List of songs of Prabhat Samgiita

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List of songs of Prabhat Samgiita
PrabhatSamgiita trilokesh.png
Music and lyrics by Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar
Date 1982 September 14 – 1990 October 20
Place India
Theme Contemplation, Determination, Enlightenment, Liberation, Longing, Neohumanism, PROUT, Surrender, and so on with various nuances
Lyrics Mostly Bengali (and various dialects of the same), but also English, Samskrta, Hindi, Urdu, Magahi, Maithili, and Angika
Music Dadra, Kaharva, and other tals with tunes that consist of all traditional Indian ragas as well as original and blended melodies from around the world and over the ages
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Prabhat Samgiita is the collection of 5,018 songs composed by Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar. The first song of Prabhat Samgiita was given on 1982 September 14. The last song was given on 1990 October 20 (less than 24 hours before Sarkar's decease).[1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9]


Sarkar's songs cover a multitude of themes. There are devotional songs, mystical songs, and revolutionary songs. There are folk songs, children's songs, women's songs, and ballads. There are wedding songs, birthday songs, and festival songs. Regardless of the theme, in every song there is a strong spiritual undercurrent, expressive of Sarkar's personal philosophy of Neohumanism.[1][2][3][4][5][6][7]

Most of the song lyrics are in Bengali or a Bengali dialect. Nevertheless, the lyrics of over 40 songs are in other languages (English, Samskrta, Hindi, Urdu, Magahi, Maithili, and Angika).[8][9]

The melodies of Prabhat Samgiita represent most of the major classical and folk styles of India. However, these Indian musical styles are often blended, occasionally for the first time, with musical styles from different parts of the world and different historical eras.[8][9]

As Sarkar rarely gave titles to his songs, the songs are referenced by their first line. In other words, the first line of each song is treated as the song's title. Whenever identification of a song on the basis of the first line alone might be ambiguous, that song is distinguished by adding the second line of the song, generally separated from the first line by a comma.[1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9]

Songs 1-1000





Number Date First line Theme Lyrics Music
0601 1983-06-12 Cao prabhu ankhi tule Longing Bengali Dadra
0602 1983-06-12 Tomari lagiya tomare bhalobasiya Determination Bengali Kaharva
0603 1983-06-12 Maner majhare e kii tava liila Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0604 1983-06-12 Akash vatas bhare giyechilo Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0605 1983-06-13 Eso eso eso Longing Bengali Kaharva
0606 1983-06-14 Tomare peyechi krsna tithite Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0607 1983-06-14 Bhaver ainjan ankiya ankhite Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0608 1983-06-14 Eso go priya tumi mor hiyate Neohumanism Bengali Kaharva
0609 1983-06-15 Ami tomay jani Contemplation Bengali Dadra (fast)
0610 1983-06-15 Vandita tumi vishvabhuvane Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0611 1983-06-15 Aloker jharana dharay Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0612 1983-06-16 Tumi esecho alor vane Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0613 1983-06-16 Tomare khunjechi krsna tithite Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0614 1983-06-18 Jader peyechi nikate peyechi Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0615 1983-06-18 Abar ki re alo elo (Spring) Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0616 1983-06-19 Anek diner pare anek ghure ghure Enlightenment Bengali Kaharva + Kaharva (fast) + Dadra
0617 1983-06-19 Manera kone rayecho gopane Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0618 1983-06-19 Saorabh ene mana upavane Neohumanism Bengali Dadra
0619 1983-06-20 Esechi alor srote PROUT Bengali Kaharva
0620 1983-06-21 Tumi asiyacho tamah nashiyacho Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0621 1983-06-21 Tumi esechile tandra bheungechile Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0622 1983-06-21 Jadi cale jete cao kichu balibo na Determination Bengali Kaharva
0623 1983-06-22 Tandravijarita moha samavrta Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0624 1983-06-22 Anahuta haye esechile ghare Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0625 1983-06-25 Mor hrdaye eso go krpa kare Longing Bengali Kaharva
0626 1983-06-25 Kamal kali kao na katha Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0627 1983-06-25 Carane aj kiser dvidha Neohumanism Bengali Dadra
0628 1983-06-26 Tumi atrpta prane trpti Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0629 1983-06-27 Ami tomay bhule giyechinu Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0630 1983-06-27 Tomar katha bheve bheve, din je cale jay Longing Bengali Kaharva
0631 1983-06-28 Juge juge dakiyachi Enlightenment Bengali Dadra
0632 1983-06-28 Prabhu tumi eso ghare Longing Bengali Kaharva
0633 1983-06-29 Andhar sagar par haye ele Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0634 1983-06-29 Daruna nidagha tape (Summer) Longing Bengali Kaharva
0635 1983-06-30 Nandana madhu sukhe duhkhe bandhu Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0636 1983-07-01 Tumi nrtyera tale jhaunkrta hale (Shiva) Longing Bengali Dadra
0637 1983-07-01 Ke go mohana haso Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0638 1983-07-02 Ruperi aloke arupe peyechi Enlightenment Bengali Kaharva
0639 1983-07-02 Alor ei jatrapathe Neohumanism Bengali Dadra
0640 1983-07-03 Amar andhar gharer alo tumi Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0641 1983-07-03 Tumi mor sab ceye apanar Longing Bengali Kaharva
0642 1983-07-04 Tumi ucchala caincalata Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0643 1983-07-04 Ami to tomare bhavini jiivane Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0644 1983-07-04 Tomari lagiya tomare smariya Longing Bengali Dadra
0645 1983-07-04 Tumi jeo na jeo na ogo sakha Longing Bengali Dadra (fast)
0646 1983-07-04 Tumi jagattarana cetanaghana Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0647 1983-07-05 Tumi je esecho aj Neohumanism Bengali Kaharva, Pure Classical Raga
0648 1983-07-05 Esecho ghare mor jakhan Surrender Bengali Dadra
0649 1983-07-06 Akashera cand tumi Contemplation Bengali Kaharva (slow)
0650 1983-07-06 Asha niye patha ceye Longing Bengali Dadra, Ragas Pilu + Thumri (Dhrupad)
0651 1983-07-07 Jeo na tumi jeo na Longing Bengali Dadra
0652 1983-07-08 Tomar kache caite giye Surrender Bengali Kaharva
0653 1983-07-08 Tomay chere kothay jabo Determination Bengali Kaharva
0654 1983-07-08 Toma lagi mor mane kata vyatha Longing Bengali Dadra
0655 1983-07-09 Kali phuteche ali juteche Enlightenment Bengali Kaharva
0656 1983-07-10 Gan shonay aji ke e bhaunga mane Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0657 1983-07-10 Rauniin phanus uriye diye Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0658 1983-07-11 Amrtasar divya adhar Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0659 1983-07-11 Cetanashalaka sathe madhumalika hate Determination Bengali Kaharva
0660 1983-07-12 Jeo na shona katha bojha vyatha Longing Bengali Kaharva
0661 1983-07-12 Abodha kanu kon kuhake (Krsna) Longing Bengali Kaharva
0662 1983-07-12 Mandrita manamohana mama Surrender Bengali Dadra
0663 1983-07-13 Dhyanera dhupe pranera pradiipe Contemplation Bengali Iberia, Kaharva
0664 1983-07-13 Hariye gechi ajke ami Enlightenment Bengali Kaharva, Deepak Raga
0665 1983-07-13 Amay chariya kotha jao e nirajane Longing Bengali Kaharva
0666 1983-07-14 Ke tumi ele go aji Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0667 1983-07-14 Hasite phul photale ali jotale Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0668 1983-07-14 Tomar katha bheve bheve, anya kichu bhavte nari Longing Bengali Dadra, Rarh classical
0669 1983-07-15 Prabhu he mama tomari sama Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0670 1983-07-15 Phuler vane bhomara elo Neohumanism Bengali Dadra
0671 1983-07-15 Tumi hariye jaoyar dakhin haoya Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0672 1983-07-15 Shuddhasattva pavaker shuci Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0673 1983-07-16 Eso go eso go eso go Determination Bengali Dadra
0674 1983-07-17 Ami genthe rekhechi e phuler mala Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0675 1983-07-17 Patha bhule jabe esei parecho Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0676 1983-07-17 Sei badal rate sei andhar pathe Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0677 1983-07-18 Darpa curna kariya thako Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0678 1983-07-18 Hrdaya kamale salajje kamale Longing Bengali Dadra
0679 1983-07-20 Tomare bhalobasiya Longing Bengali Kaharva
0680 1983-07-20 Tumi mor jiivaner andharer dhruvatara Surrender Bengali Kaharva
0681 1983-07-20 Tandra jarima takhano kateni Enlightenment Bengali Dadra
0682 1983-07-20 Amara madhurii charaye diyecho Enlightenment Bengali Dadra
0683 1983-07-20 Jeo na ogo prabhu Longing Bengali Dadra
0684 1983-07-21 Jinaner jagate khunjechi tomare Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0685 1983-07-21 Kon alor rajya hate esecho Neohumanism Bengali Kaharva (fast)
0686 1983-07-22 Ami tomay cini tomay daki Surrender Bengali Dadra
0687 1983-07-23 Nayana kone hesecho Surrender Bengali Jhaptal
0688 1983-07-24 Tumi balo kii ba cao Surrender Bengali Teora tal (7 beats)
0689 1983-07-24 Tomarei bhalobesechi Liberation Bengali Kaharva
0690 1983-07-24 Aloker ogo pathikrt Neohumanism Bengali Dadra
0691 1983-07-24 Tumi esecho tumi esecho, maru hiyar majhe Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0692 1983-07-25 Aloker ei purnotsave Neohumanism Bengali Kaharva
0693 1983-07-25 Tandrar pare taruna tapana PROUT Bengali Dadra
0694 1983-07-25 Aji prabhate hathat ki go (Krsna) Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0695 1983-07-26 Kahakeo papii bheve Contemplation Bengali Dadra (fast)
0696 1983-07-26 Svarna shatadala sama tumi go Longing Bengali Kaharva
0697 1983-07-27 Tomake pavo bale Determination Bengali Dadra
0698 1983-07-27 Phulera papri mele Longing Bengali Dadra
0699 1983-07-28 Kabe jatra halo shuru Determination Bengali Dadra
0700 1983-07-28 Tumi sudhataraunge Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0701 1983-07-28 Mahapraneri parash enecho Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0702 1983-07-28 Tava preranay puspita halo PROUT Bengali Dadra
0703 1983-07-28 Krsna rajanii jay cale Neohumanism Bengali Kaharva
0704 1983-07-29 Jhainjhay tumi uddama Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0705 1983-07-29 Jukti tarke dhara nahi dao Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0706 1983-07-29 Tumi ki bheve calecho Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0707 1983-07-30 Tomar pather shes kothay Longing Bengali Dadra
0708 1983-07-30 Udvela hiya kare cay Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0709 1983-07-30 Manera gahane mama ke Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0710 1983-07-31 Arupa akashe rupera pradiipe Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0711 1983-07-31 Rupatiita prabhu tumi Surrender Bengali Kaharva
0712 1983-07-31 Manera majhe khunji Longing Bengali Kaharva
0713 1983-07-31 Cakrer paridhite ami Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0714 1983-08-01 Kon sudurer srote bhese esecho esecho Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0715 1983-08-01 Tai bhavi go mane tomari smarane Determination Bengali Dadra
0716 1983-08-01 Ganer sagar jethay meshe Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0717 1983-08-01 Tomar saunge mor paricay Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0718 1983-08-02 Pache dhara para tai ananta Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0719 1983-08-02 Kabe ami baire elum Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0720 1983-08-03 Andhar rate alor jhilik tumi Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0721 1983-08-03 Duhkhaharan duhkhiira vyatha Longing Bengali Dadra (slow)
0722 1983-08-03 Tomar liila tumii bojha Surrender Bengali Kaharva
0723 1983-08-04 Ganer kakhano shes hay nako Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0724 1983-08-04 Tomar namer bhelay Surrender Bengali Dadra
0725 1983-08-04 E path geche konkhane Enlightenment Bengali Dadra
0726 1983-08-04 Tomar kache amar prashna Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0727 1983-08-04 Ke go geye jay sandhyataray Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0728 1983-08-05 Jiivan sarita mor bahiya jay Neohumanism Bengali Dadra
0729 1983-08-05 Tomar carana lagi tomar karuna magi Neohumanism Bengali Kaharva
0730 1983-08-06 Tumi dur nao go Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0731 1983-08-06 Sharada prate man matate Liberation Bengali Kaharva
0732 1983-08-06 Tumi aso kena jadi jabe cale Longing Bengali Dadra
0733 1983-08-07 Tomare cahite giya bhul kare Surrender Bengali Dadra
0734 1983-08-08 Aji tomari parashe tomari harase Neohumanism Bengali Kaharva
0735 1983-08-08 Dur alakar alo go Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0736 1983-08-08 Tumi je dekecho amay Contemplation Bengali Kaharva, Tintal, Addha Tintal
0737 1983-08-09 Tumi eso eso mor ghare baso Longing Bengali Kaharva
0738 1983-08-09 Dure thaka bandhu amar Longing Bengali Kaharva
0739 1983-08-09 Tomake bhalobese jai je bhese Longing Bengali Kaharva
0740 1983-08-09 Tomar madhur hasi vishvabhuvane bhasi Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0741 1983-08-10 Jalbhara meghe bijali haniya (Krsna) Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0742 1983-08-10 Cinechi tomare cinechi ami Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0743 1983-08-10 Durera sakha mor Longing Bengali Kaharva
0744 1983-08-10 Ashani ulka upeksa kari Determination Bengali Dadra
0745 1983-08-11 Jhatikar rate tumi esechile Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0746 1983-08-11 Nijere photayecho tumi Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0747 1983-08-11 Tumi amar hrday majhe eso go priya Surrender Bengali Kaharva
0748 1983-08-12 Tumi bhulo na more Longing Bengali Kaharva
0749 1983-08-12 Puspe puspe tomar madhurii Neohumanism Bengali Dadra
0750 1983-08-12 Esechi ami esechi Neohumanism Bengali Kaharva
0751 1983-08-12 Tumi na bale ele prabhu na bale gele Longing Bengali Kaharva
0752 1983-08-13 Esecho purusottam esecho Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0753 1983-08-13 Ganer tarii bhasiye dilum surer sagare Enlightenment Bengali Dadra
0754 1983-08-13 Se ek ajana pathik eseche (Spring) Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0755 1983-08-13 Kajala rate meghamandrete Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0756 1983-08-13 Tumi je path dhariya esechile Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0757 1983-08-14 Tumi vishvake dola dile PROUT Bengali Dadra
0758 1983-08-14 Ele tumi ele ele prabhu Surrender Bengali Kaharva
0759 1983-08-14 Vrajer se din haraiya geche (Krsna) Longing Bengali Dadra
0760 1983-08-14 Diip nive geche damka haoyay Longing Bengali Dadra
0761 1983-08-15 Madhura banshiite madhura hasite Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0762 1983-08-15 Tomay ghire jata asha Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0763 1983-08-16 Ajana pathik eseche alo jveleche Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0764 1983-08-16 Tomar lagi nishi din Determination Bengali Dadra
0765 1983-08-16 Ami tomar haye gechi Longing Bengali Kaharva
0766 1983-08-16 Tomare bhalabese tomare paoyar ashe Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0767 1983-08-17 Jyotir sayare puva ambare Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0768 1983-08-17 Manav maniisa manthan kari Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0769 1983-08-18 Giitimainjusa raune rauna usa Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0770 1983-08-18 Tomar bharasay tarii mor bhese jay Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0771 1983-08-18 Eso tumi eso eso amar mane Longing Bengali Kaharva
0772 1983-08-19 Surataraunge mohana raune Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0773 1983-08-19 Bakuler phulguli jhare pareche Longing Bengali Dadra (fast)
0774 1983-08-19 Tomari ashay din gune jai Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0775 1983-08-19 Amar jiivan dhanya karecho Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0776 1983-08-19 Man jadi mor kabhu bheunge jay Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0777 1983-08-19 Tomari bharasay majh dariyay Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0778 1983-08-19 Amar ghare tumi ele Longing Bengali Dadra
0779 1983-08-20 Ogo madhupa tumi eso amar kache Longing Bengali Kaharva
0780 1983-08-20 Kon atiite sei kon atiite Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0781 1983-08-21 Ami tomar liila dekhe mugdha halam Contemplation Bengali Dadra (fast)
0782 1983-08-21 Tomare ke cinite pare balo Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0783 1983-08-21 Ogo priya ogo priya, tomay petei bence achi ami Longing Bengali Dadra (fast)
0784 1983-08-21 Tomare pavar ashe tomare pete pashe Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0785 1983-08-22 Ami esechi tomari ashe Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0786 1983-08-24 Esecho amara hrdaye esecho Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0787 1983-08-24 Sakal bhaver adhar tumi Contemplation Bengali Dadra


Number Date First line Theme Lyrics Music
0903 1983-09-10 Tumi jakhan esechile (Baba's birthday) Contemplation Bengali Baul, Kaharva
0960 1983-10-25 Tumi dhara dile Longing Bengali Scottish + Scandinavian + Indian, Kaharva

Songs 1001–2000

Number Date First line Theme Lyrics Music
1027 1983-11-18 Tomare cai je ekante Longing Bengali Kaharva
1370 1984-03-16 Nayaneri ainjana manasarainjana (Krsna) Surrender Bengali Kaharva
1745 1984-08-26 Ganer jagat ashes Neohumanism Bengali Kaharva

Songs 2001–3000

Number Date First line Theme Lyrics Music
2192 1984-12-07 Manus jena manuser tare Neohumanism Bengali Ghazal, Tintal, Dadra
2786 1985-06-11 Dyuloke bhuloke bhariya rayecho Neohumanism Bengali Dadra

Songs 3001–4000

Number Date First line Theme Lyrics Music

Songs 4001–5018

Number Date First line Theme Lyrics Music
4579 1989-02-21 Tumi kache thekeo dure go Longing Bengali Iran, Kaharva
4795 1990-09-03 E gan thamibe na PROUT Bengali Dadra
5008 1990-09-05 We love that Great Entity from the core of our heart Surrender English Kaharva (fast)
5009 1990-09-08 This life is for Him Determination English Kaharva (slow)

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