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Script error

Sometimes blowing up an article is the best solution.

In Sarkarverse sometimes some articles may be so problematic that the only solution is to blow it up and start over. This is also known as TNT.

Common reasons

The most common reasons behind taking such an action are—

Content totally out of scope, needs complete rewriting

Script error This is the most common reason for TNT. If an article is written in such a way that it does not match at all with the project's guidelines and scope, and to repair the article requires rewriting almost every word of it, the best solution is to discard the article and start rewriting.

Frequently asked questions

Question: (How to decide/Who decides) that an article needs complete rewriting?
Answer: We follow deletion procedure where editors discuss on it. If you think an article needs to be TNT-ed, nominate it for deletion.

Copyright violation

Articles that contain only copyright-violated content are TNT-ed.

Where TNT should not be applied

  • User subpages: TNT should not be applied in a user page, specially if the editor is a newbie and just started creating an article draft.
  • Featured content: Very unlikely a problematic article will be featured on the main page's featured article or DYK section, but if this happens, first replace the FA or DYK article before applying TNT.
  • Under discussion articles: Similarly if an article is a topic of discussion somewhere, wait until the discussion is finished and a conclusion is reached.