You Should Do Accordingly

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You Should Do Accordingly
Speaker Shrii Shrii Anandamurti
Date 1979 May 21
Time Morning
Place Timmern, Germany
Language English
Topic The process of attaining samadhi
Included in Ananda Vacanamrtam Part 12
Location in Sarkarverse
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You Should Do Accordingly is the third discourse given by Shrii Shrii Anandamurti in Timmern, Germany. The discourse was delivered in English on the morning of 1979 May 21. This discourse is the eighteenth chapter of Ananda Vacanamrtam Part 12.[1]


By dint of japa kriyá, japa, one attains the attributional stage of samádhi, and by dint of one's dhyána one attains the non-attributional stance of samádhi, which is the goal of each and every individual of this universe. You should know it, and you should do accordingly.

Shrii Shrii Anandamurti

Anandamurti starts the discourse by saying that to become one with the Supreme, one has to cross the bondage of the three principles: static, mutative, and sentient. He explains that while crossing the static, mutative, and sentient points, one enjoys divine bliss but cannot express it. Anandamurti goes on explaining that there are different types of attributional samadhi but only one kind of non-attributional samadhi. In the latter, due to extreme concentration, the mind disappears, and one attains the goal of all human endeavor.[1]


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