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Sarkarverse Bulletin

The latest news from Sarkarverse

Sarkarverse Bulletin is the official news bulletin of Sarkarverse. The bulletin will contain digest information about the project's latest initiatives, works and the most important policy and guidelines discussions. So, "Bulletin" is the place where you'll quickly find all the latest and the most important news about the project.

Publication frequency

For the time being, Sarkarverse Bulletin is published on an ad hoc basis.

Current issue

Sarkarverse Bulletin


Issue 17, 2023 May 27

  • Over 3300 original articles: We now have over 3300 original articles on ENSV (English Sarkarverse). We could and should have many more articles. The more material we publish, the more powerful will be the Internet presence of Shrii Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar. So please consider getting involved. If you ever thought to edit Wikipedia articles about Baba or Ananda Marga, come to Sarkarverse and publish here. Your work will be rewarding.
  • Prabhat Samgiita on Sarkarverse: Sarkarverse remains the primary resource for information on Prabhat Samgiita. Not only do we have the most complete repertoire of audio renditions, we also have well over 2700 dedicated articles (more than 50% of the total), including native script (mostly Bangla), Roman script, and an accurate line-by-line translation.
  • Prabhat Samgiita Player: The Prabhat Samgiita Player (PSP) remains the foremost AM-related app. On the Google Play Store, it has been downloaded more than 10,000 times, has roughly 6,000 active users (in 177 countries), has received almost 400 ratings and over 200 reviews. Its default Google Play rating is 4.91 stars (out of 5). Perhaps it doesn't hurt that, like Sarkarverse, the PSP is a genuine service project, 100% free of charge and devoid of advertising.
  • Spanish Sarkarverse: Spanish Sarkarverse (ESSV) has been very active. Already, ESSV hosts nearly 400 articles, focused primarily on Spanish translations of Baba's Prabhat Samgiita. This is a template that can easily be replicated in other languages. So if anyone wants to do a similar project for their native tongue, please get in touch.
  • New management: The wait continues for a fresh administration. Would anyone like to take over the day-to-day management of Sarkarverse? If so, this unpaid and under-appreciated job is still open!

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Answer: Yes.

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Sarkarverse bulletin editors, please see this page for guidance on how to prepare the document.