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On Sarkarverse, formal dispute resolution is a last resort. Typically, disputes can be resolved by courteous and constructive dialogue among editors. The rational solution usually satisfies everyone to some extent. However, in rare cases, for example, edit warring or some other disruptive activity, administrator intervention might be required. Note: Please do not seek administrator intervention without having first made a good-faith effort to resolve your issue through direct dialogue.

Administrator rulings and appeal process

Administrator rulings may be appealed to a bureaucrat; however, the time required for processing such an appeal is indeterminate. Until and unless an administrator ruling is modified or overturned by a bureaucrat, the administrator ruling is binding on all Sarkarversians. A bureaucrat ruling (whether on first instance or appeal) is deemed to be both binding and final. Bureaucrat rulings can only be modified or overturned by the founder or a majority of bureaucrats, but there is no formal appeal process for such an event.

How to submit an application

To request dispute resolution or to appeal an administrator ruling, kindly submit your application here.

Be sure to include the following details:

  • Location of the dispute
  • Parties to the dispute
  • Nature of the dispute (article content, editor comportment, and so on)
  • Summary of the dispute
  • When and where a good-faith effort was made to resolve the dispute
  • Whether formal dispute resolution has been previously requested on this issue and, if so, the administrator ruling
  • Any other pertinent information