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This template is designed to replace the classical list-item marker of an interlanguage link (square) by a gold star (Monobook-bullet-star.png) in order to indicate the article of this Wikipedia’s language edition was promoted to the Featured List status.


To use this template, add {{Link FL|xx}}, where xx is the language code of the Wikipedia on which it has been featured. This template doesn't replace the classical interwiki, you have to use them both to get an interlanguage link with a gold star.


Suppose Flimble is a featured list on the German Wikipedia. Then before the list of interlanguage links ([[de:Flimble]]), simply add {{Link FL|de}} in the wikitext. If you're using the monobook skin, the star will appear next to the de: link.


It works by creating an invisible span with id=interwiki-lang-fa where lang is a specific language code. Function LinkFA() in Mediawiki:Common.js recognizes this invisible span and adds a special FL class to the corresponding interwiki link. All interwiki links with FA class are given a special bullet Monobook-bullet-star.png with CSS rule in Mediawiki:Monobook.css.

(Yes, this template piggybacks on the Link FA-template and just exists as an own template in order to be easier to maintain without having to re-code maintaining bots)

The star is displayed only if the skin used is MonoBook (default).

From another language edition

Right now, this template is new, so very few other language editions have an equivalent template. So after a list has become featured on the English Wikipedia, you can add a starred link in the other language projects by using these tags in the respective wikis (once the feature becomes available):

Language Lang. code Wikitext
German (Deutsch) de {{Link FL|en}}
Persian (فارسی) fa {{Link FL|en}}
Finnish (suomi) fi {{Link FL|en}}
Japanese (日本語) ja {{Link FL|en}}
Norwegian (bokmål) (norsk) no {{Link GL|no}}
Polish (polski) pl {{Link FL|en}}
Portuguese (português) pt {{Link FL|en}}
Russian (русский) ru {{Link FL|en}}
Swedish (svenska) sv {{Link FL|en}}