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<!-- This Anchor tag serves to provide a permanent target for incoming section links. Please do not move it out of the section heading, even though it disrupts edit summary generation (you can manually fix the edit summary before you save your changes). Please do not modify it, even if you modify the section title. It is always best to anchor an old section header that has been changed so that links to it won't be broken. See [[Template:Anchor]] for details. (This text: [[Template:Anchor comment]]) -->


Substitute this template immediately beneath any section heading that contains an in-line {{anchor}} to alert other editors to its purpose.

The reason to use this template underneath section anchors is twofold:

  • To prevent editors from moving the {{anchor}} placement in an effort to avoid edit summary obfuscation. Any edit summary can be altered directly while making it to furnish more space for a longer summary;
  • To prevent editors from changing the contents of the anchor tag if they change the name of the section, in an assumption that they must continue to match.

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