The Way Of Peace

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The Way Of Peace
Recipe For A Revolution
Editor Acarya Abhidevananda Avadhuta
Author C.J.S.
Language English
Subject The mechanics of revolution from a spiritual soldier's perspective
Genre Revolution
Published 1977
Location in Sarkarverse
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The Way Of Peace is an exposition of proutist revolutionary strategy. Perhaps due to the nature of the content, the book is written under a pen name, "C.J.S.".[1]


At the very beginning of the first chapter, a broad spiritual perspective on revolutionary struggle is put forth:

All of human existence can be understood in terms of a perpetual war between two forces – the force of light and love versus the force of darkness and selfishness. In one corner we find the Divine Thief Whose aim is to steal from us all our worldly attachments and all our vainglory, and in the other corner sits human ego which wants to appropriate to itself anything and everything, especially those things which most obviously belong to the Cosmic Supreme.[1]

The rest of the book examines various aspects of revolution, from the abstract to the practical. The book contains 10 chapters:[1]

Soon the day will come when the moralists of the world are united in their activities, well organized, and courageous. That long awaited day is not too distant now, and with its advent the dawn of a glorious new era of progressive socialism will be just around the corner – humanity will take its first deep breath of fresh air.

On World Revolution and Its Tactics[1]

  1. War Games
  2. Spiritual Revolution
  3. Intellectual Revolution
  4. Physical Revolution
  5. Terrorism
  6. Reactionaries, Defectors, and Infiltrators
  7. The Dharma of Revolution
  8. Your First Council of War
  9. On World Revolution and Its Tactics
  10. The Ideal Revolutionary


The first edition of The Way Of Peace was published in 1977 in Sydney, Australia. Subsequently, it has been reprinted several times, notably in 2009 and 2011. The most recent publication of The Way Of Peace (missing only a few minor updates) may be found on Amazon.[1]

Critiques and controversy

In light of the content of The Way Of Peace, this book has been largely kept under wraps.


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