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Put {{Where|date=June 2024}} next to a statement which does not specify the place at which an event took place or to which the statement applies.

This template takes three parameters:

  • |date= Since when the tag has been in place. Must be in the following format: {{Where|date=June 2024}}.
  • |talk= Whether to display a link to the talk page. Can take values "yes" or "no". If "yes", then will exhibit a link to a talk page discussion you are supposed to open.
  • The name of the specific section on the talk page where you opened a discussion.

Full example:

{{Where|talk=yes|Example|date=June 2024}} results in [where? ]

(Please click the links to see where they lead.)

This template automatically adds tagged pages to Category:Vague or ambiguous geographic scope, or a dated subcategory thereof.

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