List of songs of Prabhat Samgiita

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List of songs of Prabhat Samgiita
PrabhatSamgiita trilokesh.png
Music and lyrics by Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar
Date 1982 September 14 – 1990 October 20
Place India
Theme Contemplation, Determination, Enlightenment, Liberation, Longing, Neohumanism, PROUT, Surrender, and so on with various nuances
Lyrics Mostly Bengali (and various dialects of the same), but also English, Samskrta, Hindi, Urdu, Magahi, Maithili, and Angika
Music Dadra, Kaharva, and other tals with tunes that consist of all traditional Indian ragas as well as original and blended melodies from around the world and over the ages
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Prabhat Samgiita is the collection of 5,018 songs composed by Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar. The first song of Prabhat Samgiita was given on 1982 September 14. The last song was given on 1990 October 20 (less than 24 hours before Sarkar's decease).[1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9][10][11]


Sarkar's songs cover a multitude of themes. There are devotional songs, mystical songs, and revolutionary songs. There are folk songs, children's songs, women's songs, and ballads. There are wedding songs, birthday songs, and festival songs. Regardless of the theme, in every song there is a strong spiritual undercurrent, expressive of Sarkar's personal philosophy of Neohumanism.[1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9]

Most of the song lyrics are in Bengali or a Bengali dialect. Nevertheless, the lyrics of over 40 songs are in other languages (English, Samskrta, Hindi, Urdu, Magahi, Maithili, and Angika).[10][11]

The melodies of Prabhat Samgiita represent most of the major classical and folk styles of India. However, these Indian musical styles are often blended, occasionally for the first time, with musical styles from different parts of the world and different historical eras.[10][11]

As Sarkar rarely gave titles to his songs, the songs are referenced by their first line. In other words, the first line of each song is treated as the song's title. Whenever identification of a song on the basis of the first line alone might be ambiguous, that song is distinguished by adding the second line of the song, generally separated from the first line by a comma.[1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9][10][11]


In the tables below, a date is assigned for each song; but, in a few cases, the date might be off by one or two days. There is broad agreement among all the sources about the order of the songs; however, occasionally a discrepancy is found regarding the specific day on which a particular song was given.

Songs 1-1000






Number Date First line(s) Theme Lyrics Music
0801 1983-08-28 Tumi amay bhalobesechile Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0802 1983-08-28 Tomake dekhechi manera mukure Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0803 1983-08-29 Nijer aloy tumi esechile Neohumanism Bengali Dadra
0804 1983-08-29 Chande sure tumi eso prabhu Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0805 1983-08-29 Tomakei ami bhalobasiyachi, tomake jenechi sar Longing Bengali Dadra
0806 1983-08-29 Ami sudhar svanane bhasi go Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0807 1983-08-30 Tumi alor sagar theke esecho PROUT Bengali Kaharva
0808 1983-08-30 Man jadi mor bheunge pare kabhu Longing Bengali Dadra + Kaharva (fast)
0809 1983-08-30 Hiyara viinay nava dyotanay Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0810 1983-08-31 Andhar sagar pare esecho Longing Bengali Kaharva
0811 1983-08-31 Alora jharana namiya eseche Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0812 1983-08-31 Udayacale mana majhe ele Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0813 1983-09-01 Sab priitite pran bharecho Contemplation Bengali Dadra + Kaharva
0814 1983-09-01 Tava surera tane mama manavitane Longing Bengali Kaharva
0815 1983-09-01 Tomari name tomari gane Neohumanism Bengali Kaharva, Qawwali
0816 1983-09-01 Jadi nayane na bhase ar karo chabi Surrender Bengali Kaharva
0817 1983-09-01 Tumi amay jano Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0818 1983-09-02 Eso tumi eso, eso amar dhyane Longing Bengali Kaharva
0819 1983-09-02 Aji vasante mor phulavane Enlightenment Bengali Dadra, Vasant Raga
0820 1983-09-02 Tumi na dakitei ele amara ghare Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0821 1983-09-02 Tumi amare bhalobese Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0822 1983-09-02 Tomare bhalobesechi nirdvidhay Determination Bengali Kaharva
0823 1983-09-03 Tomar tare base base Longing Bengali Dadra
0824 1983-09-03 Nayana bhariya dekhivare cai Longing Bengali Kaharva
0825 1983-09-03 Tomar kache ami Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0826 1983-09-04 Bhorer aloy tomay pelum Longing Bengali Dadra
0827 1983-09-04 Alor mahotsabe kena Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0828 1983-09-04 Jale bhara ei varasay Contemplation Bengali Tintal, Jaijaivanti Raga
0829 1983-09-05 Vishva tomar mane nace Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0830 1983-09-05 Tumi jadi jagatjora Neohumanism Bengali Dadra
0831 1983-09-05 Tomari tare alo jhare Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0832 1983-09-05 Tava liilarase bhese achi Longing Bengali Dadra
0833 1983-09-05 Kena aso na amar kache Longing Bengali Dadra
0834 1983-09-05 Tomar krpakana pele ami Longing Bengali Kaharva
0835 1983-09-06 Tomar krpay sab kichu hay Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0836 1983-09-06 Pranera aloke tomare peyechi Longing Bengali Kaharva
0837 1983-09-06 Tomar hiyay amar Longing Bengali Dadra
0838 1983-09-06 Ami ar kona kichu bhuli na Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0839 1983-09-07 Andhar sagar tiire base base Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0840 1983-09-07 Ke go tumi ele amari mane Liberation Bengali Kaharva, Chaiti
0841 1983-09-07 Alora sayare sahasa samiire Longing Bengali Kaharva
0842 1983-09-07 Pradiip jvaliya giyacho caliya Longing Bengali Dadra
0843 1983-09-07 Tomare dekhinu jabe manera kone Longing Bengali Kaharva
0844 1983-09-07 Tumi sabar nayane varasa enecho Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0845 1983-09-08 Aji badal ghana gahan rate Longing Bengali Dadra
0846 1983-09-08 Ami tomakei niye achi go Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0847 1983-09-08 Sei andhar bhara bhay dharano rate Enlightenment Bengali Dadra
0848 1983-09-08 Jhainjhar buke dekhechi tomake Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0849 1983-09-08 Pranam pathanu gane gane Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0850 1983-09-08 Amar andhar gharer alo tumi Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0851 1983-09-08 Apan mane base base Longing Bengali Dadra
0852 1983-09-08 Ami aro vyatha saite pari prabhu Surrender Bengali Kaharva
0853 1983-09-08 Maner kone ke elo Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0854 1983-09-08 Ke tumi hrdaye ese Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0855 1983-09-09 Jariye achi dekho prabhu Longing Bengali Dadra
0856 1983-09-09 Phuler suvase eso Longing Bengali Dadra
0857 1983-09-09 Tumi je path dekhaye diyacho Determination Bengali Kaharva
0858 1983-09-10 Esecho hiya jinecho, tarpar gecho je cale Longing Bengali Kaharva
0859 1983-09-10 Arup sagar par haye ele Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0860 1983-09-10 Hiyara gahane barek jadi takao Longing Bengali Dadra
0861 1983-09-10 Akhanda mane anidra dhyane Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0862 1983-09-10 Manera upavane malaya pavane eso Longing Bengali Kaharva
0863 1983-09-10 Rager madhurii haraye phelechi Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0864 1983-09-10 Tumi nikate thekeo dure acho Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0865 1983-09-10 Alor sagare dheu jagayecho Neohumanism Bengali Dadra
0866 1983-09-11 Chande bhuvan bhara Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0867 1983-09-11 Tandra dao katiye Surrender Bengali Kaharva
0868 1983-09-11 Ami tomar dake beriyechi Neohumanism Bengali Dadra
0869 1983-09-11 Alo jhara je path dekhaye diyacho tumi Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0870 1983-09-11 Ami tomakei bujhiyachi sar Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0871 1983-09-12 Phuler nirjase tumi esecho Longing Bengali Kaharva
0872 1983-09-12 Jyotir sagar egiye caleche Neohumanism Bengali Dadra
0873 1983-09-12 Aloker oi jharnadharay Neohumanism Bengali Dadra
0874 1983-09-12 Tumi sabay bhalobasiyacho Neohumanism Bengali Dadra
0875 1983-09-12 Ami cai aloker path dhare jai Determination Bengali Kaharva
0876 1983-09-12 Egiye cale tomar rather caka Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0877 1983-09-12 Tomar carantale tomar carantale Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0878 1983-09-13 Manavatar ketan sammukhe dhari Neohumanism Bengali Dadra
0879 1983-09-14 Aloker ei uttarane Determination Bengali Dadra
0880 1983-09-15 Manav samaj avibhajya Neohumanism Bengali Dadra
0881 1983-09-15 Cale gele more phele jadi Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0882 1983-09-16 Tomar namer bharasay prabhu Determination Bengali Dadra
0883 1983-09-16 Tava agamane udvel paramanu Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0884 1983-09-17 Tumi je esechile Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0885 1983-09-17 Amar ghare eso prabhu Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0886 1983-09-17 Aj tomay pelum Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0887 1983-09-17 Tava ratula carane varane varane Surrender Bengali Dadra
0888 1983-09-18 Aruna aloke taruna prabhate Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0889 1983-09-20 Tomar lagi rati jagi Longing Bengali Dadra
0890 1983-09-20 Vijane basiya kii jena kahile Longing Bengali Dadra
0891 1983-09-21 Bhalobesechi hiya sanpechi Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0892 1983-09-21 Tandra bheunge dio Longing Bengali Kaharva
0893 1983-09-21 Vishve jagaye triloka kanpaye Contemplation Bengali Dadra + Kaharva
0894 1983-09-21 Sabai tomay prabhu Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0895 1983-09-22 Kabe tumi rauniyechile Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0896 1983-09-22 Damka haoyay ke go cale jay Longing Bengali Kaharva
0897 1983-09-23 Tumi bhalobaso bhalobasite jano Longing Bengali Dadra
0898 1983-09-23 Tomake caichi jata jao je sare Longing Bengali Dadra
0899 1983-09-23 Je tomare bhalobase Contemplation Bengali Jhaptal
0900 1983-09-23 Piita parnaguli jhare jay Longing Bengali Kaharva
0901 1983-09-23 Apar payodhi par haye ele Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0902 1983-09-23 O ke cale jay o ke cale jay Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0903 1983-09-24 Tumi jakhan esechile (Shravanii Purnima) Contemplation Bengali Baul, Kaharva
0904 1983-09-24 Krpa karecho dhara diyecho Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0905 1983-09-25 Tumi sabar praner priya Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0906 1983-09-25 Eso tumi amar ghare Longing Bengali Dadra
0907 1983-09-25 Ami tomakei jani Determination Bengali Dadra
0908 1983-09-26 Prati pale tomay deke Longing Bengali Kaharva
0909 1983-09-28 Svapne chilo kache Longing Bengali Kaharva
0910 1983-09-28 Sei manda madhur vate Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0911 1983-09-28 Amar grame jaiyo re bandhu Contemplation Bengali Baul, Kaharva
0912 1983-09-29 Malayanile tumi esechile Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0913 1983-09-29 Diva nishi mor ankhi jhare Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0914 1983-09-30 Mor manera madhurii ujar kariya Longing Bengali Kaharva
0915 1983-09-30 Kajal kalo andhar rate Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0916 1983-09-30 Ami caridike cai bare bare Longing Bengali Dadra
0917 1983-09-30 Tomare besechi je bhalo Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0918 1983-09-30 Arupa prabhu ruperi liilay Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0919 1983-09-30 Tomar name gane hayechi tanmay Enlightenment Bengali Bhatiyali, Dadra (fast)
0920 1983-09-30 Jhara pata kande vane Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0921 1983-10-01 Amar ghare tumi ele, ei abelay path bhule Enlightenment Bengali Dadra
0922 1983-10-02 Atal sindhur mani tumi Surrender Bengali Kaharva
0923 1983-10-02 Esechile alor srote Neohumanism Bengali Kaharva
0924 1983-10-02 Ganeri sroter tane Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0925 1983-10-03 Ei na sona jhara prabhate Contemplation Bengali Ajay valley + Bhatiyali, Kaharva
0926 1983-10-03 Puspe tomar hasi (Krsna) Longing Bengali Dadra
0927 1983-10-04 Eso dhiire dhiire, manasa kamala pare Longing Bengali Kaharva
0928 1983-10-04 Tomar amar ei paricay Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0929 1983-10-05 Mane eso mane baso Longing Bengali Dadra
0930 1983-10-05 Tomar lagi mala gantha Surrender Bengali Kaharva
0931 1983-10-06 Manera viina kii katha kay Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0932 1983-10-06 Alakha purusa tumi Longing Bengali Jhaptal
0933 1983-10-06 Hrdaye eso prabhu Liberation Bengali Dadra
0934 1983-10-07 Manera pradiip niviya geche Longing Bengali Kaharva
0935 1983-10-07 Esecho hiya jinecho, na baliya sab kichu niye niyecho Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0936 1983-10-08 Bale jao bale jao ogo prabhu (Krsna) Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0937 1983-10-09 Tomare cai je mane prane Longing Bengali Dadra
0938 1983-10-12 Jabe jiivane pratham bandhuya eseche Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0939 1983-10-12 Alor sarathii mayukhamalay ase Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0940 1983-10-13 Sakal kusume surabhi tumi Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0941 1983-10-14 Amar ruddha ghare aloy bhare Neohumanism Bengali Dadra
0942 1983-10-15 Tumi amar ashar alo Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0943 1983-10-16 Tumi nirday kena Longing Bengali Kaharva
0944 1983-10-17 Ami tomarei ceyechi Longing Bengali Kaharva
0945 1983-10-18 Madhuvane madhup elo Longing Bengali Dadra
0946 1983-10-18 Eso prabhu amar ghare Longing Bengali Dadra
0947 1983-10-18 Ami tomay dakini prabhu Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0948 1983-10-18 Tomarei ami bhalobasiyachi (Shiva) Longing Bengali Dadra
0949 1983-10-19 Tumi amay niye ele (Krsna) Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0950 1983-10-19 Tomar patha pane sabai ceye Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0951 1983-10-19 Phulbagane bhomara elo Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0952 1983-10-20 Tumi esecho madhu dhelecho Contemplation Bengali Purabi Raga, Kaharva
0953 1983-10-21 Tomari lagiya achi je jagiya Longing Bengali Kaharva
0954 1983-10-22 Tomar e bhalabasa asiime melamesha Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0955 1983-10-22 Mor mana majhe ele rajara veshe Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0956 1983-10-23 Alo jhara rate tumi ele Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0957 1983-10-23 Tumi kahar tare acho patha ceye Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0958 1983-10-24 Pather bhule aji ele Contemplation Bengali Dadra
0959 1983-10-25 Acin se kon sure hrdayeri madhupure Contemplation Bengali Kaharva
0960 1983-10-25 Tumi dhara dile Liberation Bengali Scottish + Scandinavian + Indian, Kaharva

Songs 1001-2000

Songs 1001–2000

Number Date First line(s) Theme Lyrics Music
1027 1983-11-18 Tomare cai je ekante Longing Bengali Kaharva
1090 1983-12-15 Manus sabai apan Neohumanism Bengali Dadra
1370 1984-03-16 Nayaneri ainjana manasarainjana (Krsna) Surrender Bengali Kaharva
1745 1984-08-26 Ganer jagat ashes Neohumanism Bengali Kaharva

Songs 2001-3000

Songs 2001–3000

Number Date First line(s) Theme Lyrics Music
2192 1984-12-07 Manus jena manuser tare Neohumanism Bengali Ghazal, Tintal, Dadra
2786 1985-06-11 Dyuloke bhuloke bhariya rayecho Neohumanism Bengali Dadra

Songs 3001–4000

Songs 3001–4000

Number Date First line(s) Theme Lyrics Music

Songs 4001–5018

Songs 4001–5018

Number Date First line(s) Theme Lyrics Music
4370 1988-06-16 Tomar namer tarii beye Liberation Bengali Bhatiyali, Kaharva
4579 1989-02-21 Tumi kache thekeo dure go Longing Bengali Iran, Kaharva
4795 1990-09-03 E gan thamibe na PROUT Bengali Dadra
5008 1990-09-05 We love that Great Entity from the core of our heart Surrender English Kaharva (fast)
5009 1990-09-08 This life is for Him Determination English Kaharva (slow)

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