengali Dadra
0166 1982-12-24 Alokera dheu andhara bhediya Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0167 1982-12-24 Vishvatratar caraner renu Neohumanism Bengali Dadra
0168 1982-12-25 Arune raunano sab asha Neohumanism Bengali Dadra
0169 1982-12-25 Esechile prabhu ghum bhaungate Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0170 1982-12-26 Sabara apan tumi sabara apan Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0171 1982-12-26 Manamanjusa mor satata jagiya ache Determination Bengali Kaharva
0172 1982-12-26 Tava krpa bina amar taranii Determination Bengali Dadra (slow)
0173 1982-12-27 Dyuloke bhuloke tari padadhvani Neohumanism Bengali Dadra
0174 1982-12-27 Amar manete tumi sabar manete tumi Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0175 1982-12-27 Tomara gopana katha Neohumanism Bengali Raga Diipak (Dhrupadi) from time of Shiva, Dadra
0176 1982-12-28 Jiivanta nay theme thaka bhai Neohumanism Bengali Dadra
0177 1982-12-28 Tava patha ceye achi Determination Bengali Kaharva
0178 1982-12-28 Tomari deoya mane Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0179 1982-12-29 Dhara dile tumi prabhu Longing Bengali Kaharva
0180 1982-12-29 Supta hrday jagiya utheche Determination Bengali Dadra
0181 1982-12-30 Tumi nikata haite aro nikatete Liberation Bengali Bhaunga kiirtana, Dadra
0182 1983-01-01 Sabar citta aj eki sure udgiita Neohumanism Bengali Malkaush, Kaharva
0183 1983-01-06 Ganer jagat kache peyechi Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0184 1983-01-08 Runu jhunu jhunu rave pranbhara saorabhe (Krsna) Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0185 1983-01-09 Diner aloy ganer tarii Surrender Bengali Dadra
0186 1983-01-09 Eso amar mane baso amar mane Longing Bengali Kaharva
0187 1983-01-09 Tomake ceyechi ceyechi sab kaje Determination Bengali Kaharva
0188 1983-01-09 Tumi nije ele dhara dile Contemplation Bengali Teora tal (7 beats)
0189 1983-01-10 Duhkhera sathii tumi sukhera bandhu tumi (Shiva) Longing Bengali Kaharva
0190 1983-01-10 Campaka vane haraye phelechi Surrender Bengali Dadra
0191 1983-01-11 Tumi puspete madhu enecho Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0192 1983-01-12 Manasa mandire eso prabhu krpa kare Surrender Bengali Kaharva
0193 1983-01-12 Andhar sagare patha hariye Neohumanism Bengali Shivaranjani, Dadra
0194 1983-01-12 Tomake bhuliya ke kotha thakibe balo Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0195 1983-01-13 Eso mor prane eso mor mane Longing Bengali Dadra
0196 1983-01-13 Amare ke nebe bhai (Krsna) Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0197 1983-01-13 Sathii amar bandhu amar (Shiva) Liberation Bengali Dadra
0198 1983-01-14 Amar e manoviina chandahiina Longing Bengali Ghazal, Kaharva
0199 1983-01-14 Hiyara majhare niirava prahare Longing Bengali Jaunpuri, Tappa, Ghazal, Tintal, Kaharva
0200 1983-01-14 Tumi esecho man je kerecho Enlightenment Bengali Ghazal, Qawwali, Tintal, Kaharva


1983 January 14 – 1983 April 4

Number Date First line(s) Theme Lyrics Music
0201 1983-01-14 Caeti haoyay mana jare cay Longing Bengali Ghazal, Tappa, Tintal, Kaharva, Chaiti
0202 1983-01-15 Prathama jiivaner harano surer Determination Bengali Ghazal, Kaharva
0203 1983-01-15 Eso go bandhu mama ksudra e hrdaye (Chhayanat, Shiva) Longing Bengali Ghazal, Tintal, Kaharva
0204 1983-01-15 Eso go kache eso dharara dhuli rupe bhare dao Neohumanism Bengali Ghazal, Tintal, Kaharva, Chaiti
0205 1983-01-15 Eso go sakha tomari ashe Longing Bengali Ghazal, Qawwali, Tintal, Kaharva
0206 1983-01-15 Manera ankhi satata rakhi (Shiva) Contemplation Bengali Ghazal, Qawwali, Tintal, Kaharva
0207 1983-01-16 Tar man jadi cay sab kichu hay Longing Bengali Qawwali, Tintal, Kaharva
0208 1983-01-17 Asibe baliya giyache caliya Enlightenment Bengali Ghazal, Qawwali, Tintal, Kaharva
0209 1983-01-17 Tomar e asiima apar bhalabasar Surrender Bengali Ghazal, Qawwali, Tintal, Kaharva
0210 1983-01-17 Din gune ar kal gune gune (Shiva) Liberation Bengali Ghazal, Tintal, Kaharva
0211 1983-01-17 Din ase ar din cale jay Surrender Bengali Ghazal, Qawwali, Tintal, Kaharva
0212 1983-01-18 Niirava rate tomari sathe Contemplation Bengali Ghazal, Tintal, Kaharva
0213 1983-01-19 Eso eso bandhu eso (Shiva) Surrender Bengali Ghazal, Qawwali, Tintal, Kaharva
0214 1983-01-19 Ankhite chilo jal mamata chalachal Longing Bengali Ghazal, Tintal, Kaharva
0215 1983-01-19 Tava asa pathe kan pete pete Determination Bengali Ghazal, Qawwali, Tintal, Kaharva
0216 1983-01-19 Tumi esechile dhara diyechile Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0217 1983-01-20 Tomare ceyechi parana diyechi Determination Bengali Dadra
0218 1983-01-20 Pita mata bandhu sakha (Shiva) Contemplation Bengali Qawwali, Kaharva
0219 1983-01-20 Kon bhule jaoya bhore Neohumanism Bengali Dadra
0220 1983-01-21 Krsnamurari bansharii tomari (Krsna) Neohumanism Bengali Dadra
0221 1983-01-21 Tomay kata bhalobasi Neohumanism Bengali Dadra
0222 1983-01-22 Tumi esecho tumi esecho, esecho bakuler gandhe bhara Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0223 1983-01-22 Chande chande tomari liila Contemplation Bengali Qawwali, Kaharva
0224 1983-01-23 Bandhu mama pranera priyatama (Shiva) Neohumanism Bengali Tappa, Kaharva
0225 1983-01-23 Sathe sathe theko carane dhare rekho Determination Bengali Tappa, Kaharva
0226 1983-01-24 Sakaler ankhi chalachal (Krsna) Determination Bengali Kaharva
0227 1983-01-24 Shono go shono go shono go dharavasii (Krsna) Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0228 1983-01-25 Kamsadamane shistapalane (Krsna) Determination Bengali Kaharva
0229 1983-01-25 Krsna darashane vyakula parane (Krsna) Surrender Bengali Dadra
0230 1983-01-25 Narada shona katha amar ei vyatha (Krsna) Surrender Bengali Kaharva
0231 1983-01-25 Andhara nishay amari hiyay Longing Bengali Kaharva
0232 1983-01-26 Kache o dure na jana sure Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0233 1983-01-26 Esecho esecho prabhu esecho Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0234 1983-01-27 Tava darashana ashe rayechi pathera pashe Longing Bengali Kaharva
0235 1983-01-28 Bhramar kache ese amar caripashe Longing Bengali Kaharva
0236 1983-01-29 Ghumaghore dekhechi go Contemplation Bengali Dadra, Jaunpuri
0237 1983-01-29 Eso eso tumi eso eso Longing Bengali Dadra
0238 1983-01-29 Amar katha eta dine Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0239 1983-01-29 Esecho tumi esecho (Krsna) Surrender Bengali Dadra
0240 1983-01-29 Tomar alote jhalamala kari (Shiva) Neohumanism Bengali Dadra
0241 1983-01-30 Tumi amar kata apan Longing Bengali Kaharva
0242 1983-01-30 Jader mohete tomare bhulechi Determination Bengali Dadra
0243 1983-01-30 Nupura dhvani abara bajila abara bajila (Krsna) Neohumanism Bengali Kaharva
0244 1983-01-30 Tomar e agamane bhutale gagane Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0245 1983-01-30 Ganer surete tomare peyechi Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0246 1983-01-30 Bhara badale tumi esechile, jalader chata makhiya gay (Krsna) Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0247 1983-01-31 Bhara badale tumi esechile, esechile prabhu sure sure (Krsna) Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0248 1983-02-01 Ajke prabhu tomar sathe Enlightenment Bengali Dadra
0249 1983-02-01 Tomari asa patha Longing Bengali Dadra
0250 1983-02-02 Kena dharay esechi Longing Bengali Dadra
0251 1983-02-02 Aji mor ankhite van Determination Bengali Kaharva
0252 1983-02-03 Ke go geye jay surera mayay Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0253 1983-02-03 Manera mukure Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0254 1983-02-04 Mana bhese jay sajala haoyay Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0255 1983-02-04 Ami tomara lagiya jagiya rayechi Longing Bengali Dadra
0256 1983-02-05 Varsamukhar rate nrtyera sathe sathe (Krsna) Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0257 1983-02-05 Asana pata ache aj Longing Bengali Kaharva
0258 1983-02-12 Arun tomar bhorer aloy Neohumanism Bengali Dadra
0259 1983-02-13 Phalguner agun laga (Spring) Enlightenment Bengali Dadra
0260 1983-02-13 Bandhu amar balite para (Shiva) Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0261 1983-02-14 Tomar asa tomar jaoya Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0262 1983-02-14 Ekela patha cali kichute nahi tali (Krsna) Neohumanism Bengali Kaharva
0263 1983-02-15 Tava agamane tava name gane Enlightenment Bengali Dadra
0264 1983-02-15 Gahana rate manoviinate Longing Bengali Kaharva + Dadra
0265 1983-02-15 Akashe chilo je megh (Krsna) Enlightenment Bengali Raga Desh, Dadra
0266 1983-02-16 Tomay amay pratham dekha Longing Bengali Dadra, Bageshrii Gharana (Purvii Bhageshrii)
0267 1983-02-16 Tomari ashe rayechi base Contemplation Bengali Kaharva, Tappa of Jaunpuri Gharana
0268 1983-02-16 Bandhu tomar kathoratay (Shiva) Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0269 1983-02-16 Tomari namete tomari ganete Surrender Bengali Dadra
0270 1983-02-17 Tomar katha ami Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0271 1983-02-17 Tomari liila tumi bojhao Longing Bengali Dadra
0272 1983-02-17 Tumi kata na liilai jano Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0273 1983-02-17 Andhar nishiithe tumi esechile Neohumanism Bengali Dadra
0274 1983-02-17 Tomar asa jaoya hay na kabhu prabhu Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0275 1983-02-18 Bandhu amar eso go prane (Shiva) Longing Bengali Kaharva
0276 1983-02-18 Jyotir chatay bhasiye dilo Contemplation Bengali Bhaunga kiirtana, Dadra
0277 1983-02-19 Shudhu tomakei ami bhalabasiyachi Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0278 1983-02-19 Tomake sanpechi go paran Longing Bengali Dadra
0279 1983-02-19 Tomay kii name dakibo go Contemplation Bengali Raga Asavari, Dadra
0280 1983-02-20 Eso tumi ruper chatay Neohumanism Bengali Dadra
0281 1983-02-20 Vishvatiita vishvaga tumi Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0282 1983-02-20 Manete lukiye theke Longing Bengali Dadra
0283 1983-02-21 Elam ese kaj karilam Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0284 1983-02-21 Eso phire abar phire Longing Bengali Teora tal (7 beats)
0285 1983-02-21 Tumi maner kamal mane phute thako Enlightenment Bengali Dadra
0286 1983-02-22 Tare go peyechi Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0287 1983-02-22 Cand ae akashe bhalabasa vatase Contemplation Bengali Kaharva (fast)
0288 1983-02-22 Kata kal pare peyechi tomare (Shiva) Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0289 1983-02-22 Amara jiivane tumi esechile (Shiva) Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0290 1983-02-24 Tava cetanay sabai jegeche Enlightenment Bengali Dadra
0291 1983-02-24 Ajana atithi janite narinu Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0292 1983-02-26 Kal ratrite jhar baye geche Longing Bengali Kaharva
0293 1983-02-26 Tomakei ami bhalobasiyachi, juge juge bare bar Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0294 1983-02-26 Tumi esechile manera kamale Longing Bengali Ghazal, Kaharva
0295 1983-02-27 Eso eso bandhu mama (Shiva) Longing Bengali Kaharva
0296 1983-02-27 Prabhu tomara parash (Krsna) Neohumanism Bengali Dadra
0297 1983-02-27 Tomari liilar majhe ajuta rupe saje (Krsna) Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0298 1983-02-28 Esechile prabhu megha garjane (Krsna) Enlightenment Bengali Dadra
0299 1983-02-28 Tomakei bhalabasiyachi, tomakei sar jenechi Liberation Bengali Dadra
0300 1983-02-28 Alori deshete jegechi ami go Neohumanism Bengali Kaharva
0301 1983-03-01 Asbe bale gecha je cale Longing Bengali Kaharva
0302 1983-03-01 Damka haoyay dak diye jay Determination Bengali Kaharva
0303 1983-03-01 Rajar kumar paksiiraje (Bhratrdvitiiya) (Children's story) Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0304 1983-03-02 Tomakei ami bhalabasiyachi, kena basiyachi jani na Longing Bengali Dadra
0305 1983-03-03 Eso tumi aji prate Neohumanism Bengali Dadra
0306 1983-03-03 Sundara madhuprabhate Longing Bengali Dadra
0307 1983-03-03 Sabakar ati priya adaraniiya Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0308 1983-03-03 Niil ainjan ankhite ankiya (Monsoon) Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0309 1983-03-04 Sumukhe asiya danrao prabhu tumi (Spring, Krsna) Neohumanism Bengali Kaharva
0310 1983-03-04 Mukhete hasi bale bhalabasi Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0311 1983-03-05 Tumi kata liila jano Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0312 1983-03-06 Eso go eso go mor manete Longing Bengali Kaharva + Dadra
0313 1983-03-06 Amar jiivane amar parane (Krsna) Longing Bengali Dadra
0314 1983-03-06 Tomar parash charaye rekhecho Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0315 1983-03-07 Kon alakar dola ese lagalo Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0316 1983-03-07 Tumi ele caridik raune bhare uthalo Neohumanism Bengali Kaharva
0317 1983-03-08 Runujhunu runujhunu nupura baje Surrender Bengali Kaharva
0318 1983-03-08 Rauniin svapan maner matan (Krsna) Enlightenment Bengali Dadra
0319 1983-03-09 Dur niilimay hatchani dey Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0320 1983-03-09 Nandanavana manthana kari Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0321 1983-03-10 Sabar majhe hariye gecho Determination Bengali Dadra
0322 1983-03-10 Tumi esechile varasar rate (Krsna) Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0323 1983-03-10 Bhalabasiyachi tomare Longing Bengali Dadra
0324 1983-03-10 Moder dhara rup peyeche Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0325 1983-03-10 Sakal manete sthan kariyacho Neohumanism Bengali Dadra
0326 1983-03-11 Tumi nityashuddha paramaradhya Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0327 1983-03-11 Saomya shanta cetanananda Neohumanism Bengali Kaharva
0328 1983-03-11 Tomar madhur hasi niye eseche (Krsna) Neohumanism Bengali Kaharva
0329 1983-03-11 Ajike dakle more durera sure Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0330 1983-03-11 Amara hiyay bhul kare hay (Krsna) Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0331 1983-03-12 Tomari bhuvane tomari bhavane Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0332 1983-03-12 Phulera malati Longing Bengali Kaharva
0333 1983-03-13 Amar hiyar vyakulata Longing Bengali Kaharva
0334 1983-03-13 Labhi jadi punah manava janama Determination Bengali Dadra
0335 1983-03-13 Tumi kon deshete jao re bandhu Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0336 1983-03-14 Tomari hasite tomari banshiite Liberation Bengali Kaharva
0337 1983-03-14 Aloker path charibo na ami Determination Bengali Dadra
0338 1983-03-14 Raunberaune sabare sajayecho Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0339 1983-03-14 Udasii hiyate kajala rate Longing Bengali Rupak
0340 1983-03-14 Vrtha janama gamayalun Determination Mixed languages Dadra
0341 1983-03-15 Dayal prabhu balo go tomay Contemplation Bengali Ektal
0342 1983-03-15 Sumukher pane cale jabo ami Determination Bengali Dadra
0343 1983-03-15 Tomari liilay bhara e bhuvan Longing Bengali Kaharva
0344 1983-03-16 Tomay dhare rakhbo prabhu Longing Bengali Dadra
0345 1983-03-16 Tomar lagi kata vyatha Longing Bengali Raga Bhaeravii, Kaharva
0346 1983-03-16 Prabhu tumi elei jakhan Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0347 1983-03-17 Andhara nishay diipashikha tumi Surrender Bengali Kaharva
0348 1983-03-17 Keu tomar lagiya jage diva rati Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0349 1983-03-17 Ogo prabhu ceye dekho (Vasantotsava) Longing Bengali Dadra
0350 1983-03-17 Tumi bina ke ba krpa karite pare Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0351 1983-03-17 Kena go ebhave ele Determination Bengali Dadra
0352 1983-03-18 Cira nutanke kache peyechi Liberation Bengali Dadra
0353 1983-03-18 Nutan prabhate tumi ele ele Neohumanism Bengali Kaharva
0354 1983-03-18 Prabhu tomar liilar chale Surrender Bengali Dadra
0355 1983-03-18 Ogo amar adarer mati PROUT Bengali Dadra
0356 1983-03-18 Jhara kusumera vyatha bojho na Longing Bengali Dadra
0357 1983-03-18 Bhalobaso shudhui mukhe Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0358 1983-03-19 Dakhina vatase malaya suvase Neohumanism Bengali Kaharva
0359 1983-03-19 Jaha kichu cao taha kare jao Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0360 1983-03-19 Varasar rate niirave nibhrte (Mahaprayana Divasa) Longing Bengali Dadra
0361 1983-03-20 Rater belay sabai ghumay (Lullaby) Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0362 1983-03-20 Nutana prabhate aruna alote Liberation Bengali Dadra
0363 1983-03-20 Kalera haoyay phul jhare jay Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0364 1983-03-21 Aji pakhiira kii gan gaiya jay Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0365 1983-03-21 Arupa devata rupera deule Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0366 1983-03-21 Stabdha manavata jagalo go jagalo Neohumanism Bengali Kaharva
0367 1983-03-22 Sharata sanjhete tumi ele Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0368 1983-03-22 Dala ujar kare phelo phelo (Krsna) Surrender Bengali Dadra
0369 1983-03-22 Elo je ankhite van o pasan Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0370 1983-03-22 Pathik eseche aji Neohumanism Bengali Kaharva
0371 1983-03-22 Ashrute makha manamajhe rakha (Mahaprayana Divasa) Longing Bengali Dadra
0372 1983-03-23 Toma lagi kata mor mane vyatha Determination Bengali Dadra
0373 1983-03-23 Jiivanke dola diye ke go tumi aj ele Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0374 1983-03-23 Tomar kache caina kichu Liberation Bengali Kaharva
0375 1983-03-23 Rauniin meghe hatchani dey Liberation Bengali Dadra
0376 1983-03-24 Sonara kamal alojhalamal Neohumanism Bengali Kaharva (fast)
0377 1983-03-24 Marma mathiya hiya niunariya Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0378 1983-03-24 Asha asha kare Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0379 1983-03-24 Prathama jiivane tumi aso niko Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0380 1983-03-25 Tumi amar sonari kamal Longing Bengali Dadra
0381 1983-03-25 Tumi esecho na bale Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0382 1983-03-26 Eso kache eso kache Longing Bengali Dadra
0383 1983-03-27 Ajke tomar saunge sabar Neohumanism Bengali Dadra
0384 1983-03-27 Paoya na paoyay sukhe duhkhe hay Enlightenment Bengali Kaharva
0385 1983-03-28 Tomari surete tava karunate (Krsna) Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0386 1983-03-29 Etadin pare bandhuya eseche Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0387 1983-03-29 Prabhu dhara ki kabhu debe na Longing Bengali Dadra
0388 1983-03-30 Alokeri van naviye Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0389 1983-03-30 Phulera vanete bhramara eseche Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0390 1983-04-01 Prabhu tomar krpar kana halei habe Determination Bengali Dadra
0391 1983-04-02 Cokhera jale bhijiya giyache Enlightenment Bengali Kaharva
0392 1983-04-02 Manera mayur meleche je pakha (Krsna) Liberation Bengali Kaharva
0393 1983-04-03 Kamala kusuma sama komala tumi go Enlightenment Bengali Kaharva
0394 1983-04-03 Dakhina vatase kusumasuvase Surrender Bengali Kaharva
0395 1983-04-03 Niilsayare sonar kamal (Children's story) Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0396 1983-04-04 Rauniin parii aj caleche kothay (Children's story) Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0397 1983-04-04 Darpaharii prabhu darpa na sahe kabhu (Children's story) Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0398 1983-04-04 Nidra tandra krodh alasya (Children's story) Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0399 1983-04-04 Sadhuta saralata tejasvita gune (Children's story) Contemplation Bengali Kaharva (fast)
0400 1983-04-04 Sei svapnera deshe se niilsayare (Children's story) Contemplation Bengali Dadra


1983 April 5 – 1983 June 11

Number Date First line(s) Theme Lyrics Music
0401 1983-04-05 Nacera tale chande gane Neohumanism Bengali Kaharva
0402 1983-04-05 Alor oi jharnadharay Longing Bengali Dadra
0403 1983-04-06 Phagun masete phag niye kheli (Vasantotsava) Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0404 1983-04-06 Phulera vanete parii esechilo (Children's story) Neohumanism Bengali Kaharva
0405 1983-04-06 Ami jege achi diva rati Longing Bengali Kaharva
0406 1983-04-07 Ay rtur raja vasanta (Spring) Liberation Bengali Dadra
0407 1983-04-07 Manera majhare lukaye rayecho Neohumanism Bengali Kaharva, Chaiti
0408 1983-04-07 Tomare peyechi jiivaneri prate Enlightenment Bengali Kaharva
0409 1983-04-07 Gan geye jai tomare tusite Surrender Bengali Kaharva
0410 1983-04-07 Ogo samane cala pathik Longing Bengali Dadra
0411 1983-04-07 Amar manete tumi esechile Neohumanism Bengali Kaharva
0412 1983-04-08 Ke go tumi ele Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0413 1983-04-08 Harano diner sur bhese ase Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0414 1983-04-08 Karuna kare go krpa karo sabe Neohumanism Bengali Dadra
0415 1983-04-08 Prabhu kii ar balibo ami Determination Bengali Dadra
0416 1983-04-08 Prabhu tava asari ashe din cale jay Longing Bengali Kaharva
0417 1983-04-09 Alor devata elo Enlightenment Bengali Kaharva
0418 1983-04-09 Canderi sathe madhunishate (Lullaby) Contemplation Bengali Kaharva + Dadra
0419 1983-04-09 Kende kende kata daki Longing Bengali Kaharva
0420 1983-04-09 Hrday uchaliya upaciya pare go Surrender Bengali Kaharva
0421 1983-04-10 Agun jvalate asi niko ami Determination Bengali Dadra
0422 1983-04-10 Krpa karo prabhu krpa karo Neohumanism Bengali Dadra
0423 1983-04-10 Jhariya giyache phulera papari Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0424 1983-04-11 Gopane gopane eso go nayane Longing Bengali Kaharva
0425 1983-04-11 Tomar e ki bhalabasar riiti Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0426 1983-04-12 Alakar prabhu namiya eseche Neohumanism Bengali Dadra
0427 1983-04-12 Hariye jaoya nidhi abar eseche (Lullaby) Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0428 1983-04-12 Tumi alo chaya khela khelite jano Longing Bengali Kaharva
0429 1983-04-12 Sabar haite tumi apanar Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0430 1983-04-12 Tumi kothay cale jao Longing Bengali Kaharva
0431 1983-04-12 Hrdayakamale eso mor Longing Bengali Tintal + Kaharva
0432 1983-04-13 Rupkathar ek raja chilo (Children's story) PROUT Bengali Dadra
0433 1983-04-13 Emana dine tumi kothay Determination Bengali Teora tal (7 beats)
0434 1983-04-13 Kon sudurer gane ke esecho tumi Neohumanism Bengali Kaharva
0435 1983-04-14 Agatira gati sabara pranati Longing Bengali Dadra
0436 1983-04-14 More kii katha balo go tumi Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0437 1983-04-14 Tomari manane tomari shravane Longing Bengali Kaharva
0438 1983-04-15 Paran bhare baran kari Longing Bengali Dadra
0439 1983-04-15 Aji vasanta elo jiivane Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0440 1983-04-15 Se je esechilo Contemplation Bengali Kaharva + Teora tal (7 beats)
0441 1983-04-16 Purva arunacale tumi jabe esechile Neohumanism Bengali Kaharva
0442 1983-04-17 Eso kache mama pranera priyatama Longing Bengali Kaharva
0443 1983-04-17 Alora mela kare je khela Neohumanism Bengali Kaharva
0444 1983-04-18 Vaner bhramara phula pane dhay Contemplation Bengali Kaharva + Dadra
0445 1983-04-18 Prabhu mama priyatama Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0446 1983-04-18 Alo alo alo amar Enlightenment Bengali Dadra
0447 1983-04-19 Prabhu tomay kii kahiba ar Liberation Bengali Kaharva + Tintal
0448 1983-04-19 Manidiip jvele rekhechi Neohumanism Bengali Kaharva
0449 1983-04-19 Mane asiyacho prane asiyacho Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0450 1983-04-20 Se amar apanar Longing Bengali Kaharva
0451 1983-04-21 Tomari tare saji bhare (Spring) Surrender Bengali Kaharva
0452 1983-04-22 Arupa sagare snan kariyacho Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0453 1983-04-22 Tomarei ami bhalabasiyachi Neohumanism Bengali Dadra
0454 1983-04-22 Eso amara ghare prabhu krpa kare Longing Bengali Kaharva
0455 1983-04-24 Amar sedin hariye geche, jedin tumi pashe chile Longing Bengali Dadra
0456 1983-04-24 Se je eseche se je eseche Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0457 1983-04-24 Ami tomar manete achi go Neohumanism Bengali Kaharva + Dadra
0458 1983-04-24 Jadi tomay na daki go tumi Surrender Bengali Teora tal (7 beats)
0459 1983-04-24 Amay niye tomar e kii khela Longing Bengali Kaharva
0460 1983-04-25 Purvakashe rauniin rage Neohumanism Bengali Dadra
0461 1983-04-25 Tumi kahar tare acho base Contemplation Bengali Teora tal (7 beats)
0462 1983-04-25 Ami caridike dekhi notun haoya Determination Bengali Dadra
0463 1983-04-25 Maner vyatha mani jane Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0464 1983-04-26 Varasar rate tumi esechile, vajrakanthe dhvaniya (Krsna) Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0465 1983-04-26 Tumi krpa karo more Longing Bengali Kaharva
0466 1983-04-27 Diner pare ratri ase Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0467 1983-04-27 Alor pathik ese geche Neohumanism Bengali Dadra
0468 1983-04-27 Mora mukta bhumir meye PROUT Bengali (Rarh dialect) Dadra (fast)
0469 1983-04-27 Tumi nahi ele pare Longing Bengali Kaharva
0470 1983-05-02 Prabhu amar priya amar Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0471 1983-05-03 Purnima rate niirave nibhrte Contemplation Bengali Rupak
0472 1983-05-03 Tumi amare cao na iha jani Surrender Bengali Kaharva
0473 1983-05-03 Mor phulera vanete tumi esecho Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0474 1983-05-03 Toke gar kari nanad tui mor katha rakh Neohumanism Bengali (Rarh dialect) Kaharva
0475 1983-05-03 Halud gandar phul kanak canpar phul PROUT Bengali (Rarh dialect) Kaharva + Dadra
0476 1983-05-03 Vihan kale tale tale Contemplation Bengali (Rarh dialect) Kaharva + Dadra, Jhumur
0477 1983-05-03 Shal gachete tal damara tal gachete dhuna lo Determination Bengali (Rarh dialect) Dadra, Jhumur
0478 1983-05-03 Akashe cumki gantha Enlightenment Bengali (Rarh dialect) Dadra, Jhumur
0479 1983-05-05 Jorete harka name Neohumanism Bengali (Rarh dialect) Dadra (fast), Jhumur
0480 1983-05-05 Marmaviinay eki sur aji baje Longing Bengali Dadra
0481 1983-05-05 Tumi sabare saman bhalabasa Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0482 1983-05-06 Ogo prabhu tomar dekhi e kii liila Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0483 1983-05-06 Milaner dine prabhata kirane Liberation Bengali Dadra
0484 1983-05-06 Esecho paran bhariya esecho Liberation Bengali Kaharva
0485 1983-05-07 Mora kaj niye bence achi Neohumanism Bengali (Rarh dialect) Dadra, Khemta
0486 1983-05-07 Kache nahi aso kabhu Longing Bengali Kaharva
0487 1983-05-08 Tora bal go tora more bal (Shiva) Contemplation Bengali (Rarh dialect) Dadra (fast)
0488 1983-05-08 Udvela hiya tomari lagiya Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0489 1983-05-08 Manete bhomra elo Determination Bengali Dadra, Jhumur
0490 1983-05-08 Bhal go Contemplation Bengali (Rarh dialect) Dadra (fast), Jhumur
0491 1983-05-09 Kanaka kirane haraye hirane Liberation Bengali Dadra
0492 1983-05-09 Bandhu tomar lagi sajaye rekhechi ghar (Housewarming) Neohumanism Bengali Dadra
0493 1983-05-10 Phulera vane bhomara elo Neohumanism Bengali Dadra (fast)
0494 1983-05-10 Tomar bhavti bheve meteche je man Determination Bengali Baul, Dadra
0495 1983-05-10 Amay dure rekho nako Longing Bengali Kaharva
0496 1983-05-10 Nutana rupete asiyacho tumi Liberation Bengali Dadra
0497 1983-05-10 Surja utheche tamah nashiyache Neohumanism Bengali Dadra
0498 1983-05-10 Jhum jhumajhum Neohumanism Bengali (Rarh dialect) Dadra, Jhumur
0499 1983-05-11 Mor nahi je samay Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0500 1983-05-11 Tumi je phul diyacho bhariya Surrender Bengali Kaharva
0501 1983-05-11 Diner aloy kena aso ni Contemplation Bengali Kaharva, Chaiti
0502 1983-05-11 Diner shese ghumer deshe Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0503 1983-05-12 Sei harano diner katha mane pare Contemplation Bengali South Chinese, Kaharva
0504 1983-05-12 Jara ceyeche tomay kache Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0505 1983-05-13 Amar kache tumi ele Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0506 1983-05-13 Prabhu amay krpa karo Longing Bengali Dadra
0507 1983-05-13 Prabhu tomar liila apar Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0508 1983-05-14 Kii banshii bajali bandhu Contemplation Bengali (Dialect) Kaharva
0509 1983-05-14 Ogo mor giitimay Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0510 1983-05-15 Shuktir buke muktar mata Determination Bengali Dadra
0511 1983-05-15 Eso go prabhu eso mor hiyay Longing Bengali Kaharva
0512 1983-05-15 Amar maner manus tui kotha geli Longing Bengali (Dialect) Dadra
0513 1983-05-16 Pahare aj rauner mela Neohumanism Bengali (Dialect) Dadra
0514 1983-05-16 Hariye gechi vanera pathe Longing Bengali Kaharva
0515 1983-05-16 Tomar katha ogo prabhu Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0516 1983-05-16 Je tomare cay toma pane cay Longing Bengali Dadra
0517 1983-05-17 Ami tomay kabhu bhulibo na Determination Bengali Dadra
0518 1983-05-17 Ami diip jvele jai caliya Longing Bengali Kaharva
0519 1983-05-17 Ke go asiyacho, madhu dhaliyacho Neohumanism Bengali Dadra
0520 1983-05-17 Ke go palash vane Contemplation Bengali Dadra (fast)
0521 1983-05-18 Dure kena acho prabhu Neohumanism Bengali Kaharva + Dadra
0522 1983-05-18 Sajabo bale mala parabo bale Contemplation Bengali (Dialect) Dadra
0523 1983-05-18 Ke go tumi nam na jana Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0524 1983-05-18 Maner madhu praner bandhu Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0525 1983-05-18 Bandhu amar nikata amar Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0526 1983-05-19 Dhupe diipe manera madhute Longing Bengali Indian + Mideastern (deserts), Dhrupad, Kaharva
0527 1983-05-19 Tumi jeo na tumi jeo na Longing Bengali Kangsabati + Italy, Kaharva
0528 1983-05-20 Sabay niye sabar majhe Longing Bengali Dadra
0529 1983-05-20 Manera duyare argal diye PROUT Bengali Dadra
0530 1983-05-20 Sakala maner tumi je raja Neohumanism Bengali Kaharva
0531 1983-05-21 Tomare dekhechi jabe canpara vane Liberation Bengali Kaharva
0532 1983-05-22 Marmaramukhara madhavii mayate Longing Bengali Kaharva
0533 1983-05-22 Aji shravan ghana gahan rate Neohumanism Bengali Dadra
0534 1983-05-24 Mamatar madhurima makhiya PROUT Bengali Kaharva
0535 1983-05-24 Amar e bhalabasa tomari lagi Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0536 1983-05-24 Taruna tapana tandra tyajiya Neohumanism Bengali Dadra
0537 1983-05-24 Tomar talete tal melate Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0538 1983-05-24 Alo jhara kon sudur prabhate Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0539 1983-05-24 Bandhu tomar rupera chatay Neohumanism Bengali Dadra
0540 1983-05-24 Tumi kothay chile kothay thako Contemplation Bengali Kaharva + Dadra
0541 1983-05-25 Mukhar prate niirav kena Longing Bengali Dadra
0542 1983-05-25 Ami dur niilimar balaka Enlightenment Bengali Kaharva
0543 1983-05-25 Kahara lagiya ucatana mana Enlightenment Bengali Kaharva
0544 1983-05-26 E kii tomari liila tomari khela Longing Bengali Kaharva
0545 1983-05-26 Tumi aksara ajara avinashii Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0546 1983-05-26 Tumi shvet shatadale spandita kare Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0547 1983-05-27 Rudra tomar uttal tale Neohumanism Bengali Dadra
0548 1983-05-27 Khunjiya berai tomare sadai Longing Bengali Dadra
0549 1983-05-27 Eso eso priyatama Longing Bengali Kaharva
0550 1983-05-27 Patha bhule jabe caliya esecho Longing Bengali Dadra
0551 1983-05-28 Madhura hasite phul photayecho Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0552 1983-05-28 Pasara bhariya praner parash Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0553 1983-05-29 Nrtyera tale bhuvana matale Longing Bengali Kaharva
0554 1983-05-29 Nam na jana ke tumi ele Neohumanism Bengali Kaharva
0555 1983-05-30 Tumi dur akasher dhruvatara Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0556 1983-05-30 Tumi je amar nayanera mani Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0557 1983-05-30 Dhara dite cao na jakhan Determination Bengali Dadra
0558 1983-05-30 Tumi je diyecho nara Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0559 1983-05-30 Ami tomare bhulite pari na Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0560 1983-05-31 Alojhalamala purnima rate Liberation Bengali Dadra
0561 1983-05-31 Manira dyutite phulera hasite Longing Bengali Teora tal (7 beats)
0562 1983-05-31 Ruper majhare tomare peyechi Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0563 1983-05-31 Alor dharay tumi bhaso Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0564 1983-06-01 Aji bhuvana bhara anande Surrender Bengali Dadra
0565 1983-06-01 Ja tumi cao go prabhu Longing Bengali Kaharva
0566 1983-06-01 Kajala meghe vajre deke PROUT Bengali Kaharva
0567 1983-06-02 Rudra tomar ashes krpay Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0568 1983-06-02 Tomare dekhechi jabe sharada prate (Autumn) Enlightenment Bengali Kaharva
0569 1983-06-02 Akash aji dilo dhara Enlightenment Bengali Kaharva
0570 1983-06-02 Nayana meliyo Determination Bengali Dadra
0571 1983-06-02 Shayane svapane jagarane Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0572 1983-06-02 Ankhi bhara chilo Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0573 1983-06-03 Bhave bhara akashe bhavatiita sakashe Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0574 1983-06-03 Maya malaince mayar mukul Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0575 1983-06-03 Niilainjana ankiya nayane Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0576 1983-06-03 Ami dhulikana alor sagare Liberation Bengali Dadra
0577 1983-06-04 Cira nutane jatane manasaratane Neohumanism Bengali Dadra
0578 1983-06-04 Toke parabo bale canpa baul phule Determination Bengali (Dialect) Dadra (fast)
0579 1983-06-04 Jeona jeona dure jeona Longing Bengali Dadra (fast)
0580 1983-06-05 Nandanavane ke go ele Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0581 1983-06-05 Sumadhur tumi sushobhan Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0582 1983-06-05 Tomar asa patha ceye Enlightenment Bengali Dadra
0583 1983-06-05 Maner majhare base gopan katha shono Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0584 1983-06-05 Ucchala chalachala taraunge Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0585 1983-06-06 Je phul phuteche mor maner gabhiire Longing Bengali Kaharva
0586 1983-06-06 Kalbhaerav uttal tale (Shiva) Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0587 1983-06-07 Nutan chande tumi metechile (Shiva) Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0588 1983-06-07 Tava nrtyer tale uttal halo (Shiva) Contemplation Bengali Dadra (fast)
0589 1983-06-07 Tumi eso amar ghare krpa kare Longing Bengali Dadra
0590 1983-06-08 Aso na jao na kabhu Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0591 1983-06-08 E kii mamata hasite Contemplation Bengali Kaharva + Dadra
0592 1983-06-08 Alor adhiish tumi esecho Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0593 1983-06-09 Dur ambare prabhata samiire Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0594 1983-06-09 Ke go alo jvalo PROUT Bengali Dadra (fast)
0595 1983-06-10 Madhura svapane mrdula carane Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0596 1983-06-10 Madhura anane manera kanane Determination Bengali Kaharva
0597 1983-06-11 Prabhu carana ki kabhu pabo na Longing Bengali Dadra
0598 1983-06-11 Prabhu theko amar pashe pashe Longing Bengali Dadra
0599 1983-06-11 Ami jagiya rayechi sara rati Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0600 1983-06-11 Ei alokojjval aruna akashe Neohumanism Bengali Kaharva


1983 June 12 – 1983 August 27

Number Date First line(s) Theme Lyrics Music
0601 1983-06-12 Cao prabhu ankhi tule Longing Bengali Dadra
0602 1983-06-12 Tomari lagiya tomare bhalobasiya Determination Bengali Kaharva
0603 1983-06-12 Maner majhare e kii tava liila Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0604 1983-06-12 Akash vatas bhare giyechilo Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0605 1983-06-13 Eso eso eso Longing Bengali Kaharva
0606 1983-06-14 Tomare peyechi krsna tithite Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0607 1983-06-14 Bhaver ainjan ankiya ankhite Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0608 1983-06-14 Eso go priya tumi mor hiyate Neohumanism Bengali Kaharva
0609 1983-06-15 Ami tomay jani Contemplation Bengali Dadra (fast)
0610 1983-06-15 Vandita tumi vishvabhuvane Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0611 1983-06-15 Aloker jharana dharay Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0612 1983-06-16 Tumi esecho alor vane Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0613 1983-06-16 Tomare khunjechi krsna tithite Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0614 1983-06-18 Jader peyechi nikate peyechi Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0615 1983-06-18 Abar ki re alo elo (Spring) Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0616 1983-06-19 Anek diner pare anek ghure ghure Enlightenment Bengali Kaharva + Kaharva (fast) + Dadra
0617 1983-06-19 Manera kone rayecho gopane Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0618 1983-06-19 Saorabh ene mana upavane Neohumanism Bengali Dadra
0619 1983-06-20 Esechi alor srote PROUT Bengali Kaharva
0620 1983-06-21 Tumi asiyacho tamah nashiyacho Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0621 1983-06-21 Tumi esechile tandra bheungechile Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0622 1983-06-21 Jadi cale jete cao kichu balibo na Determination Bengali Kaharva
0623 1983-06-22 Tandravijarita moha samavrta Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0624 1983-06-22 Anahuta haye esechile ghare Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0625 1983-06-25 Mor hrdaye eso go krpa kare Longing Bengali Kaharva
0626 1983-06-25 Kamal kali kao na katha Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0627 1983-06-25 Carane aj kiser dvidha Neohumanism Bengali Dadra
0628 1983-06-26 Tumi atrpta prane trpti Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0629 1983-06-27 Ami tomay bhule giyechinu Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0630 1983-06-27 Tomar katha bheve bheve, din je cale jay Longing Bengali Kaharva
0631 1983-06-28 Juge juge dakiyachi Enlightenment Bengali Dadra
0632 1983-06-28 Prabhu tumi eso ghare Longing Bengali Kaharva
0633 1983-06-29 Andhar sagar par haye ele Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0634 1983-06-29 Daruna nidagha tape (Summer) Longing Bengali Kaharva
0635 1983-06-30 Nandana madhu sukhe duhkhe bandhu Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0636 1983-07-01 Tumi nrtyera tale jhaunkrta hale (Shiva) Longing Bengali Dadra
0637 1983-07-01 Ke go mohana haso Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0638 1983-07-02 Ruperi aloke arupe peyechi Enlightenment Bengali Kaharva
0639 1983-07-02 Alor ei jatrapathe Neohumanism Bengali Dadra
0640 1983-07-03 Amar andhar gharer alo tumi Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0641 1983-07-03 Tumi mor sab ceye apanar Longing Bengali Kaharva
0642 1983-07-04 Tumi ucchala caincalata Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0643 1983-07-04 Ami to tomare bhavini jiivane Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0644 1983-07-04 Tomari lagiya tomare smariya Longing Bengali Dadra
0645 1983-07-04 Tumi jeo na jeo na ogo sakha Longing Bengali Dadra (fast)
0646 1983-07-04 Tumi jagattarana cetanaghana Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0647 1983-07-05 Tumi je esecho aj Neohumanism Bengali Kaharva, Darbari Kanada
0648 1983-07-05 Esecho ghare mor jakhan Surrender Bengali Dadra
0649 1983-07-06 Akashera cand tumi Contemplation Bengali Kaharva (slow)
0650 1983-07-06 Asha niye patha ceye Longing Bengali Dadra, Ragas Pilu + Thumri (Dhrupad)
0651 1983-07-07 Jeo na tumi jeo na Longing Bengali Dadra
0652 1983-07-08 Tomar kache caite giye Surrender Bengali Kaharva
0653 1983-07-08 Tomay chere kothay jabo Determination Bengali Kaharva
0654 1983-07-08 Toma lagi mor mane kata vyatha Longing Bengali Dadra
0655 1983-07-09 Kali phuteche ali juteche Enlightenment Bengali Kaharva
0656 1983-07-10 Gan shonay aji ke e bhaunga mane Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0657 1983-07-10 Rauniin phanus uriye diye Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0658 1983-07-11 Amrtasar divya adhar Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0659 1983-07-11 Cetanashalaka sathe madhumalika hate Determination Bengali Kaharva
0660 1983-07-12 Jeo na shona katha bojha vyatha Longing Bengali Kaharva
0661 1983-07-12 Abodha kanu kon kuhake (Krsna) Longing Bengali Kaharva
0662 1983-07-12 Mandrita manamohana mama Surrender Bengali Dadra
0663 1983-07-13 Dhyanera dhupe pranera pradiipe Contemplation Bengali Iberia, Kaharva
0664 1983-07-13 Hariye gechi ajke ami, tumi patha khunje dao Enlightenment Bengali Kaharva, Diipak Raga
0665 1983-07-13 Amay chariya kotha jao e nirajane Longing Bengali Kaharva
0666 1983-07-14 Ke tumi ele go aji Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0667 1983-07-14 Hasite phul photale ali jotale Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0668 1983-07-14 Tomar katha bheve bheve, anya kichu bhavte nari Longing Bengali Dadra, Rarh classical
0669 1983-07-15 Prabhu he mama tomari sama Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0670 1983-07-15 Phuler vane bhomara elo Neohumanism Bengali Dadra
0671 1983-07-15 Tumi hariye jaoyar dakhin haoya Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0672 1983-07-15 Shuddhasattva pavaker shuci Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0673 1983-07-16 Eso go eso go eso go Determination Bengali Dadra
0674 1983-07-17 Ami genthe rekhechi e phuler mala Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0675 1983-07-17 Patha bhule jabe esei parecho Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0676 1983-07-17 Sei badal rate sei andhar pathe Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0677 1983-07-18 Darpa curna kariya thako Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0678 1983-07-18 Hrdaya kamale salajje kamale Longing Bengali Dadra
0679 1983-07-20 Tomare bhalobasiya Longing Bengali Kaharva
0680 1983-07-20 Tumi mor jiivaner andharer dhruvatara Surrender Bengali Kaharva
0681 1983-07-20 Tandra jarima takhano kateni Enlightenment Bengali Dadra
0682 1983-07-20 Amara madhurii charaye diyecho Enlightenment Bengali Dadra
0683 1983-07-20 Jeo na ogo prabhu Longing Bengali Dadra
0684 1983-07-21 Jinaner jagate khunjechi tomare Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0685 1983-07-21 Kon alor rajya hate esecho Neohumanism Bengali Kaharva (fast)
0686 1983-07-22 Ami tomay cini tomay daki Surrender Bengali Dadra
0687 1983-07-23 Nayana kone hesecho Surrender Bengali Jhaptal
0688 1983-07-24 Tumi balo kii ba cao Surrender Bengali Teora tal (7 beats)
0689 1983-07-24 Tomarei bhalobesechi Liberation Bengali Kaharva
0690 1983-07-24 Aloker ogo pathikrt Neohumanism Bengali Dadra
0691 1983-07-24 Tumi esecho tumi esecho, maru hiyar majhe Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0692 1983-07-25 Aloker ei purnotsave Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0693 1983-07-25 Tandrar pare taruna tapana PROUT Bengali Dadra
0694 1983-07-25 Aji prabhate hathat ki go (Krsna) Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0695 1983-07-26 Kahakeo papii bheve Contemplation Bengali Dadra (fast)
0696 1983-07-26 Svarna shatadala sama tumi go Longing Bengali Kaharva
0697 1983-07-27 Tomake pavo bale Determination Bengali Dadra
0698 1983-07-27 Phulera papri mele Longing Bengali Dadra
0699 1983-07-28 Kabe jatra halo shuru Determination Bengali Dadra
0700 1983-07-28 Tumi sudhataraunge Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0701 1983-07-28 Mahapraneri parash enecho Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0702 1983-07-28 Tava preranay puspita halo PROUT Bengali Dadra
0703 1983-07-28 Krsna rajanii jay cale Neohumanism Bengali Kaharva
0704 1983-07-29 Jhainjhay tumi uddama Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0705 1983-07-29 Jukti tarke dhara nahi dao Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0706 1983-07-29 Tumi ki bheve calecho Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0707 1983-07-30 Tomar pather shes kothay Longing Bengali Dadra
0708 1983-07-30 Udvela hiya kare cay Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0709 1983-07-30 Manera gahane mama ke Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0710 1983-07-31 Arupa akashe rupera pradiipe Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0711 1983-07-31 Rupatiita prabhu tumi Surrender Bengali Kaharva
0712 1983-07-31 Manera majhe khunji Longing Bengali Kaharva
0713 1983-07-31 Cakrer paridhite ami Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0714 1983-08-01 Kon sudurer srote bhese esecho esecho Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0715 1983-08-01 Tai bhavi go mane tomari smarane Determination Bengali Dadra
0716 1983-08-01 Ganer sagar jethay meshe Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0717 1983-08-01 Tomar saunge mor paricay Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0718 1983-08-02 Pache dhara para tai ananta Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0719 1983-08-02 Kabe ami baire elum Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0720 1983-08-03 Andhar rate alor jhilik tumi Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0721 1983-08-03 Duhkhaharan duhkhiira vyatha Longing Bengali Dadra (slow)
0722 1983-08-03 Tomar liila tumii bojha Surrender Bengali Kaharva
0723 1983-08-04 Ganer kakhano shes hay nako Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0724 1983-08-04 Tomar namer bhelay Surrender Bengali Dadra
0725 1983-08-04 E path geche konkhane Enlightenment Bengali Dadra
0726 1983-08-04 Tomar kache amar prashna Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0727 1983-08-04 Ke go geye jay sandhyataray Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0728 1983-08-05 Jiivan sarita mor bahiya jay Neohumanism Bengali Dadra
0729 1983-08-05 Tomar carana lagi tomar karuna magi Neohumanism Bengali Kaharva
0730 1983-08-06 Tumi dur nao go Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0731 1983-08-06 Sharada prate man matate Liberation Bengali Kaharva
0732 1983-08-06 Tumi aso kena jadi jabe cale Longing Bengali Dadra
0733 1983-08-07 Tomare cahite giya bhul kare Surrender Bengali Dadra
0734 1983-08-08 Aji tomari parashe tomari harase Neohumanism Bengali Kaharva
0735 1983-08-08 Dur alakar alo go Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0736 1983-08-08 Tumi je dekecho amay Contemplation Bengali Kaharva, Tintal, Addha Tintal
0737 1983-08-09 Tumi eso eso mor ghare baso Longing Bengali Kaharva
0738 1983-08-09 Dure thaka bandhu amar Longing Bengali Kaharva
0739 1983-08-09 Tomake bhalobese jai je bhese Longing Bengali Kaharva
0740 1983-08-09 Tomar madhur hasi vishvabhuvane bhasi Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0741 1983-08-10 Jalbhara meghe bijali haniya (Krsna) Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0742 1983-08-10 Cinechi tomare cinechi ami Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0743 1983-08-10 Durera sakha mor Longing Bengali Kaharva
0744 1983-08-10 Ashani ulka upeksa kari Determination Bengali Dadra
0745 1983-08-11 Jhatikar rate tumi esechile Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0746 1983-08-11 Nijere photayecho tumi Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0747 1983-08-11 Tumi amar hrday majhe eso go priya Surrender Bengali Kaharva
0748 1983-08-12 Tumi bhulo na more Longing Bengali Kaharva
0749 1983-08-12 Puspe puspe tomar madhurii Neohumanism Bengali Dadra
0750 1983-08-12 Esechi ami esechi Liberation Bengali Kaharva
0751 1983-08-12 Tumi na bale ele prabhu na bale gele Longing Bengali Kaharva
0752 1983-08-13 Esecho purusottam esecho Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0753 1983-08-13 Ganer tarii bhasiye dilum surer sagare Enlightenment Bengali Dadra
0754 1983-08-13 Se ek ajana pathik eseche (Spring) Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0755 1983-08-13 Kajala rate meghamandrete Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0756 1983-08-13 Tumi je path dhariya esechile Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0757 1983-08-14 Tumi vishvake dola dile PROUT Bengali Dadra
0758 1983-08-14 Ele tumi ele ele prabhu Surrender Bengali Kaharva
0759 1983-08-14 Vrajer se din haraiya geche (Krsna) Longing Bengali Dadra
0760 1983-08-14 Diip nive geche damka haoyay Longing Bengali Dadra
0761 1983-08-15 Madhura banshiite madhura hasite Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0762 1983-08-15 Tomay ghire jata asha Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0763 1983-08-16 Ajana pathik eseche alo jveleche Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0764 1983-08-16 Tomar lagi nishi din Determination Bengali Dadra
0765 1983-08-16 Ami tomar haye gechi Longing Bengali Kaharva
0766 1983-08-16 Tomare bhalabese tomare paoyar ashe Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0767 1983-08-17 Jyotir sayare puva ambare Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0768 1983-08-17 Manav maniisa manthan kari Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0769 1983-08-18 Giitimainjusa raune rauna usa Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0770 1983-08-18 Tomar bharasay tarii mor bhese jay Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0771 1983-08-18 Eso tumi eso eso amar mane Longing Bengali Kaharva
0772 1983-08-19 Surataraunge mohana raune Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0773 1983-08-19 Bakuler phulguli jhare pareche Longing Bengali Dadra (fast)
0774 1983-08-19 Tomari ashay din gune jai Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0775 1983-08-19 Amar jiivan dhanya karecho Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0776 1983-08-19 Man jadi mor kabhu bheunge jay Longing Bengali Dadra
0777 1983-08-19 Tomari bharasay majh dariyay Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0778 1983-08-19 Amar ghare tumi ele, cale gele kena Longing Bengali Dadra
0779 1983-08-20 Ogo madhupa tumi eso amar kache Longing Bengali Kaharva
0780 1983-08-20 Kon atiite sei kon atiite Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0781 1983-08-21 Ami tomar liila dekhe mugdha halam Contemplation Bengali Dadra (fast)
0782 1983-08-21 Tomare ke cinite pare balo Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0783 1983-08-21 Ogo priya ogo priya, tomay petei bence achi ami Longing Bengali Dadra (fast)
0784 1983-08-21 Tomare pavar ashe tomare pete pashe Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0785 1983-08-22 Ami esechi tomari ashe Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0786 1983-08-24 Esecho amara hrdaye esecho Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0787 1983-08-24 Sakal bhaver adhar tumi Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0788 1983-08-24 Hrdaya vidarii marama niunari Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0789 1983-08-25 Ajana pathik ogo Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0790 1983-08-25 Ruperi alote rupatiita prabhu jago Longing Bengali Kaharva
0791 1983-08-25 Ele mohana tale Longing Bengali Kaharva
0792 1983-08-26 Bhalobaso jadi eso Longing Bengali Dadra
0793 1983-08-26 Kabe tumi asbe bale Longing Bengali Dadra
0794 1983-08-26 Ami tomay cini na go prabhu Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0795 1983-08-27 Svapnabhara rate Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0796 1983-08-27 Tomar liilay tumi prabhu Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0797 1983-08-27 Tomare bhalobasi tomari lagiya Neohumanism Bengali Kaharva
0798 1983-08-27 Dhele paranera madhu Contemplation Bengali Bhaunga kiirtana, Dadra
0799 1983-08-27 Tumi je amar prabhu Contemplation Bengali Bhaunga kiirtana, Dadra
0800 1983-08-27 Tomare ceyechi sure rupe rage Contemplation Bengali Kaharva


1983 August 28 – 1983 November 2

Number Date First line(s) Theme Lyrics Music
0801 1983-08-28 Tumi amay bhalobesechile, ami tomar pane takai ni Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0802 1983-08-28 Tomake dekhechi manera mukure Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0803 1983-08-29 Nijer aloy tumi esechile Neohumanism Bengali Dadra
0804 1983-08-29 Chande sure tumi eso prabhu Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0805 1983-08-29 Tomakei ami bhalobasiyachi, tomake jenechi sar Longing Bengali Dadra
0806 1983-08-29 Ami sudhar svanane bhasi go Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0807 1983-08-30 Tumi alor sagar theke esecho PROUT Bengali Kaharva
0808 1983-08-30 Man jadi mor bheunge pare kabhu Longing Bengali Dadra + Kaharva (fast)
0809 1983-08-30 Hiyara viinay nava dyotanay Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0810 1983-08-31 Andhar sagar pare esecho Longing Bengali Kaharva
0811 1983-08-31 Alora jharana namiya eseche Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0812 1983-08-31 Udayacale mana majhe ele Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0813 1983-09-01 Sab priitite pran bharecho Contemplation Bengali Dadra + Kaharva
0814 1983-09-01 Tava surera tane mama manavitane Longing Bengali Kaharva
0815 1983-09-01 Tomari name tomari gane Neohumanism Bengali Kaharva, Qawwali
0816 1983-09-01 Jadi nayane na bhase ar karo chabi Surrender Bengali Kaharva
0817 1983-09-01 Tumi amay jano Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0818 1983-09-02 Eso tumi eso, eso amar dhyane Longing Bengali Kaharva
0819 1983-09-02 Aji vasante mor phulavane Enlightenment Bengali Dadra, Vasant Raga
0820 1983-09-02 Tumi na dakitei ele amara ghare Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0821 1983-09-02 Tumi amare bhalobese Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0822 1983-09-02 Tomare bhalobesechi nirdvidhay Determination Bengali Kaharva
0823 1983-09-03 Tomar tare base base, malati mor genthechi Longing Bengali Dadra
0824 1983-09-03 Nayana bhariya dekhivare cai Longing Bengali Kaharva
0825 1983-09-03 Tomar kache ami Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0826 1983-09-04 Bhorer aloy tomay pelum Longing Bengali Dadra
0827 1983-09-04 Alor mahotsabe kena Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0828 1983-09-04 Jale bhara ei varasay Contemplation Bengali Tintal, Jaijaivanti Raga
0829 1983-09-05 Vishva tomar mane nace Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0830 1983-09-05 Tumi jadi jagatjora Neohumanism Bengali Dadra
0831 1983-09-05 Tomari tare alo jhare Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0832 1983-09-05 Tava liilarase bhese achi Longing Bengali Dadra
0833 1983-09-05 Kena aso na amar kache Longing Bengali Dadra
0834 1983-09-05 Tomar krpakana pele ami Longing Bengali Kaharva
0835 1983-09-06 Tomar krpay sab kichu hay Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0836 1983-09-06 Pranera aloke tomare peyechi Longing Bengali Kaharva
0837 1983-09-06 Tomar hiyay amar Longing Bengali Dadra
0838 1983-09-06 Ami ar kona kichu bhuli na Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0839 1983-09-07 Andhar sagar tiire base base Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0840 1983-09-07 Ke go tumi ele amari mane Liberation Bengali Kaharva, Chaiti
0841 1983-09-07 Alora sayare sahasa samiire Longing Bengali Kaharva
0842 1983-09-07 Pradiip jvaliya giyacho caliya Longing Bengali Dadra
0843 1983-09-07 Tomare dekhinu jabe manera kone Longing Bengali Kaharva
0844 1983-09-07 Tumi sabar nayane varasa enecho Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0845 1983-09-08 Aji badal ghana gahan rate Longing Bengali Dadra
0846 1983-09-08 Ami tomakei niye achi go Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0847 1983-09-08 Sei andhar bhara bhay dharano rate Enlightenment Bengali Dadra
0848 1983-09-08 Jhainjhar buke dekhechi tomake Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0849 1983-09-08 Pranam pathanu gane gane Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0850 1983-09-08 Amar andhar gharer alo tumi Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0851 1983-09-08 Apan mane base base Longing Bengali Dadra
0852 1983-09-08 Ami aro vyatha saite pari prabhu Surrender Bengali Kaharva
0853 1983-09-08 Maner kone ke elo Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0854 1983-09-08 Ke tumi hrdaye ese Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0855 1983-09-09 Jariye achi dekho prabhu Longing Bengali Dadra
0856 1983-09-09 Phuler suvase eso Longing Bengali Dadra
0857 1983-09-09 Tumi je path dekhaye diyacho Determination Bengali Kaharva
0858 1983-09-10 Esecho hiya jinecho, tarpar gecho je cale Longing Bengali Kaharva
0859 1983-09-10 Arup sagar par haye ele Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0860 1983-09-10 Hiyara gahane barek jadi takao Longing Bengali Dadra
0861 1983-09-10 Akhanda mane anidra dhyane Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0862 1983-09-10 Manera upavane malaya pavane eso Longing Bengali Kaharva
0863 1983-09-10 Rager madhurii haraye phelechi Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0864 1983-09-10 Tumi nikate thekeo dure acho Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0865 1983-09-10 Alor sagare dheu jagayecho Neohumanism Bengali Dadra
0866 1983-09-11 Chande bhuvan bhara Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0867 1983-09-11 Tandra dao katiye Surrender Bengali Kaharva
0868 1983-09-11 Ami tomar dake beriyechi Neohumanism Bengali Dadra
0869 1983-09-11 Alo jhara je path dekhaye diyacho tumi Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0870 1983-09-11 Ami tomakei bujhiyachi sar Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0871 1983-09-12 Phuler nirjase tumi esecho Longing Bengali Kaharva
0872 1983-09-12 Jyotir sagar egiye caleche Neohumanism Bengali Dadra
0873 1983-09-12 Aloker oi jharnadharay, snan kare ele ke go tumi Neohumanism Bengali Dadra
0874 1983-09-12 Tumi sabay bhalobasiyacho Neohumanism Bengali Dadra
0875 1983-09-12 Ami cai aloker path dhare jai Determination Bengali Kaharva
0876 1983-09-12 Egiye cale tomar rather caka Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0877 1983-09-12 Tomar carantale tomar carantale Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0878 1983-09-13 Manavatar ketan sammukhe dhari Neohumanism Bengali Dadra
0879 1983-09-14 Aloker ei uttarane, kona badhakei manibo na Determination Bengali Dadra
0880 1983-09-15 Manav samaj avibhajya Neohumanism Bengali Dadra
0881 1983-09-15 Cale gele more phele jadi Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0882 1983-09-16 Tomar namer bharasay prabhu Determination Bengali Dadra
0883 1983-09-16 Tava agamane udvel paramanu Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0884 1983-09-17 Tumi je esechile Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0885 1983-09-17 Amar ghare eso prabhu Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0886 1983-09-17 Aj tomay pelum Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0887 1983-09-17 Tava ratula carane varane varane Surrender Bengali Dadra
0888 1983-09-18 Aruna aloke taruna prabhate Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0889 1983-09-20 Tomar lagi rati jagi Longing Bengali Dadra
0890 1983-09-20 Vijane basiya kii jena kahile Longing Bengali Dadra
0891 1983-09-21 Bhalobesechi hiya sanpechi Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0892 1983-09-21 Tandra bheunge dio Longing Bengali Kaharva
0893 1983-09-21 Vishve jagaye triloka kanpaye Contemplation Bengali Dadra + Kaharva
0894 1983-09-21 Sabai tomay prabhu Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0895 1983-09-22 Kabe tumi rauniyechile Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0896 1983-09-22 Damka haoyay ke go cale jay Longing Bengali Kaharva
0897 1983-09-23 Tumi bhalobaso bhalobasite jano Longing Bengali Dadra
0898 1983-09-23 Tomake caichi jata jao je sare Longing Bengali Dadra
0899 1983-09-23 Je tomare bhalobase Contemplation Bengali Jhaptal
0900 1983-09-23 Piita parnaguli jhare jay Longing Bengali Kaharva
0901 1983-09-23 Apar payodhi par haye ele Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0902 1983-09-23 O ke cale jay o ke cale jay Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0903 1983-09-24 Tumi jakhan esechile (Shravanii Purnima) Contemplation Bengali Baul, Kaharva
0904 1983-09-24 Krpa karecho dhara diyecho Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0905 1983-09-25 Tumi sabar praner priya Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0906 1983-09-25 Eso tumi amar ghare Longing Bengali Dadra
0907 1983-09-25 Ami tomakei jani Determination Bengali Dadra
0908 1983-09-26 Prati pale tomay deke Longing Bengali Kaharva
0909 1983-09-28 Svapne chilo kache Longing Bengali Kaharva
0910 1983-09-28 Sei manda madhur vate Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0911 1983-09-28 Amar grame jaiyo re bandhu Contemplation Bengali Baul, Kaharva
0912 1983-09-29 Malayanile tumi esechile Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0913 1983-09-29 Diva nishi mor ankhi jhare Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0914 1983-09-30 Mor manera madhurii ujar kariya Longing Bengali Kaharva
0915 1983-09-30 Kajal kalo andhar rate Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0916 1983-09-30 Ami caridike cai bare bare Longing Bengali Dadra
0917 1983-09-30 Tomare besechi je bhalo Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0918 1983-09-30 Arupa prabhu ruperi liilay Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0919 1983-09-30 Tomar name gane hayechi tanmay Enlightenment Bengali Bhatiyali, Dadra (fast)
0920 1983-09-30 Jhara pata kande vane Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0921 1983-10-01 Amar ghare tumi ele, ei abelay path bhule Enlightenment Bengali Dadra
0922 1983-10-02 Atal sindhur mani tumi Surrender Bengali Kaharva
0923 1983-10-02 Esechile alor srote Neohumanism Bengali Kaharva
0924 1983-10-02 Ganeri sroter tane Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0925 1983-10-03 Ei na sona jhara prabhate Contemplation Bengali Ajay valley + Bhatiyali, Kaharva
0926 1983-10-03 Puspe tomar hasi (Krsna) Longing Bengali Dadra
0927 1983-10-04 Eso dhiire dhiire, manasa kamala pare Longing Bengali Kaharva
0928 1983-10-04 Tomar amar ei paricay Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0929 1983-10-05 Mane eso mane baso Longing Bengali Dadra
0930 1983-10-05 Tomar lagi mala gantha Surrender Bengali Kaharva
0931 1983-10-06 Manera viina kii katha kay Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0932 1983-10-06 Alakha purusa tumi Longing Bengali Jhaptal
0933 1983-10-06 Hrdaye eso prabhu Liberation Bengali Dadra
0934 1983-10-07 Manera pradiip niviya geche Longing Bengali Kaharva
0935 1983-10-07 Esecho hiya jinecho, na baliya sab kichu niye niyecho Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0936 1983-10-08 Bale jao bale jao ogo prabhu (Krsna) Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0937 1983-10-09 Tomare cai je mane prane Longing Bengali Dadra
0938 1983-10-12 Jabe jiivane pratham bandhuya eseche Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0939 1983-10-12 Alor sarathii mayukhamalay ase Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0940 1983-10-13 Sakal kusume surabhi tumi Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0941 1983-10-14 Amar ruddha ghare aloy bhare Neohumanism Bengali Dadra
0942 1983-10-15 Tumi amar ashar alo, tumi amar pranera diip Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0943 1983-10-16 Tumi nirday kena Longing Bengali Kaharva
0944 1983-10-17 Ami tomarei ceyechi Longing Bengali Kaharva
0945 1983-10-18 Madhuvane madhup elo Longing Bengali Dadra
0946 1983-10-18 Eso prabhu amar ghare Longing Bengali Dadra
0947 1983-10-18 Ami tomay dakini prabhu Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0948 1983-10-18 Tomarei ami bhalobasiyachi (Shiva) Longing Bengali Dadra
0949 1983-10-19 Tumi amay niye ele (Krsna) Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0950 1983-10-19 Tomar patha pane sabai ceye Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0951 1983-10-19 Phulbagane bhomara elo Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0952 1983-10-20 Tumi esecho madhu dhelecho Contemplation Bengali Purabi Raga, Kaharva
0953 1983-10-21 Tomari lagiya achi je jagiya Longing Bengali Kaharva
0954 1983-10-22 Tomar e bhalabasa asiime melamesha Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0955 1983-10-22 Mor mana majhe ele rajara veshe Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0956 1983-10-23 Alo jhara rate tumi ele Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0957 1983-10-23 Tumi kahar tare acho patha ceye Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0958 1983-10-24 Pather bhule aji ele Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0959 1983-10-25 Acin se kon sure hrdayeri madhupure Enlightenment Bengali Kaharva
0960 1983-10-25 Tumi dhara dile Liberation Bengali Scottish + Scandinavian + Indian, Kaharva
0961 1983-10-25 Jadi alasa prahare more Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0962 1983-10-25 Ami tomar pather kanta nai Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0963 1983-10-25 Tomare shonabo je gan Neohumanism Bengali Dadra
0964 1983-10-26 Akashe aj kiser alo Neohumanism Bengali Teora tal (7 beats)
0965 1983-10-26 Esecho kahari dake Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0966 1983-10-26 Aloker ei jharnadharay Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0967 1983-10-27 Tahara lagiya unmada uttal Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0968 1983-10-27 Aj egiye calo sakal manus bhai Neohumanism Bengali Dadra
0969 1983-10-27 Jyotir mahasagar majhe Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0970 1983-10-28 Esechi tomari krpay Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0971 1983-10-28 Tomari mohana banshii Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0972 1983-10-28 Aji nrtyer tale uttal nadatanu (Shiva) Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0973 1983-10-29 Ami shubha path dhare calibo Determination Bengali Dadra
0974 1983-10-29 Tomar e vishvaliila Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0975 1983-10-29 Tomarei ami bhalobasi Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0976 1983-10-29 Tumi sakal hiyar madhyamani Longing Bengali Dadra
0977 1983-10-29 Akash vatas raune bhara Neohumanism Bengali Kaharva
0978 1983-10-30 Alor rathe asbe tumi Liberation Bengali Dadra
0979 1983-10-30 Arun rauna purvakashe Enlightenment Bengali Kaharva
0980 1983-10-31 Tumi esecho bhalo besecho, bholaye sakal vyatha sab hahakar Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0981 1983-10-31 Tumi ucchala caincala e kon mayay PROUT Bengali Kaharva
0982 1983-10-31 Tumi cakranemii Longing Bengali Kaharva
0983 1983-10-31 Mama madhavii kuinje puinje puinje (Spring) Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0984 1983-10-31 Ami tomar tarei jege achi Longing Bengali Kaharva
0985 1983-11-01 Man jiniya nilo ke se anuragii Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0986 1983-11-01 Ananda ucchal pariveshe Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0987 1983-11-01 Tomar tare base base, diner pare din cale jay Longing Bengali Dadra
0988 1983-11-01 Tumi ucchala priiti hiyara sarathi Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0989 1983-11-01 Maner gahane ki jani kemane (Monsoon) Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0990 1983-11-01 Kar tare tui pathe ghuris Contemplation Bengali (Dialect + Baul) Dadra
0991 1983-11-01 Amar maner madhuvane Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0992 1983-11-02 Eta daki tabu sara nahi dao Longing Bengali Dadra
0993 1983-11-02 Puspe puspe alake alake Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0994 1983-11-02 Naviin mukule hasi makha phule PROUT Bengali Dadra
0995 1983-11-02 Pasharite tare jata cai tabu Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0996 1983-11-02 Alor pathe je eseche Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0997 1983-11-02 Andhar rate ujan pathe Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0998 1983-11-02 Hrday bhare nivir kare Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0999 1983-11-02 Ami kahakeo nahi kari bhay Contemplation Bengali Dadra
1000 1983-11-02 Arunodaye rauniin hrdaye Liberation Bengali Dadra

Songs 1001-2000

1983 November 4 – 1984 October 18

Songs 1001–1200

1983 November 4 – 1984 January 29

Number Date First line(s) Theme Lyrics Music
1001 1983-11-04 Tomar katha anek shunechi Contemplation Bengali Dadra
1002 1983-11-04 Tumi je baste bhalo bhulo na Longing Bengali Kaharva, pure classical
1003 1983-11-04 Tumi esechile bhalobesechile Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
1004 1983-11-05 Tumi eta dakar pare aji esecha Determination Bengali Kaharva
1005 1983-11-05 Jyotitaraunge tumi eso Longing Bengali Kaharva
1006 1983-11-07 Calar pathe eta kanta Contemplation Bengali Kaharva, Tappa
1007 1983-11-07 Tumi ashar alo dekhiye jao Contemplation Bengali Dadra
1008 1983-11-07 Jhainjha jhatika sathe varsamukhara rate Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
1009 1983-11-08 Alor rath jay, kasher vaner pashti diye Neohumanism Bengali Dadra
1010 1983-11-08 Ghana varasa rate ketakii mayate Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
1011 1983-11-08 Shiiter kuyasha katiya giyache Longing Bengali Dadra
1012 1983-11-08 Tumi jana ami jani Contemplation Bengali Dadra
1013 1983-11-11 Tumi andhakare jyotirekha Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
1014 1983-11-12 Hariye gechi aj ke ami, gechi hariye Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
1015 1983-11-13 Surja takhan digvalaye Neohumanism Bengali Dadra
1016 1983-11-13 Tumi ke go ele ei varasay Contemplation Bengali Kaharva, Jaijaivanti Raga
1017 1983-11-14 Tumi amar dhyaner dhyeya Surrender Bengali Dadra
1018 1983-11-14 Tumi eso mor mandire Longing Bengali Kaharva
1019 1983-11-15 Je analashikha dahe ahamika Contemplation Bengali Dadra
1020 1983-11-15 Tomar e kii bhalabasa Contemplation Bengali Kaharva, pure classical
1021 1983-11-16 Here giyeo mana na har Contemplation Bengali Kaharva, pure classical
1022 1983-11-17 Alor desher pakhna mele Enlightenment Bengali Kaharva, Raga Behag
1023 1983-11-17 Tomay jadi bhule thaki Longing Bengali Dadra
1024 1983-11-17 Tumi amay bhalo besechile, besechile paran dhele Enlightenment Bengali Dadra
1025 1983-11-17 Amar jiivane tumi ke Determination Bengali Kaharva (fast)
1026 1983-11-17 Diipashikha niye tumi ele Contemplation Bengali Dadra
1027 1983-11-18 Tomare cai je ekante Longing Bengali Kaharva
1028 1983-11-18 Tomake buddhibale balo ke ba pabe Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
1029 1983-11-20 Ami tomar tare ghure ghure Longing Bengali Dadra
1030 1983-11-20 Tumi ke go ele, ke go ele Contemplation Bengali Dadra
1031 1983-11-21 Basiya vijane tahari dhyane Contemplation Bengali Dadra
1032 1983-11-21 Aloker ei uttarane, maran kupe jiivan rupe Contemplation Bengali Dadra
1033 1983-11-21 Alor ei agnirathe Contemplation Bengali Dadra
1034 1983-11-21 Manera gahane gopane gopane Neohumanism Bengali Kaharva
1035 1983-11-21 Tava tare mala genthechi prabhu Longing Bengali Dadra
1036 1983-11-23 Tumi ele alo anle Enlightenment Bengali Dadra
1037 1983-11-24 Kache ese dure sare gele kena Longing Bengali Dadra
1038 1983-11-26 Eso tumi eso, amar jiivane tumi eso priya Longing Bengali Kaharva
1039 1983-11-27 Nirjana kanane amare rekhe gele Longing Bengali Kaharva, Darbari Kanada
1040 1983-11-27 Aj cande meghe lukocuri Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
1041 1983-11-28 Anek shuniya anek bhaviya Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
1042 1983-11-28 Tumi prabhu shudhu amari Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
1043 1983-11-29 Jadi bhul path dhare Longing Bengali Dadra
1044 1983-11-30 Kar tare tumi divanishi jaga Contemplation Bengali Dadra
1045 1983-12-01 Niirava rate klesh bholate Liberation Bengali Kaharva + Dadra
1046 1983-12-01 Tumi nitya satya nijadhiin Contemplation Bengali Dadra
1047 1983-12-01 Niirave caliya jai Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
1048 1983-12-02 Ke go gan geye jay Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
1049 1983-12-02 Ami tomar sandhane adri kanane Contemplation Bengali Dadra
1050 1983-12-02 Ami tomay bhule andhar tale Contemplation Bengali Dadra
1051 1983-12-02 Ogo sundar tumi esechile Contemplation Bengali Dadra
1052 1983-12-03 Tahari madhura bhave Liberation Bengali Kaharva
1053 1983-12-03 Alor desher parii eseche (Children's story) PROUT Bengali Dadra
1054 1983-12-03 Tava manasa madhaviikuinje Contemplation Bengali Dadra, modern classical
1055 1983-12-04 Tomay chere kothay jai bala Contemplation Bengali Teora tal (7 beats)
1056 1983-12-04 Tomare cineo cena day Contemplation Bengali Dadra
1057 1983-12-04 Bhalabasi tomay ami, bhalabasi mane prane Enlightenment Bengali Kaharva
1058 1983-12-05 Manasa kamale thako ciratare Longing Bengali Kaharva
1059 1983-12-05 Eso eso jyotir chatay tumi eso eso Longing Bengali Kaharva
1060 1983-12-05 Andhakarer vaksa bhediya Neohumanism Bengali Dadra
1061 1983-12-06 Tomarei bhalobasiyai dhara Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
1062 1983-12-06 Praner chanda alakananda Contemplation Bengali Dadra
1063 1983-12-06 Tumi jadi nahi ele Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
1064 1983-12-06 Mor nayane Contemplation Bengali Dadra
1065 1983-12-06 Andhar sagar pare ke go ele Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
1066 1983-12-07 Virahii hiya akashe cahiya Contemplation Bengali Kaharva + Dadra
1067 1983-12-07 Tumi kalatiita deshatiita go Contemplation Bengali Dadra
1068 1983-12-07 Toma tare nishi jaga Surrender Bengali Dadra
1069 1983-12-07 Toma tare mor kata vyatha Longing Bengali Dadra
1070 1983-12-07 Patha pare mor danraye parile Contemplation Bengali Dadra
1071 1983-12-08 Bhaktavatsal prabhu tumi Longing Bengali Dadra
1072 1983-12-08 Kar tare tumi base base kanda Contemplation Bengali Dadra
1073 1983-12-08 Sabar hrdaye tomar asan Contemplation Bengali Dadra
1074 1983-12-08 Elei jakhan kena cale gele Longing Bengali Dadra
1075 1983-12-08 Bale jao mor pare kena abhiman Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
1076 1983-12-10 Tomake kache peyechi ebar Determination Bengali Kaharva
1077 1983-12-11 Uttal sindhu utkrami Contemplation Bengali Dadra
1078 1983-12-11 Tomari priiti tomari giiti Contemplation Bengali Indochinese, Kaharva, Jhumur
1079 1983-12-11 Andhar nishiithe dhruvatara Longing Bengali Kaharva
1080 1983-12-12 Aloker ei jatrapathe Neohumanism Bengali Kaharva
1081 1983-12-12 Jyotsna nishiithe niirave nibhrte, amar citte esechile Enlightenment Bengali Dadra
1082 1983-12-13 Vane upavane khunjiya khunjiya Enlightenment Bengali Dadra
1083 1983-12-13 Tomar tare base base, din je cale jay Longing Bengali Dadra
1084 1983-12-14 Balechile more asbe phire Longing Bengali Dadra
1085 1983-12-14 Dekha dao dekha dao Longing Bengali Kaharva
1086 1983-12-14 Gan geye jai tomake shonai Longing Bengali Dadra
1087 1983-12-14 Tomar vediir tale basechinu diip jvele Longing Bengali Kaharva
1088 1983-12-14 Mananikuinje harasapuinje Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
1089 1983-12-15 Aloker saorarathe Contemplation Bengali Dadra
1090 1983-12-15 Manus sabai apan Neohumanism Bengali Dadra
1091 1983-12-15 Manera kone kisera alo Neohumanism Bengali Kaharva
1092 1983-12-15 Alor jharnadhara neve eseche Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
1093 1983-12-15 Tumi esecho alor pathe nava prabhate Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
1094 1983-12-15 Manete bhomara kena ba ela Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
1095 1983-12-15 Je amake jahai baluk Contemplation Bengali Dadra
1096 1983-12-16 Eso eso mor maru hiyate Longing Bengali Kaharva
1097 1983-12-16 Gharer andhar pradiip jvele Contemplation Bengali Dadra
1098 1983-12-16 Tumi alakadyuti ami diipashikha Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
1099 1983-12-16 Dur akasher niiharika Longing Bengali Dadra
1100 1983-12-16 Maner majhe dola diye Contemplation Bengali Dadra
1101 1983-12-17 Ashoke palashe durva ghase Contemplation Bengali Dadra
1102 1983-12-18 Jiivane eso prabhu Contemplation Bengali Dadra
1103 1983-12-18 Dharma amari sathii Surrender Bengali Kaharva
1104 1983-12-19 Kende kende tava kabarii bandha Longing Bengali Dadra
1105 1983-12-19 Tumi acho prabhu jagata ache Neohumanism Bengali Kaharva
1106 1983-12-20 Prajapati pakhna mele Neohumanism Bengali Dadra
1107 1983-12-20 Tandrahata ankhipallave Contemplation Bengali Dadra
1108 1983-12-21 Eso eso tumi Longing Bengali Kaharva
1109 1983-12-21 Tumi tumi tumi Longing Bengali Kaharva
1110 1983-12-21 Nandanamadhunisyanda Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
1111 1983-12-22 Sabar saunge tumi acho Contemplation Bengali Kaharva + Dadra
1112 1983-12-22 Hrday bhariya ele Contemplation Bengali Kaharva + Dadra
1113 1983-12-22 Vishver cakranabhi tumi Contemplation Bengali Dadra
1114 1983-12-22 Akasher tara bale ekmatra Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
1115 1983-12-22 Aloker oi jharnadharay, ke go ele tumi ajana Contemplation Bengali Dadra
1116 1983-12-22 Akashe aj tarar mala Longing Bengali Kaharva
1117 1983-12-23 Alo andhare hay din kete jay Longing Bengali Kaharva
1118 1983-12-23 Bhramar elo gharer majhe Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
1119 1983-12-23 Ei bhalabasa bhara madhu sandhyay Determination Bengali Kaharva
1120 1983-12-23 Sharada nishiithe shephalii sudhate Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
1121 1983-12-23 Jyotisamudre ek anu tava Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
1122 1983-12-23 Varasar rate ketakiisuvase mate Contemplation Bengali Dadra, Megh Malhar
1123 1983-12-24 Aloke tomar liila Determination Bengali Kaharva
1124 1983-12-24 Tumi amay bhule gecho Contemplation Bengali Dadra
1125 1983-12-24 Vishva majhe tomay khunje Contemplation Bengali Dadra
1126 1983-12-25 Balechile more gan shonabe Longing Bengali Dadra
1127 1983-12-26 Aloke aloke aloke tumi esecho Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
1128 1983-12-26 Alote chayate duhkha sukhete Enlightenment Bengali Dadra
1129 1983-12-26 Vasante anu anute (Spring) Enlightenment Bengali Dadra + fast Dadra
1130 1983-12-26 Jar asmita shes haye geche Contemplation Bengali Dadra
1131 1983-12-29 Tumi acho tai mora achi Contemplation Bengali Dadra
1132 1983-12-29 Ele alor vane Longing Bengali Dadra
1133 1983-12-30 Snigdha samiire ese Contemplation Bengali Dadra
1134 1983-12-30 Ami tomar katha bhavi divarati Longing Bengali Kaharva
1135 1983-12-31 Tomare dekhechi shata rupe Contemplation Bengali Dadra
1136 1984-01-01 Gane eso prane Longing Bengali Dadra
1137 1984-01-01 Ami bhalobese tomay pabo Liberation Bengali Dadra
1138 1984-01-01 Shata badha utkrami tumi eso Longing Bengali Dadra
1139 1984-01-03 Tomar sathe kon atiite Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
1140 1984-01-04 Tumi dhruva dharanar sarathi Neohumanism Bengali Kaharva
1141 1984-01-05 Van paharer aral diye Contemplation Bengali Ajay valley + Bhatiyali, Kaharva
1142 1984-01-06 Andhakare hime kuyashay nahi theme Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
1143 1984-01-06 Desh kalatiita priitite nihita Contemplation Bengali Dadra
1144 1984-01-06 Tumi amar ashar alo, tomar tarei mala gantha Longing Bengali Dadra
1145 1984-01-06 Tomar parashe praner pradiip Liberation Bengali Dadra
1146 1984-01-07 Tumi esecho bhalobesecho, andhar sagar pare tarii beyecho Enlightenment Bengali Dadra
1147 1984-01-07 Ami bhule gechi sei din ksan Liberation Bengali Kaharva
1148 1984-01-08 Tumi anu anute acho Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
1149 1984-01-08 Tumi jadi na aso priya Longing Bengali Kaharva
1150 1984-01-08 Dhara diyechile manera mukure Enlightenment Bengali Dadra
1151 1984-01-09 Ei svapnasudha bhara dhara Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
1152 1984-01-09 Maneri majhare gopane agocare Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
1153 1984-01-10 Aji mor vasanta jhariya jay avahelay Longing Bengali Kaharva
1154 1984-01-10 Tumi esechile alo jvelechile Neohumanism Bengali Kaharva
1155 1984-01-10 Jyotsna nishiithe niirave nibhrte, tomar lagiya racechi gan Longing Bengali Dadra
1156 1984-01-11 Ke go tumi ele maneri majhe Surrender Bengali Kaharva
1157 1984-01-11 Ke go ele sudha jhara Longing Bengali Kaharva
1158 1984-01-12 Gane gane eso Longing Bengali Dadra
1159 1984-01-13 Rauner melay esechile tumi Contemplation Bengali Dadra
1160 1984-01-13 Bhavatiita tumi bhavaloke eso Longing Bengali Dadra
1161 1984-01-13 Ami tomake bhalabasiyachi Contemplation Bengali Dadra
1162 1984-01-14 Pranera devata kache eso Longing Bengali Kaharva
1163 1984-01-14 Maneri gahane je eseche nije theke Surrender Bengali Kaharva
1164 1984-01-15 Andhareri javanika thele Neohumanism Bengali Kaharva
1165 1984-01-16 Gahan andhakare vartavaha Longing Bengali Kaharva
1166 1984-01-16 Nutaneri alo eseche Neohumanism Bengali Kaharva
1167 1984-01-17 Amar calar pathe andhara rate Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
1168 1984-01-17 Amar e gan divase nishiithe Contemplation Bengali Dadra
1169 1984-01-18 Ami chinu base balukabelay Longing Bengali Dadra
1170 1984-01-18 Palash vane tomar sane Surrender Bengali Kaharva
1171 1984-01-19 Patre puspe tumi acho Contemplation Bengali Dadra
1172 1984-01-19 Darashana lagi jage ankhi Enlightenment Bengali Dadra
1173 1984-01-20 Jyotsna bhara raunin rate Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
1174 1984-01-20 Alaka lok hate e madhuvanete Longing Bengali Kaharva
1175 1984-01-20 Sakal asha bharasa tumi Contemplation Bengali Dadra
1176 1984-01-20 Priitir dharay Longing Bengali Dadra
1177 1984-01-21 Alor devata eseche Neohumanism Bengali Kaharva
1178 1984-01-21 Ami tomarei bhalabasiyachi Longing Bengali Dadra
1179 1984-01-22 Mahavishveri trata Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
1180 1984-01-22 Tomar maner karnikate Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
1181 1984-01-22 Tomar pulak dyuloker pane dhay Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
1182 1984-01-22 Tumi uttal sindhute naco Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
1183 1984-01-22 Eso go durera bandhu hiyara madhu Enlightenment Bengali Kaharva
1184 1984-01-23 Cao cao ogo priya Longing Bengali Kaharva
1185 1984-01-23 Tava karunar kana Liberation Bengali Dadra
1186 1984-01-24 Tumi esecho krpa karecho Neohumanism Bengali Kaharva
1187 1984-01-24 Tomari priitite gara Neohumanism Bengali Ghazal, Kaharva
1188 1984-01-24 Nayaner ghum kere niye Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
1189 1984-01-26 Tumi je praner priyatama mama Longing Bengali Kaharva
1190 1984-01-26 Manus manus haraye hunsh Neohumanism Bengali Dadra
1191 1984-01-27 Kon sudurer sur aji bajalo bajalo Enlightenment Bengali Kaharva
1192 1984-01-27 Tomar asar patha ceye Contemplation Bengali Dadra
1193 1984-01-27 Niirava carane esechile gopane Liberation Bengali Kaharva
1194 1984-01-27 Thako tumi thakiya jao Longing Bengali Kaharva
1195 1984-01-28 Vishva bhuvan ghuriya ghuriya Liberation Bengali Dadra
1196 1984-01-28 Sonalii rather ogo sarathi Neohumanism Bengali Kaharva
1197 1984-01-28 Tomari bhavana bhavite bhavite Contemplation Bengali Dadra
1198 1984-01-28 Sudurera sakha kache eso Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
1199 1984-01-29 Nikkane nikkane shiinjita carane Surrender Bengali Kaharva
1200 1984-01-29 Kon shalakay pradiip jvele Contemplation Bengali Kaharva

Songs 1201–1400

1984 January 31 – 1984 March 21

Number Date First line(s) Theme Lyrics Music
1201 1984-01-31 Ele ele ele andhar hrdaye alo jvalale Neohumanism Bengali Kaharva
1202 1984-01-31 Amar sedin hariye geche, jabe nijeke hariyechi Contemplation Bengali Dadra
1203 1984-01-31 Mor kanthe je samarthya diyecha Determination Bengali Kaharva
1204 1984-02-01 Tumi ele alo jvalale Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
1205 1984-02-01 Ami tomakei bhalabesechi, jatai dure thaka Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
1206 1984-02-02 Kon se ajana prabhate Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
1207 1984-02-02 Alokeri van dekeche PROUT Bengali Kaharva
1208 1984-02-02 Tomar namer ruper bhelay Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
1209 1984-02-02 Tomar namer ruper melay Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
1210 1984-02-02 Tumi ele tamah sarale alo jvalale Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
1211 1984-02-03 Abelay dak diye ke go cale jay Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
1212 1984-02-04 Aloker path dhare tumi esecho Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
1213 1984-02-04 Nayane thako prabhu thako abiram Enlightenment Bengali Kaharva
1214 1984-02-05 Ami tomay bhalabasi tomake cai Contemplation Bengali Dadra
1215 1984-02-05 Esecho esecho tumi esecho Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
1216 1984-02-05 Bujhi ba amar diirgha jaminii Contemplation Bengali Dadra
1217 1984-02-06 Sona jhara e usay Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
1218 1984-02-07 Tomar tare malatii mala gantha Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
1219 1984-02-07 Kon svarger surabhi enecha Contemplation Bengali Dadra
1220 1984-02-08 Smrti buke niye base achi Longing Bengali Kaharva
1221 1984-02-08 Aguneri parasha niye (Spring) Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
1222 1984-02-08 Asiyache sedin ogo ashrayhiin PROUT Bengali Kaharva
1223 1984-02-08 Maner vane cor eseche Contemplation Bengali Dadra
1224 1984-02-09 Maner majhe lukiye acho Surrender Bengali Kaharva
1225 1984-02-09 Ami tomay bhalabesechilum Longing Bengali Dadra
1226 1984-02-10 Vishver pran bhariye Neohumanism Bengali Dadra
1227 1984-02-10 Jana ajanar shes paravare Contemplation Bengali Dadra
1228 1984-02-11 Tomar amar majhe rekho na kona praciir Longing Bengali Kaharva
1229 1984-02-11 Ami bhalobasiyachi durer tarake Longing Bengali Dadra
1230 1984-02-11 Bhalabasi tomay ami, shatek juge juge Contemplation Bengali Dadra
1231 1984-02-11 Cande meghete khela Longing Bengali Dadra
1232 1984-02-12 Amar bhuvan kalo haye ache Longing Bengali Ektal
1233 1984-02-12 Alo jhariye madhu ksariye Contemplation Bengali Dadra, Dadra (fast), Kaharva, Kaharva (fast)
1234 1984-02-12 Kache eso dure theko na Longing Bengali Kaharva
1235 1984-02-12 Tumi balo amare balo amare Longing Bengali Kaharva
1236 1984-02-12 Sakal jiivaner usnata tumi Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
1237 1984-02-12 Nayaneri tara tumi Longing Bengali Kaharva
1238 1984-02-13 Tumi jadi na ele priya Contemplation Bengali Dadra
1239 1984-02-13 Jiivane tomar alo PROUT Bengali Dadra
1240 1984-02-13 Tumi ki dur akasher tara (Shiva) Contemplation Bengali Dadra
1241 1984-02-13 Deke deke amar din phurala Contemplation Bengali Dadra + Kaharva
1242 1984-02-14 Jhainjhay tumi esecha Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
1243 1984-02-14 Vihagera dal dhvaniya utheche Neohumanism Bengali Dadra
1244 1984-02-14 Ei pratyuse mukta akashe Contemplation Bengali Dadra
1245 1984-02-14 Divya dyutite prajinari pathe Contemplation Bengali Dadra
1246 1984-02-14 Nayane lukiye acho Neohumanism Bengali Kaharva + Kaharva (fast)
1247 1984-02-14 Nayane varasa ela Longing Bengali Mandakranta meter, Kaharva + Kaharva (fast)
1248 1984-02-14 Shata badhar praciir bheunge egiye jaba Determination Bengali Kaharva
1249 1984-02-15 Ei bhule jaoya vrajabhumite (Krsna) Longing Bengali Dadra
1250 1984-02-15 Ei phagune saungopane Contemplation Bengali Dadra
1251 1984-02-15 Vrajer kanu abar ki re Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
1252 1984-02-15 Vrajarajanandana (Krsna) Contemplation Bengali Dadra
1253 1984-02-15 Chila se ankhira tara (Krsna) Contemplation Bengali Unknown
1254 1984-02-15 Esechi ek notun deshe Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
1255 1984-02-16 Bhavke diyecha tumi bhasa Contemplation Bengali Surdas Gharana Kiirtana, Kaharva
1256 1984-02-16 Mamataje smaraniiya karite Contemplation Bengali Dadra
1257 1984-02-17 Eso prabhu nrtye rage tale Longing Bengali Kaharva
1258 1984-02-17 Tomay ghire chande sure Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
1259 1984-02-17 Jay tarur chaya ase marur maya Enlightenment Bengali Kaharva
1260 1984-02-17 Marur jahaj cale marava dviipe Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
1261 1984-02-17 Manera gahane niirava carane Liberation Bengali Kaharva
1262 1984-02-18 Praner parash ganer haras Contemplation Bengali Dadra
1263 1984-02-18 Tomare harayechi Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
1264 1984-02-18 Tomake jara bhule thake tara Contemplation Bengali Dadra
1265 1984-02-18 Amar ahvane sara diyecha Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
1266 1984-02-18 Jyotite ujjvala priiti samujjvala Surrender Bengali Kaharva
1267 1984-02-18 Alor rath jay, kata hiya alakake chunye Neohumanism Bengali Dadra
1268 1984-02-19 Nayane mishe thako priyatama Longing Bengali Kaharva
1269 1984-02-19 Amar krsna kothay bal re (Krsna) Longing Bengali Raga Desh, Dadra
1270 1984-02-19 Tava patha ceye Longing Bengali Kaharva
1271 1984-02-19 Tomay ami bhalobesechi Contemplation Bengali Dadra
1272 1984-02-19 Amar gopan katha jene niyeche Contemplation Bengali Unknown
1273 1984-02-20 Amay niye e kii khela Contemplation Bengali Dadra
1274 1984-02-20 Esechile prabhu surera mayay Contemplation Bengali Dadra
1275 1984-02-21 Tomar gane tomar sure Longing Bengali Dadra
1276 1984-02-21 Kii ba haraiya giyache tomar Contemplation Bengali Dadra
1277 1984-02-21 Bhalo jadi na basite Contemplation Bengali Dadra
1278 1984-02-21 Keu alokei mishe jay Neohumanism Bengali Dadra
1279 1984-02-22 Tomare satata nandita kari Determination Bengali Dadra
1280 1984-02-22 Aksay tumi avyay tumi Contemplation Bengali Dadra
1281 1984-02-22 Tomar saunge amar prabhu Surrender Bengali Dadra
1282 1984-02-22 Tomar phele asa carandhuli (Krsna) Contemplation Bengali Dadra
1283 1984-02-22 Gane tomare paiyachi priya Longing Bengali Dadra
1284 1984-02-22 Tumi esechile phaguner dine Contemplation Bengali Dadra
1285 1984-02-23 Kuyashar kalo muche diye (Janmastamii) Contemplation Bengali Dadra
1286 1984-02-23 Dharme tomay dharechi Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
1287 1984-02-23 Bhalo besechile Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
1288 1984-02-24 Tumi phire eso tumi phire eso Longing Bengali Dadra
1289 1984-02-24 Praner parash diye Contemplation Bengali Dadra
1290 1984-02-25 Anupama rupe susmita niipe Longing Bengali Dadra
1291 1984-02-25 Kena ankhi chalachala jala bhare Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
1292 1984-02-25 Akash ghiriya ache ksudra dharake Neohumanism Bengali Kaharva
1293 1984-02-26 Tomare svagata janai Longing Bengali Kaharva
1294 1984-02-26 Ami tomay bhalabesechi Contemplation Bengali Dadra
1295 1984-02-26 Phuler vane ekla ele Contemplation Bengali Dadra
1296 1984-02-27 Phaguneri parash diye (Spring) Contemplation Bengali Dadra
1297 1984-02-27 Pather upal dui paye dale (ASD) Neohumanism Bengali Dadra
1298 1984-02-27 Ami tomakei bhalabesechi, kabe theke ta bhule gechi Enlightenment Bengali Dadra
1299 1984-02-28 Acho chande acho tane Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
1300 1984-02-28 Tomare janai pranam Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
1301 1984-02-28 Se ek madhura smrti Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
1302 1984-02-28 Path bhule ajana pathik Longing Bengali Kaharva
1303 1984-02-28 E ki ucchal jyoti sarita Contemplation Bengali Dadra
1304 1984-02-28 Din cale jay balaka pakhay Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
1305 1984-02-29 Madhumakha sure venuka pure Contemplation Bengali Dadra
1306 1984-02-29 Citta amar aveg amar Contemplation Bengali Dadra
1307 1984-02-29 Kaj kare jete esechi dharate (Krsna) Contemplation Bengali Dadra
1308 1984-02-29 Nutan diner nutan surjya Neohumanism Bengali Dadra
1309 1984-02-29 Meghera kena niice nebe ase Contemplation Bengali Dadra
1310 1984-02-29 Tandra bheunge geche Determination Bengali Dadra
1311 1984-03-01 Mahakash pete cay matir parash Longing Bengali Kaharva
1312 1984-03-01 Aloke eso bhuloke Contemplation Bengali Dadra?
1313 1984-03-01 Nayanabhirama prabhu Longing Bengali Ektal
1314 1984-03-02 Eso name eso dhyane Longing Bengali Kaharva
1315 1984-03-02 Nayan majhare rayecho Longing Bengali Kaharva
1316 1984-03-02 Kar tare tumi base base kando Contemplation Bengali Dadra
1317 1984-03-02 Saorakarojjval svarnima suprabhate Liberation Bengali Kaharva
1318 1984-03-03 Mor manera gahane Longing Bengali Kaharva
1319 1984-03-03 Ami path bhule cale giyechinu Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
1320 1984-03-03 Ami golaper kunri arcokhe heri Contemplation Bengali Dadra
1321 1984-03-03 Tumi esecho bhara dukule Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
1322 1984-03-04 Tomar asar patha ceye thaki Contemplation Bengali Dadra
1323 1984-03-04 Bhalo basiya cale gele Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
1324 1984-03-04 Tomar mahavishve prabhu Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
1325 1984-03-05 Tamasar nisha dure sare geche Neohumanism Bengali Dadra
1326 1984-03-05 Ekla amay phele Longing Bengali Kaharva
1327 1984-03-05 Tumi na bale esechile Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
1328 1984-03-05 Ami bhul pathe cale esechi PROUT Bengali Dadra
1329 1984-03-06 Timiravrta amaratrir Contemplation Bengali Dadra
1330 1984-03-06 Devatatma himalaya Contemplation Bengali Dadra
1370 1984-03-16 Nayaneri ainjana manasarainjana (Krsna) Surrender Bengali Kaharva

Songs 1401–2000

1984 March 21 – 1984 October 18

Number Date First line(s) Theme Lyrics Music
1745 1984-08-26 Ganer jagat ashes Neohumanism Bengali Kaharva

Songs 2001-3000

1984 October 19 – 1985 August 8

Songs 2001–3000

1984 October 19 – 1985 August 8

Number Date First line(s) Theme Lyrics Music
2192 1984-12-07 Manus jena manuser tare Neohumanism Bengali Ghazal, Tintal, Dadra
2786 1985-06-11 Dyuloke bhuloke bhariya rayecho Neohumanism Bengali Dadra

Songs 3001–4000

1985 August 8 – 1987 January 22

Songs 3001–4000

1985 August 8 – 1987 January 22

Number Date First line(s) Theme Lyrics Music

Songs 4001–5018

1987 January 22 – 1990 October 20

Songs 4001–5018

1987 January 22 – 1990 October 20

Number Date First line(s) Theme Lyrics Music
4370 1988-06-16 Tomar namer tarii beye Liberation Bengali Bhatiyali, Kaharva
4579 1989-02-21 Tumi kache thekeo dure go Longing Bengali Iran, Kaharva
4795 1990-09-03 E gan thamibe na PROUT Bengali Dadra
5008 1990-09-05 We love that Great Entity from the core of our heart Surrender English Kaharva (fast)
5009 1990-09-08 This life is for Him Determination English Kaharva (slow)

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