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  • Note: If the content includes an equal sign, use {{collapsed|1=content}} or replace the equal signs with =.
  • Set expand to 'yes' (or anything besides 'no') to have the box expanded by default.
  • Default title is {{PAGENAME}} unless defined otherwise by title= MyTitle

Optional parameters

  • header-c = header color (default: #f0f2f5)
  • border-c = border color (default: #c0c0c0)
  • background-c = background color (default: #fff)
  • border-w = border width (default: 1px)
  • border-s = border style (default: solid)
  • font-size = size of header and body text (default: 88%)
  • header-fs = size of header text (default: 88% or 'font-size' if set)
  • header-fc = color of header text (default: #000000)
  • width = width of box (default: 100%)

View source for additional parameters.