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Prabhat Samgiita portal Prabhat Samgiita portal is a website connected with Renaissance Artists and Writers Association (RAWA). The site contains much information about Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar's Prabhat Samgiita, including the lyrics and English meaning of each of the 5,018 songs as well as an audio file for most of the songs.


The entire website is dedicated to Prabhat Samgiita. The website provides lyrics and audio file (in MP3 format) of 5,018 songs of Prabhat Samgiita. Accessing audio files require username and password which can easily obtained by simply filling a form.

As of 2014 December 10, the website's Alexa rank is 1,235,440. On 2019 January 12 the site had global rank 7,575,696.[1]


On 2016 September 21, the site was essentially shut down due to hosting problems. In consequence of that, a joint decision was made to transfer all of the Prabhat Samgiita audio files (MP3) on to Sarkarverse, where they currently also reside.

On 2016 September 23, was brought back up with a new look and feel. However, the audio files in the 1-999 range have been renamed, and a good number of the later audio files are missing. So links to all of those files from other sites would still be broken. Clearly, the site was a work in progress.

On 2016 September 24, it was decided that all of the audio files transferred from to Sarkarverse will reside on Sarkarverse only. However, the links to all of these audio files that were on will remain there (appropriately updated) and should function as before. Those same links are also available at the Prabhat Samgiita portal.


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