Proutist Bloc, India

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Proutist Bloc is an Indian socio-politcial party formed by Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar. The party follows Sarkar's proposed political program Progressive Utilization Theory.


The party fielded candidates in India in 1967 and 1969 elections, but were unsuccessful to win. In 2013–14, the party ran candidates in the Delhi Assembly Elections. Party vice-chairman Baljit Singh Aditya contested from the Karawal Nagar constituency. Some other candidates representing Prout Bloc in this election were— Rekha (Kondli), Baidyanath Shah (Najafgarh), Renu Poddar (Matiala), Virendra Jha (Janakpuri), Ram Simaran Bhagat (Chhattarpur), Amarjeet Verma (Sangam Vihar) and Bijender Singh Lohia (Badarpur).