Renaissance In Education

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Renaissance in Education
Author Acarya Abhidevananda Avadhuta
Language English
Subject A treatise on the Ananda Marga education system
Genre Education
Published 1982
Location in Sarkarverse
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Renaissance in Education is a treatise on the Ananda Marga education system by Acarya Abhidevananda Avadhuta.[1]


In an early chapter of Renaissance in Education, Abhidevananda writes:

We repeat – what then is education? And who is it that we shall accept as being educated? The answer really is simple. Education is that which liberates. As human existence is trifarious in nature – that is to say, physical, mental, and spiritual – a proper education must teach one how to lead a healthy life in all three spheres. To be considered well-educated, one will have to learn much, remember much, and make regular use of this learning in practical life. That is the only criterion. For this real education, one need not be literate; one need not go through many, or even any books; one need not collect a degree from some prestigious university; and one need not be acquainted with all the rules of modern etiquette. Beyond a doubt, knowledge of the alphabet, reading of books, university or college instruction, and an awareness of social norms – all have the power to contribute immensely to the process of education, but none of them, taken alone or even together, can be accepted as the final determinant of who is well-educated.

An erudite scholar once took a ferry across the river. On the first half of the journey, the scholar plied the boatman with one discourse after another. About midway across the river the scholar remarked, "Thus far, my good man, you have not been able to answer even a single philosophical question that I have raised. It seems that half of your life has been wasted." Just then a sudden storm arose, and when it appeared certain that the boat would soon capsize, the illiterate and untutored boatman bluntly asked the scholar, "Do you know how to swim?" The scholar replied with considerable alarm, "No, sir, I have never learned swimming." At that, the boatman could only remark, "Well then, it now seems to me that your whole life has been wasted."[1]

The content of Renaissance in Education is taken from the various writings of Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar on the subject of education. As such, this treatise covers a range of general topics relating to the broad principles of education. It also covers matters of curriculum and teaching methodology.[1]


Renaissance in Education was first published in Nigeria in 1982. The original title of the book was Neohumanism: A Renaissance in Education. Subsequently, the tile was shortened to just Renaissance in Education. The book has gone through numerous reprintings. The most recent publication may be found on Amazon.[1]


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