Tumi esecho bhalabesecho, raune raune dhara sajiyecho

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Tumi esecho bhalabesecho, raune raune dhara sajiyecho
PrabhatSamgiita trilokesh.png
Music and lyrics
by Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar
Song number 2550
Date 1985 April 2
Place Madhumalainca, Kolkata
Theme Surrender
Lyrics Bengali
Music Kaharva
⚠ Note
None of the information in this article or in the links therefrom should be deemed to provide the right to reuse either the melody or the lyrics of any Prabhat Samgiita song without prior permission from the copyright holder.
Location in Sarkarverse
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Tumi esecho bhalabesecho, raune raune dhara sajiyecho is the 2550th song of Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar's Prabhat Samgiita.[1][2] For other songs with the same or similar first line (title), see Tumi esecho bhalobesecho.


Roman script[nb 1] Bengali script Translation

Tumi esecho bhálabesecho
Rauṋe rauṋe dhará sájiyecho
Kichu ná cáhile sab kichu dile
Maner gahane bhariyá rayecho

Rúpe ananya guńe ameya
Átmik sampade aparimeya
Tava kathá bheve námete bhási jabe
Kole tule niye ashru muchiyecho

Tomáre bhulibo ná manane muchibo ná
Ámár cidákáshe duvidhu rákhibo ná
Tumi sárátsár ánanda apár
Ek lahamáy man práń jine niyecho

তুমি এসেছ ভালবেসেছ
রঙে রঙে ধরা সাজিয়েছ
কিছু না চাহিলে সব কিছু দিলে
মনের গহনে ভরিয়া রয়েছ

রূপে অনন্য গুণে অমেয়
আত্মিক সম্পদে অপরিমেয়
তব কথা ভেবে' নামেতে ভাসি যবে
কোলে তুলে' নিয়ে অশ্রু মুছিয়েছ

তোমারে ভুলিব না মননে মুছিব না
আমার চিদাকাশে দু'বিধু রাখিব না
তুমি সারাৎসার আনন্দ অপার
এক লহমায় মন-প্রাণ জিনে' নিয়েছ

You have come, and You have loved;
With hues aplenty Earth You've adorned.
Having asked for nothing, everything You gave;
You have remained filling mind's substratum.

With beauty unparalleled and virtue immense,
With incalculable stock of spiritual wealth,
When in thought of You I sail on Your name,
To lap having lifted up, tears You've expunged.

I will not forget You, I won't wipe from thinking;
On the sky of my psyche, two moons I won't keep.
You are the quintessence, limitless happiness;
Mind and heart You've captured in a minute.


  1. ^ For details on the notation, see Roman Bengali transliteration.


  1. ^ Sarkar, Prabhat Ranjan (2023) Prabhat Samgiita Songs 2501-2600 Translated by Acarya Abhidevananda Avadhuta (2nd ed.) Tel Aviv: AmRevolution, Inc. ASIN B0C1XC5362 ISBN 9798215502570 
  2. ^ Sarkar, Prabhat Ranjan (2001) Acarya Vijayananda Avadhuta, ed. Prabhat Samgiita Volume 6 (in Bengali) (2nd ed.) Kolkata: Ananda Marga Publications ISBN 81-7252-210-X 

Musical notations


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