The Role of the Cosmic Purusa

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The Role of the Cosmic Puruśa
Speaker Shrii Shrii Anandamurti
Date 1978 October 26
Time Unknown
Place Patna, India
Topic Everything moves per His desire
Included in Ananda Vacanamrtam Part 4
Location in Sarkarverse
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The Role of the Cosmic Puruśa is a discourse given by Shrii Shrii Anandamurti on 1978 October 26 in Patna, India. This discourse is the fourth chapter of Ananda Vacanamrtam Part 4.[1]


The jiivas, which have been created by the guńas in accordance with the direction or with the permission of the Cosmic Puruśa, are guńádhiina – under the guńas or bondages. Jiivas are guńádhiina and the Cosmic Puruśa is Guńádhiisha. If the jiivas want to go beyond the bondages of the guńas, they will have to take His shelter. There is no alternative.

Shrii Shrii Anandamurti

Anandamurti starts the discourse by saying that Puruśa means Supreme Cognition. The Supreme Being is at the hub of everything. He supervises all activities at every stage. He is the witness of every deed; yet, He remains a non-doer. Anandamurti then explains that Parama Purusa dwells at the center of bháva (idea, mental flow), and He is also Gunadhiisha (Lord of all binding attributions). Anandamurti goes on saying that unit beings will have to take the shelter of Brahma (Supreme Being) so that they may cross the sea of actions and reactions and become free from all bondage.[1]


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