Ananda Marga Caryacarya Part 1

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Ananda Marga Caryacarya
Front cover of Part 1
Author Shrii Shrii Anandamurti
Language English language
Subject Philosophy
Publisher Ananda Marga Publications
Publication date 1999 (1987) (IND)
Media type print
Pages 100
ISBN 81–7252–028–X
Location in Sarkarverse
SVmap LiteraryWorks.png

Ananda Marga Caryacarya Part 1, originally written in 1956, almost immediately after the Ananda Marga mission was founded, is composed of 100 pages and contains 45 chapters. Starts with the chapter "Infant's Játakarma: The Naming of and First Feeding of Solid Food to an Infant" that explains the ceremony of the infant naming. The book explains in detail all ceremonies to perform during other functions like spiritual marriage, birthday, tree-planting. On the text all the system of rules to govern the local and central branches of the organization are detailed explained too.[1][2]


The first part of Ananda Marga Caryacarya is divided into the following chapters—[2]

  • Publisher's Note
  1. Infant's Jatakarma: The Naming of and First Feeding of Solid Food to an Infant
  2. The Process of Initiation
  3. Sadhana
  4. Táttvika, Ácárya/á, and Purodhá
  5. Self-Analysis
  6. Relationship with an Ácárya/á
  7. Methods of Salutation
  8. Paincajanya
  9. Dharmacakra
  10. Svadhyáya
  11. Dharma Mahácakra
  12. Tattvasabhá
  13. Jágrti
  14. Laying of the Foundation Stone
  15. House-Entry Ceremony
  16. Tree-Planting Ceremony
  17. Commencing a Journey
  18. Marriage Ceremony
  19. The Ideal Householder
  20. Birthday Ceremony
  21. Social Functions and Festivals
  22. The System of Invitation
  23. Dress
  24. Social Relationship between Men and Women
  25. Livelihood
  26. The Livelihood of Women
  27. Economic Policy
  28. Ideal System of Inheritance
  29. Science and Society
  30. Social Punishment
  31. Disposal of the Dead Body
  32. Shráddha Ceremony
  33. Widows
  34. Bhukti Pradhána
  35. Samájamitram, Smártta, Jiivamitram and Dharmamitram
  36. Formation of Boards
  37. Upabhukti Pramukha
  38. Sándhivigráhika, Janamitram and Lokamitram
  39. Your Various Organizations
  40. Táttvika, Ácárya/á, Purodhá and Their Concerned Boards
  41. Avadhúta/iká and Avadhúta Board
  42. Treasures of Ananda Marga
  43. Guru Vandaná
  44. Concluding Words
  45. Appendix: Maháprayáńa Divasa
  • Glossary


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