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AmRevolution, Inc. (AMR) is a registered non-profit organization in the United States, 501(c)(3). This encyclopedia, Sarkarverse, was founded and is managed by AMR.[1]


AmRevolution, Inc. (AMR) seeks to educate the general public regarding the progressive ideas of Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar. To accomplish this goal, AMR employs various on-line and off-line media, including an on-line encyclopedia, books, films, seminars, desktop and mobile apps, and so on. AMR seeks to relieve conditions of poverty, economic dependency, chronic unemployment, chronic underemployment, social injustice (on the basis of gender, ethnicity, or creed), inequitable distribution of income, illiteracy, lack of educational opportunity, lack of career opportunity, ecological devastation; cruelty to children, animals, and plants; and ultimately national and global social insecurity. AMR will achieve these purposes through strictly educational means, primarily through its trademarked activities: AmRevolution, PROUT Films, and Sarkarverse.



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