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Gayatrii chanda is a chanda (rhythm[1] or metre) mentioned in the Vedas. There are six other chandas, uśńik, triśt́up, anuśt́up, brhatii, jagatii and paunkti jagatii, mahatii.[2]

This metre has 3 lines, and there are 8 syllables in each line.[3]

According to Shrii Shrii Anandamurti[3]

Gáyatrii is that which, when sung, leads a person to the path of liberation. Gáyatrii can be used till a person gets Iśt́a mantra sádhaná. Once a person gets the Iśt́a mantra sádhaná, he or she would not need gáyattii.

Many Vedic verses are composed in in Gáyatrii rhythm, including the famous, Savitr Rk, which is named Gáyatrii mantra after the rhythm.[1]


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