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Script error Sarkarversify is the process of revising and rewriting content, keeping the Sarkarverse environment in mind.

Sarkarversify examples

  • Sarkarverse policies and guidelines: Sarkarverse has its own policies, style, and layout guidelines (see Sarkarverse:Manual of Style). It is expected that editors will follow these guidelines and policies in the articles. If an article or some part of it is not consistent with any or all of that, the affected content must be Sarkarversified.
  • Wikicreole/Wiki markup: Unlike most websites and webpages on the World Wide Web, Sarkarverse uses Wikicreole and not HTML. If an article or some content in it is coded in HTML, that content needs to be Sarkarversified to Wikicreole.
  • Wikipedia content: Articles, content, templates, scripts, and so on that is imported from Wikipedia may need to be revised and modified per the needs of Sarkarverse.