Tattvika Praveshika

Tattvika Praveshika is a book written by Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar. The book contains Sarkar's views, opinion and analysis of Ananda Marga and other philosophy.[1]

Tattvika Praveshika
Author Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar
Country India
Language Bengali
Location in Sarkarverse
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The book is divided into five chapters—

Some Questions and Answers on Ananda Marga Philosophy

The book is written an a question-answer format, where Sarkar was asked questions and he gave answers and contains 12 questions. Most of the questions are related to human life, human mind and the universe such as "Why is happiness sought for?", "What is Ádhára?[1]

Views of Other Faiths

This chapter contains Sarkar's view on other religious sects and faiths such as Buddhism, Charvaka, Shamkara.[1]

Social Psychology

In this chapter Sarkar discussed the necessary factors for human existence and progress such as unity, common ideal, discipline, peace.[1]


This is the fourth and a brief chapter of the book. This chapter contains Sarkar's short notes on three topics— samadhi, planchette and Nirguna Brahma.[1]

Ananda Marga – A Revolution

This is the fifth and the last chapter of the book where Sarkar discussed on Ananda Marga organization and the movement. He discussed Ananda Marga's philosophy of social structure, economic system and spiritual practices.[1]


Tattvika Praveshika, originally five discourses were delivered in Jamalpur in 1957.[1]


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