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This template calculates an annual percentage rate (APR) from two values some time apart.


The full syntax of this template is:



  • old is the required old value.
  • new is the required new value.
  • years is the required number of years between the old and new values.
  • form is the optional result format parameter:
    • form=percent – format result as a percentage (default)
    • form=real – format result as a real number


{{APR|100|170|10}} yields 4.138%
{{APR|$149,000|$185,000|4.75}} yields 2.687%
{{APR|19.86|19.24|0.25}} yields -11.915%
{{APR|245.67|312.80|1.5}} yields 17.474%
{{APR|245.67|312.80|1.5|form=real}} yields 0.17474357665668

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