Relationship with Parama Purusa

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Relationship with Parama Purusa
Short description Relationship with Parama Purusa
In other languages Sanskrit/Hindi: परम पुरुष
Bengali: পরম পুরুষ
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Shrii Shrii Anandamurti discussed the Relationship with Parama Purusa in many of his discourses and works. He called Parama Purusa human being's ultimate goal.

According to Anandamurti Parama Purusa is an ever-blissful and the only abiding friend anyone have in life.

Making a relationship with Parama Purusa

A magician creates a living pigeon out of a clod of earth and surprises his spectators.To know about his trick, one needs to befriend with the magician. Parama Purusa is continuing his creation with a similar kind of magic power. If someone wants to know about these secrets he has to establish a relationship of love with Parama Purusa Himself. One will have to enlist oneself in the inner circle of His followers. Then the Controller of this universe, because of His intimate relationship with that person, will disclose the secret of His controlling power.[1]


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