Scientific Study Methods

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Scientific Study Methods
Author Acarya Abhidevananda Avadhuta
Language English
Subject Tips to improve study habits for more efficient learning
Genre Study skills
Published 1985
Location in Sarkarverse
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Scientific Study Methods is a book for students of all ages. It offers general advice as well as numerous concrete tips for improving study skills.[1]


In his introduction to Scientific Study Methods, Abhidevananda writes:

This world and all that it contains belongs to everyone. But only people with open minds and open hearts derive maximum benefit and enjoyment from it. So you must never close the doors of your mind – always maintain an attitude of readiness to learn new things. As human beings we are more than an occupation. We are far more than bankers and clerks, seamstresses and housewives. Hence it is not at all desirable that we should wear blinkers over our mental eyes, restricting our field of vision only to those areas that directly relate to our present or future job requirements. As human beings and as children of God, our knowledge should not be specialized; rather our knowledge should be encyclopedic.

Always be ready to learn something new. This point is not listed later among the various scientific study methods, but it is nonetheless absolutely fundamental. Without this proper attitude, then all that follows herein will be of marginal value.[1]

The content of Scientific Study Methods is broken down into the following main chapters:[1]

  • Introduction: The Attitude of a Good Student
  • General Study Rules (10 tips + Q&A)
  • Before the Examination (5 tips + Q&A)
  • During the Examination (5 tips + Q&A)
  • After the Examination
  • Conclusion: The Importance of Study


Scientific Study Methods was first published in Nigeria in 1985. The book has gone through numerous reprintings. The most recent publication may be found on Amazon.[1]

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