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Speaker Shrii Shrii Anandamurti
Time 1956
Place Jamalpur
Included in Ananda Marga Caryacarya Part 2
Location in Sarkarverse
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Society is the third chapter of Ananda Marga Caryacarya Part 2 written by Shrii Shrii Anandamurti.[1]

Chapter synopsis

In this chapter Shrii Shrii Anandamurti instructed 43 rules.

  1. Anandamurti told, before taking food one should ascertain if anybody present there has not taken food. If it is found anyone present has not taken food, he should not start taking food unless the person willingly gives permission.
  2. Food must be distributed equally among all the Margis present. If somebody expresses unwillingness to eat, he should be permitted to do so.
  3. One should love and trust everyone, but responsibility should not given to those who are not established in Yama-Niyama.
  4. In the fourth rule, Anandamurtiji told that science is not the enemy of humanity. He told avidyá (ignorance) is the enemy of humanity. He told to keep strict vigilance that the knowledge of science is confined only to those persons who are established in Yama-Niyama.
  5. In the fifth rule, Anandamurtiji described hypocrites. He told, hypocrites are—
    those who give indulgence to falsehood
    those who are ungrateful to their benefactors
    those who do not keep their word
    those who betray
    those who slander behind one’s back
  6. In the sixth rule Anandamurtiji told that hypocrites should not be immediately forgiven. They should not be forgiven until their nature is reformed. t results in worse harm to society.
    Anandamurtiji also told, those who cherish class distinctions, communalism, provincialism and casteism while indulging in propaganda about universalism are also hypocrites.
  7. In my seventh rule, Anandamurtiji instructed to help the weak and the helpless in all possible ways.
  8. One should always strive to maintain the honour of women, without considering whether a woman belongs to a particular caste or religion.
  9. Anandamurtiji said not to attack anyone's religious belief. He asked to make the person understand gradually with logic. He also told that attacking a person’s religious beliefs means attacking Ananda Marga.
  10. Anandamurtiji told, distinctions based on profession, wealth and birth are man-made. You must not give indulgence to these things in any way. Only vested interests are behind class distinctions.
  11. The eleventh direction states that to ensure the subsistence of ácáryas (spiritual teachers), all kinds of sacrifice should be accepted.
  12. In the twelfth rule Anandamurtiji told, one who does not come forward to help when seeing a person in distress is unworthy to be called a human being – he or she is a slur on Ananda Marga.


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