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A contributor's ability to perform certain actions in Sarkarverse depends on his/her user access level. These user access levels are also called user rights or user groups.

Unregistered users

Unregistered users are users who (can) edit Sarkarverse article without registering. For these edits, the IP addresses of the editors are logged.

Advantages and disadvantages of unregistered users

Advantages Disadvantages
  • You can stay more-or-less anonymous
  • Your IP address will be logged
  • You cannot have a watchlist or set personal preference

Registered users

Registered users are the users who have registered accounts at Sarkarverse. These users own a username in Sarkarverse and can access and manage their own preference and watchlist page.

Autoconfirmed users


Autoconfirmed status is checked every time a user performs a restricted action: it is then granted automatically by the software.


Administrators, commonly known as Admins or Sysops (System Operators), are Sarkarverse editors who have been granted the technical ability to perform certain special actions on the English Sarkarverse, including the ability to block and unblock user accounts and IP addresses from editing, protect and unprotect pages from editing, delete and undelete pages, rename pages without restriction, and use certain other tools.



The rank of bureaucrat is higher than that of Administrators. Bureaucrats can create admins and rename ages. In the Sarkarverse:Request for adminship bureaucrats close a discussion.