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Sarkar's English Grammar is a book of Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar that records his teachings and discourses on English language grammar.[1]


Sarkar dedicated this book to Panini, who called him the first grammarian of the world. He wrote in the dedication—[1]

DEDICATED unto the sacred memory of the first grammarian of the world, the late Mahapandit Panini.


The book has been divided into these following chapters—[1]

  • Publisher's Note
  1. Parts of Speech
  2. Articles
  3. Case
  4. Plural Forms of Nouns
  5. Do Verbs Have Plural Forms?
  6. Transitive, Intransitive and Auxiliary Verbs
  7. Tenses
  8. Voice
  9. Speech
  10. Mood
  11. Verb Contractions
  12. Use of Prepositions
  13. Some Rules of Pronunciation
  14. Some Rules of Spelling
  15. Some Definitions: Avoiding Common Errors
  16. Some Latin Adjectives
  17. Diminutives
  18. Some Condensed Words
  19. Structural Formula: Suffix and Prefix
  20. The Origin of a Few Words
  21. General Knowledge on Composition
  22. Some Models of Composition
  23. Letter-Writing
  24. Précis-Writing


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